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    Should Graphology be taught in every management school?

    A few years ago I watched the movie Sherlock Holmes and I got to know about graphology. After that, I searched about it on Google and found it is as amazing as palmistry.

    A graphologist can tell about the characteristics of any person by just analyzing his or her writing style. How someone writes a word and what is the pressure he gives on his pen while writing, what is the angle in which he holds the pen and all these kinds of little details can unveil the hidden characteristics of his personality like how truthful is he or how much concerned he is about others feeling, how clever he is and so on.

    And then I tried to learn this art a little by myself. I made one graphological report of one of my friends and she was amazed to see how I could know about her characteristics by just analyzing her handwriting on a paper of her register.

    Although it is beneficial for all the people irrespective of which field they are working in, as a management student I think it should be taught in every management school because, in a business or any organisation for that matter, you have to deal with different people and it is important to analyze the personality and traits of others before you make any deal with them.

    What is your opinion?
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    I appreciate the author for introducing graphology. Some of you might have known about it or might be an expert too, but I don't have much knowledge about it.
    It sounds like an interesting art that enables someone to know some traits and characteristics by reading the writing style of people. I think some people might have sterling faith in it. But I don't believe in graphology, palmistry and similar arts.

    I had to take some amount from a person, so he called me in. Meanwhile, his old father came to me and begin to tell me something about me and I was surprised to hear because what he said was more or less true. I was confused and impressed then he put a condition before me if he told me other points also I would not take money from his son. He was fooling me to get his money waived off. When I returned home I thought about how someone could tell me what happened with me in past then I pondered over this issue and selected some common information which applies to all and I realised that the old man was using this trick against me.
    One day I was sitting with my friends, a known elderly person came there. All of us would respect him and I was telling some common points to my friends by seeing their forehead as a part of the joke, he was also impressed. He insisted me to tell him about his secrets or unknown facts. All of sudden I uttered. "Once you loved someone but she did not like you". He was laughing but when I said it to him he was silent, absolutely, shocked and embarrassed.
    Then I realised his embarrassment, I tried to console him," It was just a joke. This is common to all that everybody loves someone in his life who does not love him back. It is common and applicable to all. " but he could not stay and went away.

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    The author has revealed an interesting topic in the name of Graphology and it is said that the expert in this art could reveal the temperament of the writer. The art of writing and and script impressions on the paper could reveal his/her nature and host of other personal details.
    Though our predictions in this regard may come true with a little practice. The subject might be surprised with such predictions. It implies that there is no end to learning any myth if we are sincerely interested to go ahead. This might be included in their syllabus so as to offer the chances of the aspirants to know the characteristics of the different people. Such database would be helpful to some companies dealing with financial transactions.

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    I have never heard about graphology before this thread, I would like to thank the author for sharing this information. I am getting very interested after reading the thread and I am eager to gather more and more information about it. As fas as the idea of ??including this course in management studies, it depends on students, because vocational education is understood, whose knowledge can not be just from the study level. The most important thing for this course is to be interested in it, if it is taught at this level itself, then the tendency of the students towards it may decrease. But there is no doubt that this is going to be an interesting subject for some students.

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    From the author veiw point we now came to know that Graphology seems to be the interesting subject that can analyse the mood and the attitude of the person the way he holds the pen and the way he writes the words with ease. In fact this can be taken as behavioral science of the person as his mood and the state of mind while writing anything with pressure or ease would depend on his bringing the good content connecting to the subject. And most doctors scribble in such a way that normal patients cannot understand and only the medical shop person would know and this is the classing example of graphology.
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    Graphology is a well-known technique used for protecting the traits. There are many papers on this subject. Forensic Graphology is a science used for assessing the personality of a person. Forensic investigators compare the handwriting of suspects and ransom notes and they use this graphology here.
    In Astrology, palmistry and numerology people used to predict the future of individuals. Graphology can't be compared with these. It is only useful purely to assess the mentality of the people. The idea of the author to use this as a management tool for knowing the traits of the employees and other stakeholders is a good idea. This can be introduced to students who are in management studies so that they can use this for analysing the people who are working with them.

    always confident

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