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    Can Mamata become the Prime Minister of India by defeating the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections

    After the Bengal elections, Mamata Banerjee is going to focus more on national politics. Mamata Banerjee plans to form an anti-BJP front. Which political parties can join with the anti-BJP front that Mamata will form?. The Left does not seem to join with Mamta anyway. If Congress joins with Mamata, will she agree to give the PM's post to Rahul Gandhi?. Mamata Banerjee is expected to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections against Modi in Varanasi. Can Mamata Banerjee defeat the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and become Prime Minister of India?
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    Well people are having the wish to change the PM of India by next elections and who can stop it if there was unanimous out cry for the change. But what I feel that there must be formidable opposition leader who must match with the present PM Modi. By the way just because she is the CM of WB, Mamta does not have the national and International exposure to represent India and she was not connected to Indian leaders of various parties. And this is not the joke that the PM chair is up for the grab. If Modi was made from CM to PM , he has shown the performance in Gujarat and there was mass acceptance. Let Didi win the WB elections and surely she would be chased and asked to lead the nation by united opposition and that time the luck may favor her to outsmart the formidable BJP wave across the country.
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    Anything is possible. No one thought Deva Gowda will become the Prime Minister. But he became. Like that, for all these leaders there are chances to get elected to any position. Nothing can be ruled out. Alone Mamata can't fight the election of all other states. She has to form a front with like-minded parties. When there are another 3 or 4 parties are involved, chiefs of all parties want to become PM. There only problem starts.
    If she wins only a few seats in WB and based on those few seats if she wanted PM post other parties may not be ready. All anti-BJP parties can become united and fight. But sharing of power will become a big issue. The government will become unstable and it may collapse very easily. This we have seen earlier also.
    So a stable government is required in the centre. Frequently having an election is a time and money consuming affair and we should not encourage it.

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    By the way we want a statesman, acceptable, amicable and over all a towering personaility because India is not accountable to our people but also the depending countries but I do not see any formidable traits in her and therefore big no from me.
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    India is changing and the stunt of local political parties will not work in the national level politics. TMC led by Mamata Banerjee had a huge back-up by Muslims but since long they are confused for whom to vote because AIMIM among others are also creating a major attraction for them resulting in sharing of votes.

    I am wondering how come still the people can even think of RaGa for the PM post. But I agree that even Mamata Banerjee has good credentials against to RaGa but she made not a good impression on getting irritated after raising slogan for Sri Ram and BJP will run this million of times to get the favor of voters. So for Mamata Banerjee too this would not be possible.

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    In a democracy, any eligible person can become the Prime Minister. In the event of a combined opposition becoming successful, the chances are more for the leader of the largest party(leader of the party which wins more seats) in the combined opposition is likely to become the Prime Minister. As things stand today, Rahul Gandhi or Mamata Banerjee are the most likely candidates.
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    West Bengal election has been changed into the fight between Mamta vs Modi and their respective prestige is at stake. If Mamta wins this election, the downfall of the PM is inevitable. It is alleged by Mamta that the election commission is working under pressure. Central forces deployed are working at the behest of the centre etc. These allegations may be true or maybe false but this west Bengal election will change the political scenario. But I doubt if PM can be defeated by CM.
    The author is foreseeing Mamta as the next PM. Of course, she deserves to be PM. She has been a cabinet minister in central government in past and now she has been CM of her state for the last two tenures. She has invited all political parties to be united against the present central government. It will not be easy to unite leaders of all opposition parties who themselves are not able to unite their respective parties. Wait till the result comes on 2nd May.

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    There has always been extreme stagnation in democracy or Indian politics, so it is difficult to say which party will join which party and who will emerge as a ruling party during the next Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, it is difficult to say whether or not Rahul will be elected to the post of Prime Minister by Mamta. But it is completely true that even if the people themselves are seeking that the Prime Minister of the country should be changed in the next election, for this, a person with a strong personality will have to be opposite to Mr. Modi.

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    Only Yesterday I came across the interview by AIMIM party Chief Owaisi who questioned the leadership of Mamta and he alleged that she has not done anything for the Muslims and yet act to be their mentor and thus it is now proved that Mamta is no more having the Muslims back up as she has been now then caught swaping between the Hindus and the Muslims and thus vexed with her indefinate posture, she may not get votes even for the next term as the CM of WB. When she is pitched as the future PM , will Sharad Pawar and other seniors of the nation would keep quiet ?
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    If congress continues to be at a low profile and other regional parties cooperate then this guess can very well become a reality in the coming times. BJP is doing good work if we see their performance relatively with the earlier regimes but there are always the opposition forces which may be in the nature of anti-establishment or even anti national activities which will always do their best efforts to topple the present Govt and take advantage in getting positions to mint money for next 5 years. So, every thing is possible in the politics and the author's guess could become a reality also.
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    Owaisi is saying this because he is fearing that Mamta may get Muslim votes, this is why he raised a question about what she has done for Muslims.
    I think his party has no chance to win elections there . Muslims in west Bengal know that their division of vote will benefit bjp. I have been following west Bengal coverage from ground zero on social media platforms, in coming phases TMC has better chances to win state once again.

