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    Characteristics of a student as told in moral stories

    A student approached his Guru and asked about the characteristics of a student.
    Guru replied,"A student should be as a crane, hen, Salt and as you"
    Student asked Guru to explain the meaning inherited in this
    Guru told,
    "A crane waits for a long time but once it found fishes immediately catch them fast. Similarly a student should avail immediately when a chance reaches him without waiting further and succeed"

    "A hen usually kindle the rubbish but pick only its food like warms etc., Similar to that a student should pick up the good things by setting aside bad things when they faces the things."

    "Salt is become essential to a good taste, is not visible once mixed with the food but we can feel the taste. Similarly a student should bright him/herself by showing their specialties in the manner that their names should come out even after their death.

    "Lastly I told a student should be like you, which means a student should ask all his doubts and get cleared through the teacher without any hesitation."
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    An excellent story by the author. A student should have patience and always on the lookout for chances around. Once a chance comes he should not leave the chance. But if the student is not on the lookout, he may lose chances.
    Many students hesitate to ask doubts in the class when the teacher is teaching something. They think that other students may make fun of him. But if he is not asking that doubt then and there itself, he can't follow the lesson correctly. So a student should get all his doubts clarified and he should not hesitate.

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    Moral teachings for students are good in the story mentioned in this thread. A student should be eager for getting more and more knowledge. He should not hesitate to ask questions and put his query before his teachers. It is also the responsibility of a teacher to encourage his students in case they don't understand what is taught to them in the class they should ask again to their teacher. Sometimes, because of the rude behaviour of a teacher students hesitate to ask their questions.

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