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    Corona is in sleeping mode in the Polling states

    The second round of corona-affected cases has crossed over one lakh per day in India. There are partial lockdowns declared by many states in many places due to the increase of corona infections. But in the states where elections are ongoing there are fewer cases of such corona infection. There are lakhs of people gathering in the political meetings and leaders are in a competition mode to show their strength by counting how many people they have brought to gather there. But my question is why there are a few corona cases in those polling states only? Why nobody is talking about lockdown for precaution in these states? Is the coronavirus in sleeping mode there?
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    Kerala is one of the states where elections are being held now. Since the announcement of the election, activists from each party have been going from house to house in squads of 10 to 12 respectively. In order to convey the messages of their candidate, party, and the front. Then the number of squad members increases as the candidate reaches the nomination stage. This is followed by rallies, public meetings and rallies crowded with people. There is no mask, no social distancing, and no sanitizer. And what a problem for Corona. What one gets is handed over to thousands. It is noteworthy that the police escorted these rallies, public meetings, and rallies. But since it is a political event, the police cannot force any action. This is the current police. When they see politicians, they forget their responsibilities. So masks, social distancing, and sanitizers are avoided. Our election process has completed on the 6th of April.
    Anyway, I took the Covishield vaccine today. Those who gave the vaccine asked us to take the booster dose 42 days later. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to prepare our own security from Covid -19. It is not wise to be careless with it.

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    The opportunity to spread the disease will be created by the people themselves. The election campaign in Kerala was scary. As if people have forgotten all about masks and social distancing. All parties are the same. Anyway, Covid must have been very happy. Masks and social distances have not been seen here for some time. Covid did not sleep. Instead, it will take the opportunity to wake up and act. Political parties are not the winner this time. The winner here is Corona. Shortly after the polls, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his family were admitted to hospital having Corona affected. To the former chief minister Oommen Chandy also confirmed the disease. The number of patients will increase significantly in the coming days, the health minister said. Masks, social distance, hand washing, and hygiene all came back into effect. Strict restrictions have been in place since the vote.
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    During the election process, the government officials will be preoccupied with election duties and matters related to that. As there is a deadline those things have to be attended on priority and with speed.
    This may affect the other routine matters. Every other thing is on slow pace and some are kept pending till completion of elections.
    This thus affects the number of tests conducted, the data collection, transmission, study and follow up actions. This would have resulted in less surveillance, less numbers tested and so less number of detected and reported cases. Even the media is also busy about the election time reporting. Suitable response actions will be taken also.

    It is now seen that Corona was not in sleep mode, but people were. In Kerala the present CM as well as former CM are tested positive for Covid19. There can be a surge of cases as the tests and reports become more once the administration and people are back from the election time special and busy engagements.

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    Those states which talked light about corona virus in the first phase are now facing the tune. Kerala which was not following the rules at all during the first phase is now facing unprecedented case as CM Pinari Vijayan and other top leaders of Kerala politics like Ooman chandy were tested positive. Likewise Maharastra was most lethargic during the first face and they are now more affected. And the Delhi which has seen the Jamat people who got positive and then let off were now faced with more positive cases. And where ever the elections are held the cases were in controlled state and the author has rightly mentioned that the Corona is in sleeping mode in the poll bound states. But the PM Modi has already talked to 11 CM's of the country and arrange April 14th as the National Teeka day so that all could be vaccinated.
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    Whether it is election days or normal days, individuals have to take care of their health. Elections may come and go. But if our health is spoiled no one will help us. So we have to take care of our health.
    I read in the newspapers that the present Kerala Chief Minister is tested Corona positive. Like this many people in these states also might have got this problem. But they are not getting tested. Many cases are not even identified.
    In Andhra Pradesh also local elections are going on. Corona cases are also increasing in that state. Yesterday 2500 positive cases were reported. But the media in those states may not be giving much importance to this. They are giving more importance to elections.
    Anyhow it is my sincere suggestion to a common man in all these election-bound states is to follow all the precautions so that we will be away from the virus. No politician will help if we suffer from any illness.

