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    Had you ever foreseen the adverse times?

    Any individual, organisation, company, or any such entity may grow in leaps and bounds and progress and flourish but eventually a time comes earlier or later in its life cycle that it gets stagnated and comes to a steady state where it may appear satisfactory but due to the stagnation, slowly, there is a gradual decrease in earnings, profits, and the entity loses its competitive fight in the market and the deterioration phase starts. Many companies go for restructuring and rejuvenation to bring back the earlier glory while individuals change their jobs or acquire new skills for a lateral shifts. There are many factors due to which these stagnation periods come and we should be ready to face them and keep in our mind that such a thing can happen at any time and if possible save for those rainy days by austere measures and things like that. Have you ever foreseen such adverse times in your life or in the life cycle of your company where you happened to work?
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    No. In my entire service of more than 40 years, the companies I worked for never faced any such situation. They were doing good business and they were making profits.
    As mentioned by the author it is the responsibility of the top management to foresee the threats and opportunities the company is having and they should plan necessary measures so that the company will never suffer a setback. It all depends on the decisions that are being taken by the top management from time to time. If they fail to do their duty properly the whole company suffer.
    If the company is more innovative and try to change the product mix from time to time, the chances of stagnation will not come.

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    Any business is subject to periodic changes in its environment. Some business experience it in cycles. Where there is a rhythm and cycle it can be pre-envisaged and needed remedial or redressal measures can be implemented.
    Yes in my career too, I have seen my employer organisation facing some adverse circumstances, challenges and severe competitions. The top body from Board to the latest recruit will get concerned and have to respond in proper manner to bring back the organisation to its stable level and growth. The more visionary and able the apex body of governance and policy making in that organisation the more ease and fast the road to come out of difficulties. The understanding and awareness and co-operation of the lower levels of employees also matters in this, as there may be some sacrifices needed.

    Over the years and by experience we also get the ability to foresee some adversities -either in our career organisation or in personal life too. But some of the time tested remedies can save us from disaster and minimise the damages.

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    The problem that almost all production-based companies face is the slowdown after a period of growth, and thus the stagnation. But companies that produce only certain proprietary/monopoly items may be able to continue their growth in the long run. Still, the downfall of the first company begins when their product is manufactured and distributed by another company at a lower cost. Knowing that, with the help of the Research and Development department of the first company will start to produce their products, a cost-effective method of production, and if that is not possible, reduce the profits previously made and bring the product to market at a lower price and maintain their monopoly. Otherwise, they will try to incorporate any other additional features in that product and will hold more in the market by advertising more of those additional features.
    Such problems are especially prevalent in the FMCG segment. But such companies are generally vigilant in their R&D segment and are interested in introducing new products as they expect their some products to reach the market by any other company at any time. Therefore, it does not reach a state of stagnation. The above problems may happen due to mismanagement of the management or failure of the management to give proper instructions when required. But almost all companies have already anticipated such adverse conditions.

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    I worked in several companies but as long as I remained there I never experienced decline or downfall in business or production or sale. However normal ups and downs is a different matter which happens during off season. As far as individual matter is concerned I have faced myself and I have seen other people whose business up turned down. Sometimes, it happens. In a business organisation fluctuation in demand of company's product is often occurs but steep decline normally does not occur. Several famous companies of past either have been shut down or sold or overtaken. Atlas cycle once was a big name in industry , now gradually all its units are getting closed. BSNL, AIR India, Jet Airways etc all these companies went down the loss, their employees can narrate their tale. But for private companies like Atlas several factors brings the company down the ground. Not only management is responsible for it but external factors also.
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    For that matter we need not be a part of good or the adverse effect of any company but as a live example I have seen that ECIL which is the govt enterprise which had the 8000 plus employees working in various shifts manufacturing tv to resistors was finally scaled down to only computer division now. Hardly few employees are now working and that proves the company has seen the best and the phase of recession. But here the total mismanagement of the adminsitration which failed to live with the market expectations has finally lost the reputation and now functioning as ancillary industry to computere market.
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    In our life good and bad phases alternate though there would be some luckier people who have less setbacks but no one knows when the luck goes against and bad time is there. So it would be wiser to keep oneself ready and alert to fight with those adversaries. We cannot predict them but at least we can control on our indulgences and keep ourselves geared to face those gloomy days.
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