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    There is no need to conduct elections in India there is a trend and Election history in states and that will follow forever and there is no need to wait for the results.TMC in Bengal will win the elections, DMK will win in Tamil Nadu these are the two major states which are happening state elections. Come on the results day mark my words if it is false I will not again comment on ISC. And my big guess is Modi will not become the next pm of this country maybe a third front there ends the matter. Because 2004 and 2009 Congress came into power and 2014 and 2019 BJP came to power and the next time it will be a third front or any form. Nobody will get an absolute majority...
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    No..No..No.. Dreams have a limit. Mamata the leader of TMC which is a state party cannot have a PM even if they stand upside down. BJP is a national party while TMC is not. Congress leaders won't have alliance with TMC and they won't support Mamta Didi. Let us not dream for such things.
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    #727764 if Cloth is a congress in that a thread is TMC similarly Sarad Pawar NCP is also a thread in Congress cloth flag... So it's absolutely Absurd the congress and TMC will not be an alliance... They divided from Congress and again alliance with Congress except for YCP because Sonia Gandhi sent behind the bars of YSRCP supremo... we may not know in the future... There is no enemy or there is no friend forever in politics for that a fine example is Shivasena and Congress alliance...
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    To be frank, the possibility of Mamata Banerjee becoming the next PM cannot be ruled out totally. A united third front led by the Congress may project her as their PM candidate in the next LokSabha election. It is her attitude that makes her a perfect challenge to Shri Modi or Amit Shah. Their traits are quite similar. Since the centre has almost become something like Modi and Shah Pvt Ltd, the probable opposition alliance will opt for someone who is equally fiery and unconcerned. Though there are other leaders who are capable and may become better PMs, Mamata may be chosen due to the manner in which she has been handling the BJP in West Bengal.
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    I will contradict #727783 comments Mamta Benerjee will be the PM of this Country. If you want to be a PM of this country Hindi fluency is a must even Bengali is very close to Hindi but Mamta Benerjee is not a fluent speaker in Hindi. Even Pranab also told that lack of fluency Hindi hasn't pick PM of this Country by Sonia Gandhi. I think again Modi can be chosen as the next PM of this country(there is no other choice for Hindi belt voters). If Bihar, UP, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra voters are in favor of the BJP it is just enough to get Majority or close to Majority in Parliament. (40+80+25+29+48) = 222 seats if you get HERE and THERE 4-5 seats in other states it's enough...Karnataka only one South state is ready to give more than 4-5 seats for BJP.
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    Gandhi family will never allow someone to become PM. They consider that PMs post is their family post. So, our dear Mamta Didi cannot dream of sitting on the PMs chair as long as Gandhi family is the head of Congress and others are thread congress which can wear out and fall off.

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    Manmohan sing and PV Narsimharao is not a Gandhi family they are outsiders become PM. Both are fluent speakers of Hindi...
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    SuN is right. If Congress wants to join this group, it will have to offer Rahul Gandhi the post of Prime Minister.

    When Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, he was just a dummy. The entire regime was in the hands of Sonia Gandhi.

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    #727805 Whatever it is and Now the present Congress situation is just not to give BJP another term if they gave that chance even Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will not win the elections. There is no opposition at the Center these regional parties have to combine and need to form a Front on the center and must support by congress (there is no other option).
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    By the way Mamta has disregarded Rahul Gandhi leadership during the last election itself stating that he lacks maturity in politics and that ends the matter.
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    ManMohanSingh took over as PM because Dr. Subramanyaswamy poked in and stopped Sonia becoming PM and Rahul was not fit enough to hold the post. When PV Narasimharao took over the post, Sonia was a new worried widow not fit enough for politics and Rahul was a young boy. Now both mother and son are aged, but the party has become very weak and thin. Yet they won't allow anyone to sit on the PM's chair.

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    To all those who say that the PM post would not be surrendered by the Gandhi family, let me say that the same was never forced upon the party by the Gandhi family but was actually enforced on them by the Congress workers and other party leaders having similar thoughts. The grand public following they enjoyed, the adoration of the members of the Gandhi family by the common man and their closeness to the general public is what gave them that special status. Let us not neglect the personal touch that Rahul or Priyanka or even Sonia gives to the public during their interactions and the way they closely mingle with the general public, despite being under strict security, is something which we can't get to see among any other leaders. So, let us not question their acceptance as leaders close to the common man.

