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    Dates of CBSC 10th and 12th board examinations and students' deliema.

    These days, due to other educational institutions and examinations, the situation is quite worrisome. There is a disputed situation due to the examinations of the CBSC Board. While some students are protesting whether to postpone or offline the examinations. On the other hand, some other students are also wishing that the examination be taken on the scheduled date. Parents also have different opinions on this matter. But the problem is that due to these circumstances, the students are less inclined towards studies and they are unable to understand whether the exam will be held or not. It is also true that the examination has to be done at some time or the other, so students should prepare their preparation accordingly, but due to a state of confusion in their mind, it is also natural to decrease concentration.
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    Coronavirus second surge is spreading quite rapidly and situation is getting grim for students and other children and in this situation cbse is planning to conduct examinations. I don't think it is an intelligent decision to expose children to virus. Education, examination, sports are secondary things, first thing is to survive under these circumstances.

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    This pandemic and its after effect is surely bothering the eductional sector and no state is able to take the firm decision on whether to hold the class, hold the exam or postpone it. If the decision to pass all the students to higher class would set in bad precedent as in future also student would be demanding same sort of passing out. Last year TS govt has allowed 10th class and Intermediate to pass with last exam percentage as the criteria and thus there was the smooth pass over with out any demand from less studied students. Same way the states can manage this academic year and do no waste the students year.
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    This pandemic situation has created utter confusion within the minds of the aspirants appearing for the examinations for class ten and twelve. This may be due to the fact their preparations for the examinations has not been satisfactory thinking that the dates fixed for it may be revised later. If such an option is not materialised, they are not to get expected marks. Even on line classes did not provide them the scope of resolving their doubts essential to have firm basics of such chapters not clear to them. The online class did not serve their purpose of clarification of doubts. The other point is we are passing through an uncertain stage when we cannot predict the time of the end of corona.

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    The author is very correct. Confusion and uncertainty will make the person unfocused. That will result in poor performance.
    A student will have a plan of study. He will keep the date of completion of subject revision based on the examination date. But when they don't have the date, they will not be able to freeze the plan. This will make them confused and they can't concentrate on their studies.
    I faced such a problem in my degree first year. Those days separate Andhra agitation was going on. The examination time was coming but the agitation was still in progress. Some students were told that we will not attend the examinations. A lot of uncertainty prevailed. Examinations held very late and many students did not attend the examinations.

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    It is very sad for students and parents of the CBSE and ICSE 10th & 12th std. students, as they have been getting dates and then getting postponed due to pandemic situations. We know that a child can keep his focus but when the dates keeps on changing and the other questions like the exams will be conducted or no, it will be offline or online, etc take their focus away. A child when is trying his/her best to score good marks in this board exams, the postponement of exams surely matters a lot. They have been preparing for the exams for a year and when such uncertainty comes up, it hurts them a lot and may even affect their studies, health, and mental being. The board and the government should come to terms and fix what is best for everyone i.e. student's health, control the covid situation in the country, and even keep the future of students safe. It is time they sit together and come up with a final proposal or announcement so that the students and their parents along with schools and teachers get to know the situation and manage them well.
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