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    Are our competitions against the opposite and awkward Circumstances? Or with individuals?

    It is said that Aesop, the storyteller of ancient Greece, was the organizer of the bet between the tortoise and the hare. In that bet, the rabbit lost due to laziness and overconfidence. the talent does not matter. We learned a lesson from that, no one would have beaten us, if our talent had been used properly.

    This is how the second part of it became clear in someone else's imagination. The rabbit, who had lost the first match, invited the tortoise to the next bet. The tortoise convinced that he would lose, reluctantly accepted the invitation. This time the rabbit did not show laziness. He ran fast and won the race. By the time the tortoise reached the finishing point, it was very exhausting.
    Their bets continued. The tortoise put a condition on the next bet. "I will determine the distance and route of the competition." "I am ready to run either way." the rabbit replied. But the route the tortoise suggested was not so easy. They had to cross a river on the way. The rabbit ran fast and reached the river bank. But he was depressed with no way to cross over. The tortoise, on the other hand, slowly reached the riverbank, slowly swam across the river to the finishing point, and succeeded. Here, the tortoise used his ability to swim across the river to devour the rabbit. Would the rabbit have won if he had been sad that he could not run like a rabbit? The tortoise won by taking advantage of his ability to swim.

    After betting two or three times, they became great friends. They discussed and decided to make another bet. It was completely different from the other bets. The distance and route were the same as in the previous bet. But the nature of the bet was completely different. The tortoise stays on the rabbit's shoulder until it reaches the river. On the riverbank, the tortoise descended from the rabbit's shoulder, and the rabbit climbed on top of the tortoise, crossing over. Both succeed together.

    It is mutual cooperation that has made both of them winners here. If we work together like this in the family and in the community, we can all ensure success together. Together, we can combine our talents and abilities to fight against adversity and celebrate success. Let our competition be not person-centered, but with opposite, awkward circumstances.
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    This story is making rounds in HR training courses in many institutes. They say this story to tell the importance of teamwork. When a task is given to us, there may be so many steps we have to cross and we may require many skills to complete that work. It is very difficult for a person to have all the skills. So a team will be formed and the team members will have different skill sets. That makes the team strong and they can complete the task successfully in time. Here hare can't swim. It is not having that skill. Tortoise is a very slow walker. When both combined they become a strong team and they completed the task on time. Here both of them won and it is a win-win situation.
    In any situation, mutual cooperation and understanding will make everybody happy. The ability of the group will increase if all help each other and no one will be the loser in such a situation.

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    Whether the office or the home the mutual cooperation between the members is must otherwise the works would be kept pending for reason or the others. Our competitions are not necessarily against the opposite organization or the circumstances, sometimes it is against the Individual in the mind. Even in a class the class three toppers would be vying for each other to outbeat the other but in that process the fourth rank both would make the difference and score better than him. Here the competiion from the next would be on the boy who penetrated into the higher ranking.
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    Here we are talking about a system in which the society as a whole is happy by sharing our wealth and other facilities with the marginalized in the society. This is where competition with non-individual, opposite situations comes into necessary.
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    Mutual cooperation is a must in society and in that case, we are not competing against each other. Rather, we are reaching a goal together. For example, let's think about controlling environmental pollution. We all have a role here to reduce pollution and when we do not play our roles as an individual the goal to have a pollution-free environment seems unreachable. The term competition is used when we need to have a winner or have to decide who is better/best among a lot. Competition is making a judgement on the performance of many in certain terms and conditions. The judge decides who are the winners based on the performance. Competition is with individuals but achieving a target with the help of others under tough circumstances is teamwork. Even one can be one's own competitor by bettering the performance each time. Whenever there is competition there will be a comparison. It can be a challenge to overcome opposite or awkward positions but it cannot be considered a competition.

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    United we stand and divided we fall. There is nothing like a good teamwork. A team can do something which an individual cannot imagine. When I was in my high school, I had to live in the village to take care of my grandmother especially during my school leaves as my father could not spare time from his too busy job. In the village there were no good roads and we had to walk on bad and narrow paths in zig-zag ways. The youngsters in the village used to clean and remove stones from these paths to make them walkable and convenient for the people. First time when I was called for helping in that work I found that very difficult but when I saw so many people working and finishing it within an hour or so the I realised that because of a large group it became so easy and simple to clean a patch so long within so little a time. So, the team or a group can do miracles if they work together for the same purpose.
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    The story of rabbit and tortoise shows that cunning and clever people like tortoise move steadily towards their goal whereas stupid people like rabbits waste their time and lose their chance to win.
    Our rivals and competitors may be an individual or a group of people. This life is full of competitions, trials and tribulations and those who survive in this battle emerge as the winner, the rest of the people remain lagging as participants or crowd.
    When you are working in any organisation you have to work as a team. You have to cooperate each other to give the best results for the company and if you are not successful in giving good results or at least performing well, you are going to be fired. Keep your bag ready to set for the next job.
    I think the best example of teamwork is the relay race where every player has to perform his duty without doing any mistake, if one of them fails then the team will lose the race as each of them has to pass the baton properly to his colleague and also each of the team members has to reach another end on time and eventually has to reach the finishing line before other racer reaches.

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    Theories themselves undergo change.
    Even the narrated example , which is popular in HR trainings, is also not permanent.
    In a marketing training they will emphasise competition only makes achievement of targets and deadlines and sharpens one's latent abilities and talents. For innovation also competition and challenge is needed.
    Many of the logos and icons we see and appreciate are the result of selections from competitions invited for the same. Co-operation though will be smooth, will definitely compromise growth and expansion. For excellence competition and challenge is necessary. For just smooth sailing co-operation is needed.

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