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    Be friends for ever to live meaningful

    During this second covid period, when the relatives were indifferent and not even in talking terms , it is the strangers and friends who are coming to the rescue of helping each other and keeping in touch with for any requirement. The fear of virus spread may be keeping those away from many. Even those who were close relative either too, have now distanced themselves and they are only in contact through whatsapp phone or chat. Such is the state of behaviors and between the children it is still worst as they are prevented to go out and play.
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    The author has depicted a negative picture of his society where he lives. How cruel they are that they have severed their ties with their relatives. Worse allegation on them is that they have stopped their children too to play with other children. Are his relative so much scared of coronavirus?
    In this situation when people who have been stranded, as the author writes, their relatives aren't coming to help them, instead strangers are coming to these needy people. I think that the author lives in a city where curfew has been clamped for several days. But this thing I could not understand when the situation is worst then how these strangers are coming to help these needy people. How they are allowed roam in city by local administration.

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    The content was to highlight as to how the covid has changed the relations.
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    COVID is a contagious disease. It will spread from one to another. So all the doctors are advising to maintain the distance. This good for all. If somebody is coming to our we also have the doubt whether he is infected. So some people may have the fear.
    We should not blame anybody for that. if a person is tested positive even his wife and children should not mere him. When a starter comes we don't know what is his health condition. So maintaining distance is safe for both.
    People say when there is a life threat, first of all, you should save yourselves. Then only you should think of others. There is nothing wrong with that.

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    Caution is the only remedy until the dangerous effects of corona are under control. There is no harm in helping people, but the way of help should be such that this help does not get too heavy for you and your family. Such behavior with anyone is not appropriate and also should not think about ending contact with others, but at the moment, if the relationship is being played even remotely, then it can also be maintained. If the relationship is true then it will not go away easily. As long as there are small innocent children, their house is the safest place for them at this time, so for their safety, they should be encouraged for indoor games at home.

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    In many societies the neighbours and friends are nowadays more helpful than the relatives because many places outsiders are not allowed to come in. Wherever infection is spread more the Municipality is sealing it for the movement and only those can go out who are on duty after showing their identity cards. In such a situation no one is allowed to come there to help except the people of the society and this is really a great thing that locally many people are coming ahead to help others. So it is a time to respect these warriors who just out of the humanity coming to help and of course if we are in a position to help others that would be a good gesture. Once the adverse situation is over one can have fun and frolic with the relatives and other friends and for that the whole life is there. Wherever the infection is spread more it is the prime duty of all the good citizens to stop all contacts unnecessarily made in the playing area, common area, lifts, gardens, and other such places. Let us not wait for Govt to stop us for dying as some measures one can take with common sense also. Prevention is better than cure. Do not believe in fake messages taking rounds in WhatsApp, Twitter, Koo, Telegram, Hike etc.
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    COVID, first or second, have already been discussed from various angles and so members are requested to bring up the same topics in the name of the mutated form of the Coronavirus.
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