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    Be fearless, not careless.

    Fear can be of anything, of losing something, being punished by making a mistake, of death, going away from someone special, suffering from any disease or any ghost or god. We are always explained by elders that we become weak due to fear and thus negativity dominates us, so we should live this life fearlessly. But some people associate the meaning of fearlessness with carelessness. For example, if a person is riding a bike at a high speed because he is fearless that there will be no accident with him, then it will be considered reckless rather than fearless. The real relationship of fearlessness is with caution, when a person does all his life's actions carefully, then he can assure himself that he no longer needs to be afraid. These days, such careless people who are declaring themselves fearless and roaming outside without masks, such people should clear their misconceptions, as they will be counted in the category of negligence only not fearless.
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    Being fearless and being careless both are different traits. If someone is fearless, it means that he does not run from facing any danger and faces it boldly and bravely. But it does not mean that he should rush towards any danger and he should call any danger to come before him.
    I think this issue from a different perspective which I want to substantiate with the example of Saddam Hussain, late President of Iraq. When he was about to be hanged. His pulse and heartbeat were normal even he did not allow to cover his face. Everybody was surprised by his bravery. It is a universal fact when a person is killed or executed his heartbeat are changed and it is normal but his heartbeats were normal. American doctors and scientists and politicians were surprised.
    Facing danger or more precisely - facing death is the most difficult moment for a person.

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    A good suggestion from the author. We should not have fear. We should be bold enough to face the problems that are coming to us in our way. We should not run away from a problem with fear. How many times we can run. If not today. tomorrow we have to face the music. So let us face the problem without fear but we should address the problem with all due care.
    When we have to solve a problem, we should understand the problem correctly. Then we should have a plan to solve the same. While planning and executing we should be careful and we should think of all the angles of the problem and then make a correct. Here we should be careful. Any small issue also we should not leave thinking that nothing will happen. This attitude of nothing will happen will lead us into problems. So a good understanding of the issue is required to make a plan which will definite;y work as planned.

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    Nice advise from the author. By being fearless, we should inculcate self confidence within us and try to accept what ever challenges that may come on the way. And we learn courage and experience with every single stop over and thus become more refined in the life to tackle any moment. Only yesterday I was watching a video of two atheletes who lost their both legs and on the wheel chair and yet trying to do the athletic feets much to the surprise of all and their self confidence has mattered a lot. By seeing them others also gets inspired. The other day I came a video where in a man lost both his hands and try doing the drawing with his legs and that is so perfect and adorable. So having the hands and the legs does not get us the required courage to do something different and those who lost it know the value of the same and does the work with finness.
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    Character traits such as fearlessness, carelessness, foolishness, and stupidity are often used in the writings, without understanding the difference. As the author points out, good personalities strive to be attentive, to recognize things, and thus to be fearless.
    The bike riding mentioned in the author's post is not pointing the finger to the fearlessness but pointing the stupidity/foolishness. No one with the right intellect will ride a bike at high speed on the road. Similarly, one does not stand in front of a drunken elephant without fear.
    We can be bold. It requires a clear mind to follow the laws of the land, the ability to understand things, the mind to think and act, and the ability to take on problems.

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    In the case of fear, it is not negative, but a natural sensation because we all have a fear of encountering unknown things initially. It declined as we progressed to greater understanding. For example, presenting something on stage for the first time in front of an audience. We are scared about a lot of things at that time because we have no experience before. As we become familiar with it, our fear and inhibition decrease.

    Carelessness simply indicates that the person needs to gain more knowledge and experience in their life. This suggests that careless people are less concerned about the consequences.

    While fearlessness is an essential quality of a person, in which the person is facing aspects with courage and intelligence, but not blindly. Fearlessness does not mean that one should work without any caution but it refers that one should be prepared for situations and face them with bravery and courage. Fear functions as an alert component in fearlessness so fear exist in fearlessness but in a favorable way.


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    It's correct, but unfortunately, how many really care? Those who are careless never care for anything and carry on with their activities in their own ways. Carelessness is associated with a feeling that whatever the person is doing is correct. Dealing with those persons is always difficult. Unless the person realizes, it will not be possible to change such persons. I think the attitude of carelessness develops during childhood and parents and society have some role to play here. When somebody is careless, the associates should try to change the attitude of the person but if it is not done at the correct time it continues. On the other hand, fearlessness is a great quality that we all wish to possess but not many can be absolutely fearless. A lot of people remain worried and the reason for this worry is some kind of fear, though with realization and understanding of various aspects of our lives can help to reduce such fears to a great extent.

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    Two days ago three young boys were riding on a bike and one of them was taking selfies and they rammed into an electricity pole, one of them died on the spot and two are others are in critical condition. Were they fearless or careless? They were both - careless as well as fearless. They were fearless because they playing a game with death or challenging it without any fear. They were careless about what their real life is. This young generation is running after social media. How to snap new video and photograph in different posture and stance. They are crazy for something unique presentation. Where this generation is to?
    I watched a video on WhatsApp in which a young boy was shot falling from the running train and the young man who was shooting this video was standing by him and the poor young man gave his hand to grasp him from falling but this stupid young man kept on shooting and didn't save his life.
    This carelessness is abominable and reprehensible.

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    A fearless person is a bold person. He has no inhibitions and he will take up the job and mitigate challenges without any premonitions. When we have some fear in our mind then many times we hesitate to do something and many times miss the opportunities also. Fear is sometimes the root cause of our indecisiveness and inability to attempt for the task. Having such fears in our mind or lives is a negative attribute and it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible. On the other hand carelessness is a voluntarily indiscipline act which a person takes because he thinks that either no one can catch him doing that or he does it in some frustration. Carelessness is also an unwanted and undesired trait and people who have it are a threat not only for themselves but the whole society.
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    A good thought by the author. Fear is such a thing that even the most knowledgeable and intelligent person may think twice before attempting a task or job because the fear would have gripped him so much in its tangle that he does not have courage to move ahead with the intended plan or project. So many people lose opportunity in their lives just because they have some hidden fear.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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