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    Being a non-vegetarian is normal, so why is it a sin for some people?

    A person can be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian as per his choice because nowadays it depends on the person's own desire. It is also decided on the basis of some religions that people of which religion should be non-vegetarian and who are not. But the situation is quite different at the present time, the decision is being taken to become vegetarian or non-vegetarians, not according to religion, but according to their wishes and living style, especially among the youth. If we talk about the human community then according to this, a person of any religion is not a sinner even after consuming meat, then why is a person of another religion considered a sinner.

    My thought is a little bit different here is that being a non-vegetarian is wrong when you kill an animal just to satisfy your craving. But many times animals have to die in order to live life due to circumstances or compulsion like geographical reasons. But where easy vegetarian food is available, it is the least attempt to kill the creatures. Nevertheless, the final decision is the individual's own, what he needs in the food and whatnot, but it should not be connected with sin or virtue.
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    If we go back in time and go through the evolution of humans on this planet known as mother Earth then we will find that in the beginning there was no agriculture and the animals and human beings survived on wild fruits, grass, and meat of other animals. There were no words coined like non vegetarian at that time as that was taken just like a food. It is only later when cultures developed and agriculture became a big activity then due to religion or other reasons mainly attributable to the bringing up of a person, the concepts of not taking non vegetarian foods were incepted. This is only our bringing up and hereditary factors that prevent us for not taking non vegetarian food and in many societies it was categorised under the heading of 'sin' and incidentally sin is such a dreadful world that even the most matured and composed persons will like to avoid doing it. So, if some people consider it as a sin, there is no surprise.
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    Being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian entirely depends on individual's choice. Primarily, majority of world population is non-vegetarian, but those who are against non-veg they are free to have their opinion, choice and they have right to spread their views also.
    Animals are divided into two groups - herbivorous and carnivorous but some of them are omnivorous also, human being are omnivorous because of having both type of teeth mainly fangs.
    Besides having a choice about veg or non-veg we should decide nutrition based diet. If you get essential nutrients for your body from veg, then it is not necessary to go for non-veg.
    The author is of the view that consumption of non-veg is a sin, she has full right to say this but a large number of people may disagree with her and they can say it is not sin. I think we should not have any dispute on this issue.

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    As the animal sacrifice is involved, the non vegetarian eating people are not considered normal and they are kept aloof even. In Tamil Nadu the non vegetarian eating people are not allowed inside the orthodox families for the obvious reasons and even the maid servants would do the work outside the back yard and would not come inside the house. We cannot question as to why the non vegetarian eating people are treated so as sinners. This is being done since many decades and there cannot be right reasons or responses but the fact remains as the non vegetarians are not liked.
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    As per science, trees are also having a life. So cutting trees, plucking flowers, vegetables and fruits etc are also can be considered as sins. If eating nonvegetarian is a sin, eating vegetarian is also a sin. In such a case, we have to live with air and water only. So I feel these thoughts are unnecessary.
    The selection of food was the decision of the individual. We need not connect it to religion or caste. In earlier days it was thought that people belonging to some caste should not eat nonvegeterian. But slowly these thoughts changed and now it is the choice of the individual.
    One should have good food habits. Irrespective of vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, we should maintain cleanliness and hygiene when we cook and eat. That is more important to have good health.

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    The trees also have life and feelings. This was proved by the Bengali scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose more than 100 years back. He proved that plants have a life cycle, a reproductive system, and are aware of their surroundings. Crescograph was invented by him with the help of which he proved that plants react to outside conditions. When eating non-vegetarian is a sin. eating vegetables is also a sin since the plants have life.
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    "Being a non-vegetarian is normal"

    The above could be the scenario with you and many more who apply the same logic, but this would not be normal for someone who is being killed or slaughtered when those animals are not agreeing to this. Like us, those animals also having the rights to live and lead to natural death but if they are not made to that way because we people want to eat them, it would not be a matter of kindness and justice.

    I would request the author to please go through with the below link.

    Being vegan is good for us and our planet.

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    As told by Lord Buddha, "Everybody in this world craving more to secure life, even an ant is running here and there to keep its life safe. But how it is justifiable, if we cut off a goat or cow for our food". Many of us arguing that the egg is a vegetarian food. But it is not also agreeable as from egg only a life comes to the earth. It is equal to kill a child in the womb of the lady. When such killing is punishable under law, how can we skip our rule from the killing of animal for our food. When killing a goat or cow for our food is justifiable, it is justifiable to kill others also.

