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    When the audit report of the election expenditure will be published?

    They are busy campaigning and along with this the obvious question that comes to my mind is the expenditure involved. It is not related to any particular state but the more the number of phases more will be the expenditure on securities and campaigning. In West Bengal, many central leaders including the PM are campaigning in the state on a regular basis. In other states also central leaders went for campaigning. During elections, every political party will campaign and the ECI has some guidelines regarding expenditures permitted for a candidate in parliamentary or assembly elections. When there is a guideline there must be a person or a department to look after if the guidelines are followed or not. From time to time we hear that the ECI is serving notice to the candidates for violating the model code of conduct during elections. Till now, neither I have heard that a candidate or a political party is questioned for excess spending during elections nor the ECI publishes any audit report of the electoral expenses. In a democratic setup, I think we have the right to know why and how the money is spent. After all, conducting an election is the most important thing in a democratic country and so is the audit of expenditure in conducting the process. But who is responsible for the audit of election expenditure?
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    If really the rules are followed, no candidate can spend that much money. The author is talking about meetings and securities etc to VIPs. But there are many other expenditures. Like money paid to the people to attend the meetings, food and water arrangements to these people etc. If they are also considered the total expenditure will be very high. Wherefrom the money is coming?
    I never heard any news about EC asking for an explanation from any candidate about the expenses and sources of income. If EC really starts taking serious action on this front we will definitely see a different election pattern and trend.
    A lot of black money is floating in these elections. I heard in some places for Village Surpunch elections the voters were paid Rs.7000/- per vote. We can imagine how much money he has spent. Of course, this will not be shown in the expenditure submitted to EC.

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    Each contesting candidates are supposed to maintain their expenses account along with bills and that would be accounted for after the results are declared and they would be taken to task if the expenses are more than stipulated and allowed. But our leaders are intelligent as they spend huge money through their proxies and thus avoid the glare of EC eyes on them. However this time the rules are more strict and the candidate has to control the expenses even for their supporters and their expenses and therefore we would get full information only after the results announced.
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    I think the author is honest in his opinion and he thinks too much about these issues. We know very well how money is distributed among voters to attend political rallies, political roadshow and for casting the votes but election commission does not believe in these incidents, then it is no use to cry over corruption in elections. If election commission takes strict actions against all such leaders and political parties then whole system will come in order. Now a days we see use of helicopters is common. How much money is spent on travelling, how much money is spent on other paraphernalia ?

    I don't think situation will improve in our country and perhaps we don't want to see it changed. If we go in deep, some other aspects of corruption which might exist but are still hidden from us, will be exposed.
    T.N.Seshan was a strict election commissioner who brought several changes in elections commission. He was very bold in taking decisions.

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    Election expenditure in our country is one of a huge expenditure. Ironically those who question space exploration and other things do not find election expenditure waste or avoidable. It is a colossal expenditure. Every other day it is increasing geometrically.
    Some sensible alternatives like one simultaneous election for the parliament, states and local bodies is one suggestion for reducing the multiplicity of election expenses . Personally, I support the same. Another one is not allowing an elected member resign from that post to avoid by election. The states may be uniformly made unicameral. The pension eligibility terms of elected members like MLAs, MPs, ward members etc. be reviewed and made at par or near to that of govt employees. Wherever possible there should be pruning of political appointments.

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