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    Do you feel sharing your goals with others will impact your journey?

    We all will many goals and dreams in life. We want to achieve so many things but not all that we plan will be achieved. We might reach some of our goals, we might stop mid way for few of our dreams. But what I have observed is, when ever I plan to do something, if I share my plans or thoughts with others, then I have not at all achieved it. It could be my psychology or I might have left my motivation but the fact is I have not reached my goal when I have shared with others.
    Few people have agreed with me that sharing tends to reduce the success rate while few other people say, they tend to be more motivated when they share their plans because when the other person knows and if not achieved, he might be made fun off and for that his hard work will be doubled.
    What are your experiences or thoughts about it?
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    What we are planning next should not be divulged to other people. I have seen the intelligent advice of intelligent people. Practically too I have observed its outcome. When we disclose our planning, actions and all other small or big information about our future planning, we may see different reactions from people of a different mentality, Some of them might be pleased to hear about our future planning or actions. Most probably, these people may encourage us too. But some people may be around us who might feel jealous of us and they might try to hamper our planning or they may create some unexpected problems before us.
    Anyways, whether or not they will oppose us and our planning can't be said with conviction but one thing is sure that if we disclose our plans to others and if do not succeed in our planning they might laugh at us and will make us a laughing stock among other people also.

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    Theoretically speaking sharing our plans and goals with others is not going to make any difference but yes as the other member has rightly pointed out there are chances of evil eyes and jealous people trying to affect us psychologically. In the professional world many times the people hide their plans from others fearing that the other people would hijack them and take credit. That is one of the biggest fear in this competitive world and one has to be careful to that extent. We are seeing people doing illegally copy and paste in the internet, we are seeing people copying others ideas and then applying for patent, we are seeing all sort of such malpractices by the clever, shrewd, and cunning people and in that situation if someone is hiding ones goal from others it is not very unusual thing.
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    I think it is a type of superstition that some people do not share their plans or goals with others. It is more psychological then related to real life. In todays world people are so busy that they are not interested in the plans and goals of other people until it is giving them some benefit or they are also a part of that team or group which is active in pursuing that particular plan.
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    I say that discussing your goals with other people will never have any impact on the success or failure of us in reaching the goal. Our own actions will decide the success or failure.
    Once when we make a goal we should make a road map also for that. We have to follow the road map. The main issue is making the road map and then review during the progress of the work. Before making the road map we can discuss with different people or share our goals with them. Some people will never keep silent after listening to what we said. They will come to with their own suggestions. Here we have to use our own discretion whether to give importance to suggestions offered by others. Some people may come out with suggestions with other intentions also. So hearing from them is OK but don't be in a hurry to implement their suggestions. You are the master of your life. So don't deviate from your own road map unless otherwise, you feel some correction is required.

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    Normally it is the tendency of the people that they will not share their goals or success story with all but they are ready to share their problems and challenges even with the strangers. As far as my life is concerned , I love to interact with the people and by virtue of close bonding with many , I may reveal my plans and goals with others and they sometime give their advise as to how to move about. But not all would be comfortable with our goal revelation as they feel jealous over our sustained progress and that would be detrimental to our growh. One thing is sure we alone can respect and enjoy our success and go through failures.
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    Let me give you an example about sharing a plan with others. Suppose you wish to visit a place and searched about the place on the internet for some time. You found the reviews nice and was about to start the reservation. Suddenly, a friend called you up and you got engaged in a conversation. It is quite natural to disclose your plans of visiting that place to your friend but your friend told you something different about the place and after listening to it you decided not to carry out your plan of visiting that place. Many times, our actions depend on what others say. Basically, it is their views about something but sometimes we give too much importance to it and start to believe what they are saying. So, it's better not to share your plans or goals with too many people. But if you are determined to reach the goal anyhow, others saying or advice will not discourage you in any way.

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