    Yes, as leaders of the party, they might have faced certain drawbacks but that is not something that cannot be corrected. Post Rajiv Gandhi, there has been a considerable change in the approach of the Gandhis towards the party and also of the other senior leaders towards the Gandhi family. They are no longer longing to be in the leading seat but they are left with little choice when the others are not ready to take the lead. Therefore, to say that Mamta may not be agreed upon as the PM candidate of a united third-front may, in all possibility, become an unrealised dream for some.

    If the BJP (in its different forms) could wait for almost 60 years to grab the power at the centre, the Congress, I feel, can very well wait for the appropriate moment and get back to power without waiting so long because the tactical and cynical approaches by Modi and team are not going to stay in the minds of the people for long. Their game in the name of religion will not have many takers in the long run because they are failing as administrators, internally and externally. The third front with strong leaders from different regions leading from the front is no longer a mirage!

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    What happened in Maharastra? Udhav Thackery gets supported by Congress and NCP? Who is Udhav Thackery what is his ideology? A staunch supporter of Hinduism? What is Congress Ideology? A secular-based. In 9th Loksabha where INC is supported the Third front.

    Chandra Shekhar became Prime Minister from 10 November 1990 till 21 June 1991 with outside support from Indian National Congress under Rajiv Gandhi.

    With the approval of the Congress and CPI(M), the sitting Chief Minister of Karnataka, H. D. Deve Gowda, was asked to head the coalition as Prime Minister after V. P. Singh and Jyoti Basu declined. His term was from June 1, 1996 - April 21, 1997.

    11th Lok Sabha

    The Congress revoked its support to Gowda amidst discontent over communication between the coalition and the Congress. It compromised to support a new government under I. K. Gujral, who was Prime Minister from April 21, 1997 - March 19, 1998. Following the collapse of his government, fresh elections were called, and the United Front lost power.

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    Now the thread has been derailed. Will Gandhi family retain congress top brass position in party in future or will it pass to non-congress leaders, it can't be said but if Mamta wins elections and becomes CM for next tenure. It will be the biggest setback to PM and his party. Concerning united group of all opposition parties I think Sharad Pawar will play a vital role in bringing all opposition parties together.

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    #727927 Don't worry who is our next Prime Minister As states have a trend Centre also has a trend where two terms Vajpayee ruled the Nation and again after that two terms Manmohan ruled the Nation now time for the third front either supported by BJP or by Congress. But I want to know who are the candidates for the PM post are Sharad Pawar, Mamta Benerjee, and from South Chandra Babu and KCR.

    Will these third front form a stable government? The question from the people is no.
    Can Congress have a comeback? from 48 seats to 200 mark not possible

    see the trend

    Seventh January 1980 Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi
    Eighth December 1984 Rajiv Gandhi

    Third front
    Ninth December 1989 V. P. Singh and Chandra Shekhar

    Tenth June 1991 P. V. Narasimha Rao

    Eleventh (Atal Bihari Vajpayee, H. D. Deve Gowda, and I. K. Gujral)

    twelfth and 13
    Twelfth March 1998 Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    thirteenth Vajpayee

    14 and 15 Manmohan Singh

    16 and 17 Narendra Modi

    So it should be the Congress or the Third front.

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    A regime change is most necessary.
    Sharad Pawar is waiting to go to BJP if given a chance. Then how to become the leader of the Third Front. Mamata is good enough to lead the Third Front. I do not think Rahul Gandhi can save India from the BJP in the near future.

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    I think if all these if and buts kept aside Modi may become the next prime minister(with external forces and a drama...) because there will be no other projected person North of India. And if they selected the third front the Government will not be stable. Even a defeat in these Assembly elections Modi will retain PM post and it will be last...
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    Modi would be a special guy to complete PM's post for three terms consecutively. Number 18 would go in favour of Mr. Modi. Wait and watch.
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    #727954 It also signals some thing will happens to this nation. Let's see...
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    It is too early to say something about what is going to happen in near future but one thing is expected if Mamat retains west Bengal some new political developments will emerge. But it is very hard for mamta to win this elections because new situation is coming up everyday in a new form. Role of Election commission is clouded with doubts as different analysts are explaining each new development. Hopefully, this elections will create new dimensions for PM as well as CM.

    If Mamta wins she will lead all opposition parties and if she loses then she will fall below several other opposition leaders. I think then Arvind Kejriwal will have better chances to come up.
    I am keeping congress aside right now.

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