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    How to stay fit in the upcoming summer

    It is just the first week of April and the heat is already in. It is about 35 degree Celsius in Kolkata today. In our country, all the seasons are beautiful and enjoyable except the summer season due to the excessive heat and humidity it brings along in some states. Many of us like hot summers also and enjoy travelling to hill stations etc. But during this period what care should be taken to stay comfortable and healthy with the family? Please share your views.

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    The heat wave conditions are going to be severe by the fact that at the beginning of the April itself the temparatuere were high and the conditions seems to be worse in another two months. Fortunately today in Hyderabad it was cloudy and chances of drizzle in the evening as there has been rains in neighboring AP and that effect could be felt here. Nevertheless the TS govt has gone for good greenary cover in our city and therefore we get good shade and breeze at midnight and that would ease the heat wave. Hope this summer goes of as quickly as possible.
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    The following are the precautions I generally take in summer and suggest also for others.
    1. It is better not to venture out in hot summer without a cap or an umbrella to protect you from the heat. Going out during in hot summer should be avoided as much as possible.
    2. One should drink sufficient water so that one will not get dehydrated. Getting dehydrated is very dangerous.
    3. Never drink cold water from the refrigerator. Drink water stored in pots. That will be good for health.
    4. Take very diluted buttermilk with salt so that you will not feel thirsty.
    5. Wear cotton dresses.
    6, Don't go for oily foods.
    7. Mango fruits are very tasty. But consuming many fruits is not good for health. Consume moderately only.
    8. Eat healthy food on time.

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    There are certain ways to fight the summer. The following tips would be helpful -
    1) Ensure that you are hydrated always. Take enough water.
    2) In the morning, take some sattu preferably made from black gram.
    3) Take lemon water periodically.
    4) Lunch and Dinner should be light.
    5) Avoid excess and oily food.
    6) Take Mango Panna sometimes to quench thirst.

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    Summer has arrived but still in our home town it came a bit late. We have been feeling a bit more heat since yesterday. In some states summer season is moderate. But it will be too hot in our state. The author has asked what one should do in summer as precautionary measures to protect from diseases or at least troubles.
    - We should not come out of home unnecessarily
    - We should keep our stomach filled with water especially when the loo is blowing.
    - Curd and lassi are good to quench thirst
    - Fruits and vegetables of this season should be taken
    - Avoid a heavy diet, as light food is good and easily digested. Vinegar should be used in salad.
    - If someone has extra money and time then he may visit any hill station with his family.
    - Rising early and light exercise keeps the mood good.

    Now, our month of Ramazan is about to commence in a few days. So, we will have to stay inside the home unless we have to go for a job or any important work.

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