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    The debate of having a vegetarian food and non veg food is never ending and there will never ever be any conclusion for this. Each person's thoughts differ with this. People are who vegetarian by birth and their religion have started eating non veg and people who were having non veg have completely switched to vegetarian food or only vegan. So let people decide what is good for themselves whether to have veg or non veg food.
    As far as I am concerned, I do not eat non veg and do not feel like eating also. I can sense and imagine the pain of the animals being killed. When I see the hens tied together in their legs and carried in 2 wheeler tied up in every possible place, I can see the cruel mind of a man just to satisfy his craving. So I do not feel like having non veg. But when any of my friends have non veg when I am present I have no issues nor do I feel uncomfortable.

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    This thread is an example of posting something for the sake of posting a thread.
    The author is quite convinced that "A person can be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian as per his choice because nowadays it depends on the person's own desire. ".
    Then where is the confusion and need for taking it further for a discussion?

    The author is quite clear again when stating "Nevertheless, the final decision is the individual's own, what he needs in the food and whatnot, .......". Then what was the purpose of this thread? Is it an attempt of creating some provocation for getting more visits and hits? Better to avoid such.

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    Everyone has the right to choose their own diet. When India gained independence, everyone living here is free. Therefore, everyone has the right to choose their own diet. The right to food is another right, just like the right to believe in and propagate any religion. While it is true that animal sacrifice, which is performed only to please the gods, is prohibited by law, butchery for food is legal.

    But it is unfortunate that for a few years now, India has been going to the point where it is up to others to decide what we should think, what we should believe, and what we should eat. Let them eat the food that they like. It is not a crime unless you persuade others to eat it. Similarly, no government can dictate what foods should be eaten. Such narrow-mindedness is created by some is only to protect their selfish interests. It is an encroachment on the rights and freedoms of others. Let us not forget a great man who said that all freedom is only up to the nose of the next.

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    According to me, all are non vegetarians and no one is vegetarian. If non vegetarians are sinners, a person who drinks milk and claim to be a vegetarian is a sinner because he drinks the blood of a cow or buffalo . They cheat the calves and enjoy their life.
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    Gautam Budha told that yes Plants have life agreed but again we are planting the seeds on earth so we are giving life again. We are not eating the seeds of vegetables or fruit but not in the case of nonvegetarians we are killing an animal who got flesh and blood it's an evil act to kill the animals. As the mouthless of our fellow beings should not be killed mercilessly just for the sake they can't raise their voice and defend themselves. Once you should see a butcher or a slaughter when killing an animal or bird how much pain they have... We are humans we have a heart and we must respect our fellow living beings...Please don't kill the animals even Vietnamese Buddhists and Chinese Buddhists are also vegetarians.
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    Can anyone find a fault with the creation? No this cannot be possible but rather what is nature's built is perfect. So then why do you feel that this nature has made us different from that of a tree or a plant. If we are being hit, we try to defend or try to run away. The same is the case with an animal who are going to be killed or slaughtered while this is not the case with the tree or a plant.

    I do not know about an atheist, but I am a believer and I do believe that nature's creation cannot be illogical and impractical leading to out of the context conduct but we need to think on each of the aspect of it before we conclude something out of it.

    We are given this life to live it consciously and with more responsibility which is not the case with the other creatures.

    Rest will depend on how we manipulate the things to our own cause.

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    When ever this topic comes for discussion groupism takes place but not the right answer would be forthcoming and such topics should be avoided by the administration.
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    Food habits are decided by various factors and so it depends upon those factors as to what food you consume. Being a vegetarian is nothing spiritual and being a non-vegetarian is never evil. We need to check the food chain and food web to make ourselves clear. Just check out the food habits of people in different parts of the world to satisfy your doubts. Those who are vociferous against the killing of some animals or birds for the purpose of consumption and bring in a religious angle to it are actually speaking against the scientifically proven methods of eating. It is quite natural to feel aghast when you see people following a different food pattern. For example, people across India (non-veggies) might be used to eating chicken, mutton or beef but many won't be able to digest people eating dog meat or caterpillars. Islam prohibits eating pork and they say that it is due to scientific reasons and none of them actually know why it is prohibited. So, it is basically about our culture and traditions and how we have been brought up.

    Anyway, why should I be worried as to what you eat? It is your taste and choice. As long as no one is forcing you to eat a dish that is not palatable as per your choice, why should you be worried as to what the other is consuming? And before I conclude, I must remind all that 'when you are in Rome, be like a Roman'. And to conclude, I would like to know how many of those vegetarians, who are vegetarians due to their love for animals or for religious reasons, avoid using any products that are byproducts of animals?

    Mohan, it is just a difference of opinion as is in any other discussion involving such topics. It is not groupism. Don't worry, we, the editors, do hold the reins in our hands.