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    Who is insensitive ?- this question has been disturbing me and others also because several groups are involved in this procedure, but first these questions come to mind about this virus- Has coronavirus gone insensitive?
    Political rallies, roadshows are being held in some states without any problem. Administration, election commission, media and other related agencies are happy with this scenario that people are coming in large numbers in these events and apparently, coronavirus is no more sensitive in these states where elections are being held.

    Who is insensitive? Is it people?
    If people are not wearing a mask, local administration is strict against them but in these specific states administration is not strict, perhaps, there is no fear of coronavirus or probably people have lost senses to protect themselves from virus attack.
    Are politicians insensitive?
    No, they can't be insensitive. It is the people who are insensitive. They have given instructions to all people to use a mask and keep physical distancing but what can be said about people that they don't follow the instructions of leaders. It is the crowd that is responsible for spreading the virus.

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    Politicians would take advantage of all the situations however odd it would be. We had seen it happening earlier also and it is not a new thing that we feel so excited about it. As election rallies are of utmost importance for them so they will ignore the rules and regulations prescribed for safety of the people. It is really a very sad and painful thing that the makers of the rules only break them.
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    Through the thread, the author has presented the double behavior of the government in a good way. On one hand, the government is explaining to the public due to Corona's increasing issues and is adopting lockdown. On the other hand, when it comes to elections, all the fear of Corona is removed. A rally is being organized with a large crowd, demonstrations are taking place everywhere then the situation is normal and when a common man is going out of the house then the situation is serious. Everyone should keep the precautions at this time because Corona does not attack by looking at the position or occasion. Even when there are big fairs like Kumbh, the government did not understand the concern of the new wave of Corona and now when the situation has become even more fragile, there is no lack of campaigning.

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    I don't think your assessment about non-bjp ruling states is correct. In Maharashtra and Delhi where several cases were very high during the last phase of the virus and now again cases are on high alert. The main difference between these two states and some other states is that in these two states testing percentage is much higher than most of the other states of the country.

    It sounds you have a misconception about Jamat. It has been clarified even by High Courts that it was wrongly attributed to Jamat.
    Perhaps you don't know the exact location of Markaz - the police station of the Nizamuddin area shares its boundary wall with Markaz and intelligence is always present at such places.
    As per jamat- When the Janata curfew was imposed then there were almost 2500 people in Markaz and out of them1000 were sent back to their respective states overnight. When the lockdown was announced the Markaz informed the local administration about the stranded people and asked the administration to let them go and Markaz itself would arrange to send them back to their homes, Simply, Markaz demanded 'permission letter only but it was not issued by the local administration.

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    I too am convinced by the heading of the post. Though I am not happy with the news it is true that many of having seen that it is also true that the protocol of covid-19 situation is not followed. Here, I may not be right to say that politicians are to be blamed as we all know that they are just bothered about their vote bank and every other thing comes later but for general people, their health and family is their sole responsibility and preference.

    During the election rallies, no rules were followed and it is sad to mention that there were politicians, police, and others who constantly preach to give big talks about following covid-19 protocol and the videos are available for everyone through news channel but even EC kept quit and no action was taken by anyone, be it PM, HM, CM, Collectors, EC, etc.

    We have read or viewed how a man was thrashed by police for not wearing the mask properly but here, everything was ruined but no one bothered. Why should we compromise on our and our families health? After the election, the cases will rise and it will affect the common man but the politicians will get good treatment but what about us? it is our sole responsibility to wear masks, keep social distancing and use sanitizers for our own safety.

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    Giving full freedom to the people during election rallies has made the Govt (both of them state as well as centre) a laughing stock and the social media is making a number of jokes on it and it has exposed all our politicians as how much selfish they are that they could not contain these rallies to bare minimum or even stop them. It has given a very bad message across the country and has become a citable example for all the people who are not happy with these election rallies done in the pandemic time. As regards the religious congregations no such things are to be allowed during this difficult time irrespective of the religion or sect which might be pressing for it. Authorities should deal with this sternly without any fear. Nothing should be allowed which adds in spreading this virus.
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