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    Vaccines shortage- new bogey to bring in bad repute to center

    Where ever the opposition parties are in power, a new blame game has been created as to shortage of vaccine supplies to their states and thus the people are getting more panicked when the second surge of virus seems to be fast and spreading. The govt has clarified that one week vaccine stock required for the country is on hand and one week stock in the pipeline. Then why the blame game started by thee opposition parties which want to derail the sincere efforts of the central govt to vaccinate all systematically/
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    Very interesting observation put forth by the author in the matter of shortage of the vaccine. Without any intention of strengthening what the author has narrated, I have to mention that opposition and anti establishment groups generally have a mind set of finding faults even at a place where there is no conspicuous appearance of the same. It is unfortunate but true and had been happening in the politics not only in India but almost all over the world.

    One of my close relatives wants me to attend his son's marriage and now due to corona spread I am not able to go there and many other people are also not able to go there and he will be doing it with less guests who are comfortably able to come there from local areas taking of course the associated risk. Just a day or two back he phoned to me that if I had gone there before the spread it would had been a good decision to stay there till marriage but when I told him that in that case I would had stuck there for long and could not return then his eyes opened and he immediately corrected his foolish expressions and felt sorry for uttering those childish words. Opposition is like that and they will speak before using their brain because their only attention is for removing the present regime and somehow come in power and I am sure that if it were so we would be getting vaccines from outside countries and from day one it would had gone to black market.

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    The author is very interested in bringing politics whenever possible and criticizing opposition parties and the States ruled by the opposition. At my place, last Sunday, there was no vaccine, and all the persons registered for that day were sent back. They were asked to come back when the vaccine is available. The next day it was available. It might have happened at some other places in other States also. From what we can gather from internet-based news channels, The Health Secretaries of various States wrote to the Government of India about the immediate necessity of vaccine supplies as the stocks with them are running out. Whatever may be the reasons for the low stock reserves, this is not a point to bring politics into it. Some people readily come in support of threads like this. They find anti-establishment groups everywhere. For them, criticism of the Government is a big sin. They do not apply their brains and blindly support the government even when the lapses are glaring. Do not try to politicize everything to trumpet your support.
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    Blame game either from the ruling party or opposition parties is not new or an unknown thing. An interesting point pops up when the fan following start blaming each side.
    The vaccine is needed in states because new cases are being recorded. It is also noteworthy that which states are focussing on the testing process more and more cases are being reported there. So these states should be supplied vaccines in sufficient quantity at the earliest. I can't say who is right and who is wrong because politics should be not played on every matter. There is no need to create any Panic from either side. If due to genuine reasons the central government is not able to provide vaccines to states then states should also keep patience instead of playing the blame game. A matured mutual understanding between the central and state governments should be developed to strengthen the democratic system of governance. We need improvement in media also. Our media has become a laughing stock for our enemies.

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    Many opposition parties and some gullible people in our country are not able to tolerate the success of the present regime in national and international arenas especially in comparison to earlier Govt regimes and, I do not say that it is only jealousy but whatever the attribute we name it, are criticising the Govt for small petty matters. We have to compare one to one in all respect the present regime vis-s-vis the earlier and relatively assess them rather raise a small point and waste time in it. Unfortunately in our country historically anti establishment forces were always very strong and no one bothered to assess the different regimes in relative terms. Corruption was there earlier also and it is still there almost in same level but when the present regime starts to investigate the present cases of corruption then people say that it is political vendetta.
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    I heard that there is a shortage of vaccine in some places in Andhra Pradesh. But in Telangana, no news about the shortage. When such a massive task is going on, some gaps will definitely come. There may be many reasons for this shortage. The supplies in the state may be also improper. We have to see where is the problem. If the distribution within the state by the state government is not properly planned also we will face some problem,. Another issue is wastage. If one bottle is opened it is sufficient for 10 people. But in some places, they are opening for 3 or 4 people also and the remaining doses are getting wasted. This type of wastage also may create shortages.

    Making a small issue also as a big issue has become the order of the day in politics. Both the ruling party and the opposition will always wait for a small chance to criticize the other. The problem of COVID is a very big problem and we all have to fight it out unitedly. No politics should be brought into the issue. But our politicians will never spare any occasion to show their enmity with other parties.

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    If the vaccines are not available in some states it is not because of shortage but because of politics that the opposition ruled states does not want to give credit to the center and hence created aftificial shortage to blame the center.
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    The Government of India can easily call the bluff of opposition ruled States if it publishes the supply of vaccine to various States. Instead, it is blaming the State governments and the public also for the second wave of the corona. The need of the time is the supply of vaccines to various States in required quantities. It is the question of life and death for the people. Who is bothered who is going to get the credit? At one time our government boasted that it exported more vaccines than it administered in India. Such foolish acts are not good. Now the second wave is becoming more dangerous and our government should stop exports and concentrate on vaccinating our people.
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    We already have one week vaccine in supply and one week in pipeline and April 14th has been designated as National Teeka day to vaccinate many at one go.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Shouldn't the Central Government supply the vaccine to all the states in proportion to the number of people over the age of 45 (current Condition of Giving Vaccine) in each state? If there is a shortfall in supply, shouldn't the opposition parties point it out? Is it right to see it as a blaming game?

    In this critical context, I would like to argue that the discrimination (if any) of the Central Government is gross misconduct. It has to be said that it is against human values ??to classify states as ruling party or opposition ruling in the case of vaccine supply. The figures released now shed light on the inaccuracies pointed out earlier.
    The central government's vaccine distribution policy is being questioned as the Covid cases are on the rise in the country. The main complaint is that states are being denied this freedom when it comes to buying vaccines for foreign countries from manufacturing companies. The next complaint is that while the Center provides the vaccine directly to the states, the level of vaccine given to the states ruled by the opposition parties is very low. More than 700 vaccination centers in Odisha have been shut down due to the scarcity of vaccines when the central government calls for more people to be vaccinated.
    So if the central government does not want to give all the states the required vaccine, at least give them permission to buy directly from the vaccine manufacturers. That is humanity.

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    The author is correct. People are specially there just to bring bad repute on anything of Government. Last week we went to have vaccination in a government public health center. Before us a family of three came to have vaccination, they approached with a request to the concerned staff to have similar injection to the three. The staff told that the took-out injection two is there and to heed their request they can wait for letting other two have injection before and from the next lot the three can have injection of similar type. The three also accepted and so, we two waiting after them got injection of similar type. After us, they three have injection of similar type. We cannot blame simply others. If there was nobody after the three they cannot assure to offer such acceptance but about to get comments on them as they refused.

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    Maharashtra State is facing a spike in the number of covid patients. Due to the shortage of vaccines, they have stopped vaccination in private hospitals for three days on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of this month. About one lakh vaccines are expected tonight and the Government hospitals continue to give vaccination to the public. This is as per the latest news. The Government of Idia should immediately rush vaccines to Maharashtra to control the spread of covid.
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    The fact is that there is a shortage and priorities have been fixed as to who would get the vaccines first. Please note that while the centre has allowed foreign countries to place orders for the vaccine with the production companies, our states have not been given permission to do so. What does that convey? News reports today suggest that as many as 75 vaccine centres in Maharashtra have been shut down due to the non-availability of vaccines. Let us be ready to accept facts and look for solutions. The Coronavirus will not leave you untouched just because you follow and support a particular ideology or party.
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