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    Political leaders should not become a laughing stock

    When the Prime Minister addresses a meeting in a state like Tamil Nadu, he should have a big agenda and talk properly. Yet, this time around, his team from Tamil Nadu, let him down badly.

    A DMK MP did make comment about the present Chief Minister Palanisami's mother which was unwarranted. However, he expressed regret in a press conference. He was not allowed to campaign for 48 hours. But the main topic of the Prime Minister's speech was this point. And the AIADMK made a mockery of itself by putting up photos of the late mother of the CM. The Prime Minister cut a very sorry figure, as he had nothing solid to talk about. The DMK had already done its homework and exposed every corrupt Minister of the AIADMK. Apart from the record Go Back Modi trend on Twitter, the terribly large number of memes of the Prime Minister did not do the BJP any good.

    Worse was to follow. The UP CM came to Coimbatore, and a sudden bike rally was organized, without permission. Shops were stoned and were forced to shut shop. The BJP's already bad name went for a real toss.

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    So the author wants to say we have incompetent PM who should not visit TN or hold election rallies as he was cornered by the DMK and so no development made and thus BJP alliance partner AIADMK would be drowned only DMK leaders are corrupt free and they alone would win the elections. Let them. Voters have been keeping their choice to the chest. What ever may be the abuse, what ever may be the hatred, a voter wants a strong center and good state governance which have been proved by the Modi at the center and Palaniswamy in the state. So let the author be in his own dream land.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Sir. Wait for the dream date of May 2 2021 and then you will realize who will call the shots and how. Wait and see the results and whether the BJP can win even 5 out of the 29 seats it contested.

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    I am not hoping BJP to win but AIADMK should win to keep the corrupted DMK out because we know they are starving to snatch power and that would be sucidal for the state.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Elections in the state were over and the decision of the voter is already stored in the ballot boxes. Let us wait and see what is going to happen.BJP has no strength in Tamilnadu and may not win any seats there. DMK may come or AIADMK may come into power.
    I accept that political leaders should not become laughing stock. To be more precise, any matured man should not become a laughing stock. If we rate a VIP based on his speech in a meeting connected to an election in a state and if we decide that the particular leader is a waste candidate, we may become a laughing stock. So we should be more reasonable and analytical in our thinking and we should not carry enmity everywhere. Let us try to see the positives also now and then.

    always confident

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    Election fever leads to deliriums, hysteria etc. Once that subsides things will return to normal.
    So unless it goes beyond a tolerable level, election rhetoric may be ignored and forgotten after elections.
    To talk in a general way, the stature and standard of our leaders is gradually dwindling ,in comparison to that of our pre-independence and Independence times. That is because the expectation of the people also have become different. People are interested in short term gains, high promises and verbose, high voltage visibility, one-upmanship etc. As per the present day principle of 'Yatha praja, thatha Raja- as the people so the King-we get the leaders we wanted.

    To get good leaders, we have to become good and demand the best.

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    I still don't understand what the author thinks about. He is an anti-BJP and anti AIADMK member supporting the immature politicians in our country. A party which is on the verge of sinking is his favourite one. Tamilnadu would see a change in politics with DMK rule after the couting of votes. It is not due to Congress but due to DMK and other alliance partners. AIADMK might lose because of its alliance with BJP. Despite this, the other alliance parties would divide the votes of DMK and AIADMK. We cannot say who would rule after the declaration of results. Let us wait and watch.
    No life without Sun

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    No matter what the results are going to be but the efforts by the BJP at various levels are well appreciated. BJP is trying hard to influence the voters in their favor and we are evident its increasing presence in the country. The present leadership has the capability for taking the hard and big decisions and therefore I will continue to support them. Only a fistful will continue to cry but who cares.

    Yes, I agree that Political leaders should not become a laughingstock, but this should be applicable for the Congress leaderships. I do not need to name here and is understood.

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    Nobody should be made a laughing stock. Now, the discussion in this thread is going to a different direction as normally it happens when any controversial topic is discussed or in other words when pro congress vs pro bjp see face to face , their confrontation comes to an end without any positive conclusion.
    BJP has no chance to have a foothold in Tamilnadu but in future it will win Tamilnadu also. West Bengal had never witnessed this type of polarization of votes. People are not ready to reveal what they have to say. There is uncertainty among people. I think in coming years the same scene will be in Tamilnadu also. Just wait and watch.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    Those who think that the BJP will make deep inroads in Tamil Nadu are living in a fool's paradise. It does not have even one intellectual who can guide the BJP on what issues the PM has to talk.

    H. Raaja is the worst communal person and a big shame of the BJP who should have sacked and sent home long ago. He criticized the judiciary in the worst of terms and had the cheak to offer his apology to the Madras High Court!!!

    The BJP had the audacity to release the names of its 20 candidates only in Hindi and English. Modi does not know that doing lip service to the cause of Tamil will not work in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK is the worst corrupted party in India. The late Jayalaltha and her accomplise Sasikala swindled more than one lakh crores and each Minister today, has at least three thousand crores in black money. That the BJP wanted an alliance with this corrupt party is proof enough that the party is never confident of itself. Today, within the past six months, it remains the only party in Tamil Nadu that has admitted at least thirty rowdies and recorded and proved criminals into its fold.

    God save this country!!

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