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    Should parents make property for their children or make them capable of making their own property

    I have seen many parents were the parents are very keen on making multiple properties which will be inherited by their children. Most of them will have a own house or 2 or 3 extra for investment purpose but then there are many who like to only invest only in property and have multiple assets. When asked, they say why should our children suffer, let them sit and enjoy. Nothing should be less for them. I agree, this is the love of parents that they want their children to be happy. But I feel this over whelming love will spoil the kids also. I have seen an example in 2 of our distant relative were they have property in multiple locations and when they get any profit in their business that is invested in property only. They don't even spend on any other thing that makes their family happy and their children have no attitude to work. They say, we have crores together and I can enjoy sitting at home for rest of the life.
    I feel, parents should stop investing money and should enjoy their life also and do things that they are interested in or take a tour around the world. Why to make property and make children lazy. Instead, make your children capable of making property on their own as they wish.
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    It is the responsibility of the parents to see that their children will be capable of living their lives on their own. We should teach our children good manners. We should see that they will get the education whatever they want. Once that is done, as a parent, we should say that we did our job properly. Once they attain education and maturity they know how to live and how to earn.
    There is no necessity that parents should give them assets and see that they can spend their whole life lazily without doing any work. What happens to their children. Are they not supposed to fulfil their responsibility towards their children.
    I understand in many countries the tax on the inherited property by the children from their parents is very high. I heard that in many foreign countries, after attaining 18 years the children should not depend on their parents for their living. Spoon feeding the children will make good for the children. They will become inefficient and will never understand the value of money.

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    In many advanced countries parents do not encourage the children to depend upon them and facilitate them to go out and search some job. The children also in turn understand the traditions there and sometimes pursue their higher education along with doing a job. Only difference is because their population is less and there is a demand of labour so these students get some livelihood easily and comfortably. Unfortunately, in our country the environment is not so conducive for asking the children to go out and learn the intricacies of earning. We support our children practically till they do not get a job. We should actually try to inculcate some working attitude in their mind so that they learn the dignity of work and that is also a learning path for them.
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    @umesh, I agree in advanced countries children are encouraged to work and due to less population they getting a work is easy. But I have also seen that in advanced countries, people do not hesitate to take up any work. They are willing to serve in restaurants, ready to work is petrol bunks or any other work to support themselves. But in India, everything is attached to status and hence people do not want to take up any work easily.

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    Which parents don't want to see their children living happily. This is why all. parents raise their children with all comforts and give them good education and try their best to fulfil their desires. Parents buy more and more property and accumulate wealth for their children and after death of their parents their children enjoy their lives but it is also a reality when they become parents they also try to give all comforts to their children too. This is a chain and cycle of social values and social bonds that is inherited from generation to generation.
    The author has given some suggestions, some people may agree with her but I think the parents should make life more comfortable for their issues. When they will face realities of world they will tackle and solve them according to their abilities. They will experience the positive and negative aspect of people and they will learn themselves how to live in this world.

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    Very nice post from the author and my response would be from the different perspective. For every Indian parents their children are dear and great and they do not compromise anything from the childhood nurturing to the elder stage and always got them the best. By virtue of this bonding the parents think that some formidable asset should be at the disposal of the child so that they should not face trouble for staying and in the advent of finance requirement the property can be pledged or sold for the settlement. Only with this back drop both the parents strive for the good living conditions, best education and a home for the child besides getting him or her married to the good life partner and this way our parents show gratitude to the child even after he or she became independent to earn and lead the life.
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    In our society, it is the responsibility of the parents to support their children until they settle in life. Even after that, the parents will be helping them whenever their assistance is required. We expect our children to look after us in our old age. Whatever the parents earn and save is left to the children. The parents need not necessarily save for the children but whatever they earn and save goes to the children. There is no point in comparing with western countries. There, the children, after completing their schooling, try to live independently and lead their life. They do not take as much care of their parents as we do in our country.
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    If one has enough money, then it can be invested in many ways. They can spend it to purchase properties and can also spend a huge sum on the education of their children. It is considered in our country that a good education is a way to increase the capability of earning and hence the focus is more on providing good education. The problem starts where there is over-indulgence. If parents do everything to make their children comfortable then children may take it for granted and can become lazy. Here proper guidance is essential. Everybody wish to lead a comfortable life but comfort doesn't necessarily mean one has to be lazy.

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    It is the responsibility of the parents to provide education in the lines where their children passion apart from right training in the beginning which path is correct or otherwise. Let the children then decide in what way they should move. If there is excess accumulation of wealth from the parental side, it will be definitely be inherited by the children. However, the fate of that property is not certain. If they sit and would like to enjoy life doing nothing, there could be chances of erosion of the properties due to ill advice of their surroundings. On the other hand, we have seen children making their own ways in life and have accumulated wealth on their own with dedicated efforts. The parents should not be over worried on this point other than ensuring a correct training initially to their children and a good education suiting to their attitudes and the rest they can do theirselves.

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    @Sushma, yes it is a fact that we are very much conscious of our status and most of us will avoid doing menial jobs until unless it becomes a compulsion of high order. I know one person who was an ordinary office assistant in the ministry but if someone knocked at his door he used to change his home dress and put on a good shirt and trousers and till that time some other family person had to bring the guest in and when that fellow is asking some help and favour from this ordinary assistant then this fellow would gesture as if he is an IAS officer. So most of the times we do a lot of show off and in that condition if our children get a cleaning job and are appointed as 'Swachchata Doot' by the local Municipality for brooming the streets and cleaning the parks we will not be able to digest it and will advise him not to join that job as we have sufficient money to feed our children for at least a few years till they get a white collar job. I think it is not only in India but in many developing or underdeveloped countries this type of inhibition would be there.
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