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    Heaven and hell are formed from our thoughts and actions...

    Heaven and hell are created by our attitudes and imagery, not places or positions. Those who live in any place, or those who sit in any high position, are not close to heaven or hell for any reason. Heaven is where there is an attitude of mutual respect and esteem, where there is maturity in responses. All those who fall prey to the provocations of others are accepting the invitation of the other to hell without recognizing the heaven within them. No one can deny anyone's heaven. But we are denying heaven ourselves. These denials can sometimes be attributed to the pressures of circumstances by us.
    The situation created by those who find their heavenly nature within and the attitude they maintain becomes heaven. Otherwise, it is hell.
    In the poem "Prema Sangeetham" written by the great Malayalam poet Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer, there is a line like this ...
    "Thanikku thaane panivathu naakam, narakavum athupole" (Naakam means Heaven and Narakam means Hell)
    The meaning of the above-mentioned line is like this... We ourselves making Heaven and Hell for us.
    Heaven and hell are formed from the thoughts and actions of human beings. May we be the creators of heaven.
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    The author has created this thread to say that heaven and hell are the places that are created by us in our imaginations and gave an example of a poet. I think these are personal views of the poet which the author endorses. The issue of heaven and hell can be taken into two ways- literally and metaphorically. I accept these places in both ways. I firmly believe in their existence in the hereafter. Who believes or doesn't believe in the existence of these dwellings is an entirely personal matter of the people because it is related to personal liberty and freedom of expression But I assure them to watch and experience the same as soon as their eyes are closed. On another side, one makes this life a heaven or hell as well. Some people have pain, sufferings, unsolved problems which always cause pangs of pain and inflicts deep worries and their life is like hell.
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    Probably what the author said may be right because we have not seen either the heaven or the hell. But the elders have been keep on saying that when we do the good deeds and do good to the people we are sure of heaven as the God wants to keep with him for the further cause. But if we do wrong deeds and not cared in the home and the society, the God gets vexed up as the purpose for which we are sent to this world is not fulfilled and therefore he does not want our presence also in the heaven and thus discarded to the hell. That is why we must be careful at least at the fag end of the age.
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    We will see both hell and heaven in our lifetime. It all depends on the attitude of the individual. We feel a person travelling in a Benz car is very happy. But it may not be correct. He may be having many other worries. The outsiders think he is living in heaven but he feels that he is staying in hell.
    As mentioned by the author there are no separate places called heaven or hell. It is the individual who can create hell or heaven in the place he is staying. A person, who is happy with whatever he has, can feel that he is in heaven.
    Some people are never happy. They are never satisfied with whatever they have. They compare themselves with somebody else and gets worried. For them, an AC room is also hell only.
    People say that after our death we may go to hell or heaven. But what I feel is we will experience both here itself before we die based on the way of our living.

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    It is considered that if people do good they will go to heaven afterlife and if they do something bad they will be sent to hell and punished. It is said that heaven has all the comforts while hell is just the reverse. To discourage people from doing misdeeds this concept was popular earlier but nowadays, I don't think people care about it. Otherwise, there would be only honest people surrounding us. Maybe people started to feel that heaven has become overcrowded so whatever they do they will not find a place in heaven and will have to go to hell. This is just my personal views and not to hurt the sentiment of others.

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    If we go into the genesis and anatomy of concepts like hell, heaven, God, devil, demon, ghost, soul, and many others belonging to metaphysical world then we will find that these were the concepts given and propagated by some ancient scholars in the old civilisations spread across the world. Now, depending upon where a person is born and brought up, his or her mind would be filled up in a natural way in that environment through the parents and the society around and then that becomes his religion or culture or belief or convictions. So, apart from that, yes, it is true that instead of waiting for our death and go to those mysterious and unfathomed places it would be better if we carve out those situations in this world itself and I agree with the spark given by the author in his post regarding creating heaven here itself on this beautiful Earth. Let us all contribute in that noble task.
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    It is true. By whatever way we see it, it is our own actions that make hell or heaven for us.

    The poorva janma karma phalam -also supports this only.

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