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    Evolution of Human being from Homosapien to a cultured living society. Now we are in the modern era. If you want still to be the same as how our ancestors live go and live in the forest there are some friends left there like the Hadzabe tribe...
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    Bhushan, first of all, we all are homo sapiens. Secondly, why should one who eats meat go to the forest and live there? To avoid a diversion, I am not questioning your illogical conclusion but I would like you to clarify how would you, as a vegetarian, consider yourself to be civilised? You would not have posted this amusing and illogical response had you understood my response properly.

    It would be better if you attempt to be straight and clear with your responses rather than keeping them vague like half-cooked brinjals!

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    Killing an animal or our fellow living being is not an uncivilized act? Do you know the law of the Indian act?
    The killing of an animal/pet is illegal and it is an offence being to cruelty on animals as defined under Section 11of The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act. It is a cognizable offense under Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code. The killing of an animal by any method is illegal and is a cognisable offence under Sec 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960, and Sec 428 of the Indian Penal Code. These laws provide for lodging of police complaints and filing of FIRs in such cases

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    Mr. Bhushan, I have a doubt. You have quoted some acts regarding cruelty to animals. Then how come the government is allowing the export of meat and leather?
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    There might be some loopholes in the act that is why they are all happening? or the laws are not strong so they may not withstand in the court? Or they may have some subsidies or reservations in the laws like animals whose age is less than this should not be killed......

    Under the current trade laws of India, the export and import of beef (meat of cow, oxen, and calf) are prohibited. Bone-in meat, carcass, the half carcass of buffalo is also prohibited and are not permitted to be exported. Only the boneless meat of buffalo (carabeef) is permitted for export.

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    What about the poultry farms? The broiler chicken is raised for the very purpose of a food item.
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    There might be some loopholes in the act that is why they are all happening? or the laws are not strong so they may not withstand in the court? Or they may have some subsidies or reservations in the laws like animals whose age is less than this should not be killed......

    The Centre is planning to bring stricter rules under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act to stop cruel practices against egg-laying hens (layers) and broiler chickens.

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    Whatever we eat is God's creation, from the plant to animal. If we dont eat cattles, the cattle strength would over number the human beings. If we don't eat fish, the sea would be full of fishes. Hence, there is no sin committed by the non vegetarians of any religion.
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    Why Muslims don't eat pork I hope reasons are known to you i.e. its consumption is prohibited by definitive verses of the Quran. For Muslims when something is prohibited in Quran it is prohibited. We don't see if there is any scientific reason behind it or not.
    Not only pork is prohibited other animals which have fangs and also those animals which prey and tear other animals etc. are prohibited. Detailed study material is available on many websites for readers who are interested in it.
    I can share several articles or parts thereof but copying and pasting them is not allowed here. You have written that scientific reasons are not to you. It is possible that you might have questioned some local people but they could not satisfy you and you have concluded that there is no scientific research on this issue. Everybody can not answer your questions if you ask me, probably, I will not be able to reply because I am not qualified in this field. You may google to find detailed reply on this topic, Muslim scholars and televangelists can answer you.

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    As many members have already mentioned that having food i.e. veg or non-veg is the choice of an individual and everyone should enjoy it without any botheration from the outer world. We all love food and our taste depends on many factors like our family, culture, residing place, religion, tastes, etc and we all would eat what is good for our body, health and mouth.

    If born in a Muslim or Christian family, they may like having non-veg food but that doesn't mean that they hate vegetarian food. I know a friend who is raised up in a non-vegetarian family, does not eat any type of non-vegetarian food. If born in a Hindu family, many may be pure vegetarian but there are friends who eat non-veg and cannot complete their food without having fish, chicken, etc.

    If we read old Puranas or scriptures, we will find out that even animal slaughter was done in the temple so where does the love for the animal comes or becomes a sin? Nowadays, it has become the thing for religious leaders or politicians to divide us in the name of religion, food, clothing, etc and we fall prey to them very easily.

    Let us just eat what we like and not bother about others when they target us for having something that they don't like or eat. Everyone has their choice and knows what is good for their health and nothing can take that away from them. If we don't bother to such topics, it will subdue and will not bother us than giving them a chance to play the divide and rule policy.

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    #727793, Arafatuzzafar, I did search Google before adding that point to my comment and having gone through many references, I could conclude that Muslims do not eat pork because they are prohibited from doing so by the Holy Quran but the same is due to scientific reasons including the dirty living conditions of the animal and no religious or spiritual reasons are given or available.

    As I have already said, non-veg is also part of the food chain and it is not at all a sin to eat the flesh of animals/ birds that fall in the food-web. And why should anyone be bothered as to what I eat?

    I don't intend to issue any clarification to the response by Bhushan about cruelty to animals because I would have to say a lot which is not required at this stage. Just an advice, please read the provisions of the Act properly instead of being lead by religious superfluousness.

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