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    Do our mind changes with the influence of others

    Though we are educated, talented, know the pros and cons of any action taken and we use our thinking abilities through personal experience or seeking help from others but invariably we change our mind when the changes are sure to be made and we automatically go for the wider acceptance of the issue and thus come under the influence of others. Are we not giving away our decision making process to others ? Are we stopping ourselves to further explore and get a more acceptable solutions on our own ? Please share your reactions.
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    The author is able to generate new thoughts or even old ideas in suitably modified situations and this one takes our notice because it is related to various beliefs and convictions of the people. There are many people who have firm and strong convictions and beliefs in their lives and they are not affected much by the external suggestions or advices made by other people. But at the same time there are some who always dwell in doldrums and cannot take their own decisions and want some excuse so that if failure is there then they can blame the advisors. These people like all sort of advisor the invited ones or even the unsolicited ones to help them indirectly in that way. Naturally when you are not firm in yourself and asking others then you will be influenced highly by the outside ideas and your decision will be affected or decided by those supplies. I remember that the daughter of one of my relatives wanted to marry with his boyfriend on the valentine day but the parent did not agree because as per the priest there was no Shubh Muhurtam on that day. The boy and girl were very much adamant and then finally parents gave in. In fact the children gave so many logics and rational statements that the elders started to cut a sorry figure.
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    Influential personalities influence our mind and there is nothing wrong with it. We don't know how many people are impressed by us on the internet. How many people are following us and they corroborate what we say? It happens with everyone in real life. We are impressed by some people because of their qualities - their behaviour, knowledge, social status, ideology etc. We follow their footsteps and even decide our future activities. It happens when we are too impressed by them. But I think we should not lose our identity in their presence. Our thoughts and views, our hobbies, course of action should not be affected.

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    Some sound and successful personalities influence people directly or indirectly while observing different stages of a successful person. It is quite natural that people are influenced by great personalities and try to copy successful people to become like them. And there is nothing wrong with following a great personality who is successful in life. He will inspire others to do good and be successful.
    But every successful person can't be a role model and following blindly to people is also problematic. Many people look successful but are involved in illegal activities. So we should follow a person who is not only successful but also morally strong and honest. Earning money alone can't be called a successful person, do consider the moral obligation of a successful person and there is nothing wrong in getting influenced by a person who is legally and morally strong.

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    It is indeed true that we do get influenced by people's opinions. However what needs to be kept in mind that we would only change our opinion or thoughts because of others if we think that their ideas are better and more acceptable than ours. The significance of our thoughts also play a huge role, if our thoughts are not a part of core thought then they are more likely to be influenced by others but if it is our core thought that builds our thought process then it will be much harder to get influenced. As of my opinion about this would be that taking influence in never a bad option however one has to be very careful while taking opinion and be self evaluating to them and alter them according to their own ideas and thoughts.
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    The saying and suggestions may influence or may not influence one's mind. That again depends on the mindset of the individual. You have a task on hand. It is your responsibility to complete that work. So you make a plan. In making the plan you may take the help of other people or discuss with all concerned and then you will decide on the plan. If it is purely your personal issue, you may decide the plan basing on the knowledge you have. In such case, if necessary you can take the suggestions from others. But the final call should be yours. It is your problem. The outcome will have more say on you. So whether to go by others ideas or not is to be decided by the individual only. One should have a strong mind and should not get influenced by others easily and get into problems. Give due thinking before going by somebody else's suggestions. Never get easily influenced.
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    When we are saying others' influence it means it has already affected us in some way. If others influence us then of course the mind will change but if we are not influenced our minds will not change. We remain influenced in various ways. If one of our favourite persons advocate something many times we start taking action accordingly without thinking about it. There is a tendency among a lot of people to follow others, maybe it is our nature to follow and copy others. We do not copy everything, we copy those things that we like. Application of mind and concentration is always required to remain uninfluenced.

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    A nice thread has been posted by the author. I think when a person makes a decision, there are many factors that affect his / her mood, and these bring us into the realm of doubt about our decisions. These factors also depend on our family customs, our thinking, our good bad experiences, and the thinking of the people around us. Some people are such from the instinct that they take their decisions only by influencing others, such people have more influence on how the response of their decision will be in the minds of others. When a decision is taken by anyone in any situation, definitely there would be an outcome is expected naturally and in such a situation the response of others becomes a very big factor. It is the job of a person to decide how much importance he should give from the factors related to his decisions.

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