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    Do you also buy the carry bag from malls at the time of billing?

    As polyethylene is banned, paper bags are being replaced, which is also very important from an environmental point of view. Carry bags of paper are not available in general markets or small shops but still easily available in big shops and malls etc. Since when we shop in the mall, most of the showrooms collect our bags and then only permit you to go to the showroom. When we go to the billing counter after shopping, it asks us for a carry bag, the purchase amount of which is also added to our bill, which can be from 5 to 10 rupees. I never buy a carry bag because taking a carry bag from every showroom seems to me to be a waste of carry bags and money too. But I have seen many people buy a lot of carry bags which later lying on the street outside the malls. As far as the safety of the environment is concerned, then we should also not throw these paper bags like garbage so do not buy if really not needed. If not needed, do not buy even paper carry bags, and take a carry bag from your house, and after billing keep your items in your own bag.
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    I would request the author to correct the spelling of mall in the title of the thread.

    Generally, I do not purchase carry bags because I carry my own bag. But if the number of items is more than the carrying capacity of the bag then I purchase a carry bag. Whether we purchase a carry bag or not we must keep the environment clean. Throwing things here and there may be a habit of a few people and I think the administration has to be strong in that case. Imposing a penalty whenever people throw things beyond the destined place will reduce this habit. Another important thing is not to buy things that you do not require. By purchasing things in excess the amount of waste increases. When you have enough carry bags at your home you can easily carry those bags for shopping, otherwise, if you purchase a carry bag dispose it off at its destined place.


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    When we go for a planned purchase, we go with a cloth bag and we collect the items in that bag and bring the items. We will not purchase any carry bags. But sometimes we may have to purchase some items which are not preplanned. In such a situation we may have to purchase a carry bag. My habit is to keep one or two empty cloth bags in my car so that if there is an urgent requirement also we can use these cloth bags and we need not buy a carry bag. I have seen in Hyderabad in some shops they are selling cloth bags. It is a good development and definitely, the plastic use will come down if all of us start using reusable cotton bags. These many shops in Hyderabad started selling cloth bags instead of plastic bags and they are costing around Rs4/- minimum based on the size.
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    I do not believe in paying the extra money for the bags during shopping in malls but if you suddenly need to buy something and you do not have any carry bag, you have to buy it and that's where they charge us. If the shopping is planned, everyone would bring the carry bag but in the second case in which you turn up to the mall without any planning, you have to buy the costly bags. This is also one of the huge way to earn more profits by malls and shopping centers.
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    I do not prefer purchasing the carry bags unless it is necessary. I carry cloth bag from home and generally carry 2-3 bigger bags so that even if the items are more while purchasing we can adjust. In very rare cases, I buy a bag were unexpected items are purchased or if I forget to carry our own bag. We also keep 2-3 bags in our car most of the times to avoid buying.
    I feel, the charges on the bags given are pretty expensive as they are 8-10 RS and the bags are not even strong. We can see the bags tearing near the stiches. So, it is better to avoid such unwanted expenses.

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    After the advent of plastic ban in many cities the twincities of Hyderabad has also banned plastic carry bags and many malls are insisting cloth bags be carried along with them. For that matter we have separate cloth bags for fetching the provisions and that would be used for that purpose only. The malls are charging extra for the carry bags to discourage use of the bags. But people are so lazy and forget to carry the bags and thus end up paying more for the carry bags. Most of the big stores are giving their own cloth bags along with the purchase of more materials.
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    Thinking of the past trend when we used to carry bag from our home was the normal norm. This should be implemented in the similar ways. We had to carry cotton bags and that remained with us years. Those days, there was also the system of paper bags being used for all grocery items. Since the same was not made of the plastic one, it was not toxic to the environment. Where as the present one is dangerous in nature in the sense it could cause chocking of the drainage system or the same could be consumed by the animals leading to their death. We can see such plastic bags here and there making the place even filthy.
    There are the provisions of cloth bags being sold in the big departmental stores in affordable costs. We may avail of such facilities in case we forget the same while moving to the market.

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    What is the point of this thread - purchasing a carry bag or not to carry all purchased item when we do shopping in a mall?
    The author is reluctant to buy a carry bag and she opposes those people who throw carry bags here and there. Polythene bags have been banned but these plastic bags are still used by shopkeepers. Paper bags are a bit costly for shopkeepers. The consumer will not give an extra amount for paper bags. So these shopkeepers are using plastic polythene bags. In our area, we have no system of paper bags. A few months ago when policemen were searching polythene bags in the market and asking shopkeepers to stop using polythene bags, I was watching all this but now there is no pressure on shopkeepers to use paper bags.
    When I go to purchase vegetables or grocery items I don't forget to carry homemade cloth-bag from home. But what I can do to these polythene bags which are in my cloth bag?

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    It is quite long since I bought a carry bag from a Mall.
    Since when the plastic carry bags were discouraged and rules were implemented, we started taking Big Shopper Cloth bags with us to the Malls or shops. Since the start of Covid lockdown, we do our bulk shopping online only. For whatever small shopping I take the Big Shopper cloth bags or any other convenient thick reusable plastic bags.

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    I have some big bags made up of thick fabric dedicated to shopping. I always carry them with me whenever we go to malls or shopping mart for grocery shopping. It is not good to unnecessarily buy the bags and then waste them but I also have observed people buying bags from malls saying that they forgot to carry bags with them.

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    Nowadays as suggested by my madurai brother,keeping a cloth bag always in my pant packet. I never expect the vendor to give bag. Similarly I heep mask separately in my pant packet permanently. Whenever go to hotel from house I hold vessels for chutney and sambar. If I go to hotel from office or outside only I accept packing of them covers.

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    I never buy a carry bag from the mall the reason is very simple that I generally keep a bag in my pocket before going out. In case I forget it then also I do not buy the bag because it does not look awkward for me to bring the items lose in my hand or tie them a bit with themselves. There is no need to buy those bags which are eventually to be thrown away though sometimes I have a use even for those bags for covering the shelfs or making covers for books etc. In fact, we can reuse many of these items before discarding them. There was a time when we used the items till they became really useless but nowadays people believe in use and throw.
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    I sometimes forget to keep the bag with me and then I am forced to buy a bag from them. They charge for it and as it is small amount and not all the times, we usually do not mind it. It is always better to take a bag with us whenever we go for shopping.
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