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    Why jokes on husband and wife are biased?

    Do you feel that jokes based on couples show the wife in a more negative light than her spouse? What could be the reason for this biased portrayal is the topic of this forum discussion.

    I have observed many times that the jokes on husband and wife are generally more inclined in the wife's side and present her manners and behaviour in an exaggerated and misleading manner. In these jokes, she will be presented like a cruel and clever person while in real life it is in generalyl not so. Thousands of jokes move in social media and magazines etc depicting this type of presentation of the ladies. One of the reasons is probably that as these jokes are created most of the time by men only so they will like to show themselves as the sufferer and take sympathy of the media all over the world. Members may share their observations in this matter so that we can understand its reason in a better way.
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    It is true that many jokes are aimed at degrading ladies. All ladies are not cruel and clever. At the same time, all men are also not cruel and clever. We will see clever and cruel natured individuals of both genders.
    The viewers of TV serials are mostly ladies. So the writers write the stories keeping them in view. The targetted viewers are ladies here. In the same way, I feel these jokes will be read by a higher percentage of men and to make them happy the writers are creating them in such a fashion. Here the targetted customers are men.
    By seeing one or two instances these jokes may be created but they will never represent the actual behaviour of the persons.

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    I think when the wife meets her freinds and crack jokes on their better half , they would be more damaging what is really happened. Normally wife is placed esteem by the husband and would never compromise on her name and fame and also the prestige. If someone has passed rave remarks on the wife, and that cannot be generalized and taken as the reality. In fact husband and wife relations are always cordial and the face off if any is very temporary and that cannot be taken as the permanent bad behavior. And cracking jokes on the wife and husband is the part of time pass trait.
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    Is the author concerned on account of husband wife or in general aspects too wherein this mattered of being man and woman?

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    I always stand for the right of women because I know how badly she is treated by man's world. However, the situation is changing gradually but still, we have a long way to go.
    As far as jokes are concerned I think jokes should not be taken to heart. In our society women are victimised but in some cases, men are real victims instead of women because the law enforcement agencies support women. A woman can enmesh her husband, in-laws and other men and women of the family in false cases. It happens.
    I see some women's rights activists who hate men it appears that they want to enslave all men.

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    The author says in the title of his post - Why jokes on husband and wife are biased? The author himself says that it is just a joke. So no one should see it as a reality.

    In the past, such jokes were staged through caricatures. My opinion is that most women who are wives also enjoy them well. This kind of joke was staged when he presented a group of society ladies dressed in clothes that did not suit him, accompanied by offensive humor. In it, the man was portrayed as a slave to his wife. But most of the jokes are about women's fashion. So I like to assess that such jokes are not meant to insult the wife or the husband. See the joke only as a joke. Then it can be seen that the suspicion raised by the author is baseless.

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    In my opinion, all jokes are made for fun and are stress buster only and they are far away from reality. In real life, we see that in some families women are dominant while in some families men so we can not say that the jokes on husband and wife are generally more inclined on the wife's side. So, we should not take jokes seriously otherwise their purpose will be changed for which they are meant.

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    It is true that jokes are created by people for fun and enjoyment and to that extent they do their job well but the point is that jokes are not made on everyone and people had been selective about that. I have seen in the media that more jokes are there for a particular community and when that community people object then people replace the person in the joke with another community. Why certain communities are selected for a particular type of jokes is a matter to be understood in more details but nowadays people are taking care of that and are avoiding using a particular community or group for making jokes as there arises a great opposition in social media if we do so.

    Now coming to the jokes on men and women and their relationships it had always been a great subject for joke makers and there are many jokes some inclined in the men side while others to women side. Why more are in the women side is a difficult question to answer but the joke creators will always create those jokes which affect the readers much and depending on the types that get more popularity the joke creators will churn out more in that particular category only.

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    Jokes are jokes. I do not think they have a gender bias. They are to be enjoyed. If men are cutting jokes on women, the women can also do the same and enjoy. Enjoy the jokes and be happy.
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    Targeting ladies in the jokes showing them cruel and clever would not be fair since nature of both the genders may fall either of the categories. We have seen in the past that there are many ladies dedicated to their home jobs, devoting to the entire time in bringing up their kids. They cannot be forgotten for their roles in the different capacities outside despite their attention on growth of their kids. However, jokes are written to make it spicy introducing this gender since the writers are of the opposite genders. Hence these jokes are not to be taken seriously and the ladies would remain involved in their crucial roles towards developing the society.

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    Yes, it is almost correct that the society is male dominated and they enjoy for such jokes. It is also correct that in some jokes females by nature are also suitable for such character. If you interchange the character in such jokes that will be not a joke at all. As for example :

    The government has announced that anyone over the age of 45 can be vaccinated against covid-19. Everyone in the neighborhood are taking it. Dutta Da is a very health conscious person. Everyone in his house has taken it. Only Mala Boudi(Mrs Dutta) is bent over.She will not take the vaccine. A heated quarrel with dutta da over this. Everything went away. Bhabi could not be persuaded. Dutta Da knows Boudi's stubbornness. If she tell no once, she never does it. But I don't understand why Mala Boudi is not agreeing. One night, in a fond moment,Dada asked Boudi the reason for not getting vaccinated. Boudi whispered in his ear, "Everyone will know I'm over forty-five."
    Now if you interchange the character in the above, there will be no jokes at all. So jokes are for relaxing and enjoying, hence we all should enjoy it rather than make any conflict.

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    Jokes are just for entertainment and a short time pass. As in everything, men express more,whereas women come out less openly and open up cautiously and gradually only.

    Both husbands and wives crack jokes. I think the author is not experienced or not married for so long as to experience that.
    When two mothers meet they praise their children-first they praise the other woman's child mutually. Then they tell the highlights and uniqueness of one' own child. Then by and by they also tell jokes about their children.

    We crack jokes on our people and only when we feel so close with them and confident that the relationship is so strong that it cannot crack on cracking a joke. In fact it is the way of husbands to crack joke on their wives whereas actually they mean how dear their spouses are. If a husband is really not having regard and affection for his wife he will simply not care and will not say anything at all.

    It is so engaging and entertaining in a group of matured and long married couples to see how jokes fly on one another. Neither the husband nor the wife gets hurt by any of that but the already strong relationship becomes more closer.

    Another reason I can construe for now is that men are usually timid in front of their wives. So they use a chance to speak as valiant heroes among themselves and the subject naturally becomes jokes on wife. So most of the jokes are about how husbands are treated by their dominant wives.
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    We should take them as a real joke and in practical no wife are escaped from cooking but many jokes are coming that husbands are cooking. Many ladies are not thronging for sarees but the saree sales are commented only with ladies.

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