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    Is Russia getting closer to Pakistan?

    Russia is moving closer to Pakistan, keeping an eye on the US retreating Afghanistan.

    As India-US ties strengthen, Russia is looking to get closer to Pakistan. Political observers believe that this is the first time that the Pak-Russia agreement on arms cooperation has moved in that direction.

    A decade later, a Russian foreign minister visited Pakistan. The joint visit of India and Pakistan is almost half a century old. But diplomats say the S-400 missile deal with Russia, Russia's largest arms dealer, has not changed in recent years. Despite US obstacles, India has decided to go ahead with the deal.

    Pakistan is the most influential country over the Taliban. It is estimated that Russia is moving closer to Pakistan in the belief that it will be forced to make some moves with Pakistan to consolidate its influence in the US-backed Afghanistan. Russia, which has said it will not make any military deals with Pakistan without India's consent, is now ready for arms deals and even military exercises with that country. Cooperation has been reached in other areas as well. With this, Pakistan has become the only country in the world to cooperate militarily and in arms with the world powers, the US, Russia, and China.
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    Russia is interested in Afghanistan. It is also worried about terrorism and drugs flowing into its borders via Central Asia. Russia felt that the presence of the Islamic State in Afghanistan was a threat to regional stability. Hence having good relations with Pakistan has become important to Russia due to its location and influence. Keeping these things in view probably Russia is trying to maintain some relations with Pakistan.
    But still, India and Russia relations are very strong and can't be compared with the relation between Pakistan and Russia. Anyhow it is a concern to India. The Indo US relations are causing worry to Russia and they are trying to show their displeasure in this way. I feel. Top diplomatic people in the deciding force should take appropriate actions as and when required.

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    Once upon a time USSR was the best partner of India and after that disintegrated, and become Russia, we moved towards the US and in the recent past India is in the good books of US adminsitration. Who ever be the leader at US, they are having close relations with India. And India having taken firm stance against the China in the recent past, Russia got annoyed and even arranged peace meets in Moscow. Now Russia feels that India is out of its hands and moving towards greater cooperation with Australia, France, US and Japan and thus it picked Pakistan to be its partner to supply arms etc.
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    Every country have their own self interest with regard to business and territorial claims. So the idea of friend and enemy undergoes change. Our country also should be aware and alert to the situations and always keep our nation's and people's interest as priority. The relationship with other countries to be viewed only in that angle.
    Russia can be our friend even with their relationship with Pakistan as far as that does not come against our interest and also if Russia can play a leverage role in controlling Pakistan not to act against India.

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    Lately, Russian foreign minister visited Pakistan. As per the report of the Dawn, both counterparts discussed:
    - Biletral trade and commerce
    - joint Military exercise
    - restoration of peace in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is the only country where three superpowers of their time were entangled and suffered a huge loss without any gain. U.S., U.S.S.R. and Great Britain. Earlier in 1980s when Russian army entered Afghanistan and toppled the then government and enthroned their puppet, Babrak karmal. Due to cold war between Moscow and Washington, U.S. in collaboration with Pakistan helped Afghanistan freedom fighters with military training, weapons and money to destroy Moscow's might and eventually, Taliban came and expelled Russian army and hanged puppet rulers.
    Now , US army has gained nothing except waste of money and humiliation as they could not defeat Taliban. U.S. had to sign a peace treaty with Taliban and accepted that Takiban is insurgents -NOT Terrorists.
    Now, the US army is going back and Russia wants to fill this gap with the help of Pakistan.

    This is not good for India because Moscow and Delhi have been good friends for several decades. Russia always supported India but now Moscow is realising that Delhi has more interest in Washington than Moscow. Could it be another reason that Moscow is tilting towards Islamabad.?
    I think we should improve our ties with Russia because history is witness that whenever India -Pakistan involved in war then the US always helped Pakistan and Russia helped India.

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    When they want to sell their arms and ammunitions to other countries then they become good friends. There are political considerations also. Wherever US will try to poke its nose Russia will silently follow and try to destabilise its presence. We had seen it happening in Syria.
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