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    When winds of opportunities flow cash it on and build windmill

    Often people complain that they are not facing the favourable opportunities in life and thus they are left in lurch with backwardness and they are overtaken by others and those who are close to them with huge developments in their life and thus they would be fuming for the right time. In fact when the winds of opportunities flow towards us, we must cash it on and start building the wind mills so that chances would be bright to develop than others. But invariably we are not understanding the very opportunities and blame it on luck factor.
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    There are two ways one can think. One will say wait for the chance and when the chance comes grab it quickly and make the maximum advantage from it. But some will not agree with this. They say never wait for the opportunity. But convert the threats as opportunities by getting the required skills and creating opportunities. If you wait for the waves to stop in an ocean to take a bath you can't have a bath at all. But in that disturbed atmosphere, we have to use our skillsets and find out an opportunity so that we will progress in our life.
    In earlier days people used to say it is better to stand and drink water instead of running for milk. But days are changed. Unless otherwise, you go for a run you may not get even water also. So we have to change our attitude, see what are the skills required to progress in the negative conditions and acquire them. You can easily progress in your life.

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    I think favourable opportunities never stop coming but we have to be ready to receive them as they approach us, if we show slight indifference all opportunities will move away without waiting to be caught. I see several people who are careless about opportunities but despite all their indifferent attitude, opportune and favourable chances shower upon them whereas I see some other people who eagerly and desperately wait for good opportunities, sometimes, they are to wait for a much longer time for the sake of a good opportunity. Perhaps, destiny plays a game here.
    However, a sincere and hardworking person can not be stopped from getting the best opportunities. His hard work and sincerity bring him success.

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    The author has rightly said that people often start blaming luck after failure. If we talk about opportunity in life then we get the opportunity from time to time but due to not being able to recognize them at the right time, perhaps we forget them as a normal phenomenon and till we realize that maybe it is a There was a big occasion, it is too late, and then only regrets. But a bigger mistake is made by the person when he is not even recognizing the opportunity today in the grief of not getting the past opportunity. Opportunity does not come with an alarm that you should go before it arrives, but once we try to understand the occasion, we get many positive signals which we can understand later in that direction. It is not that you will always get opportunities, but it is certain that if you have identified the opportunity at the right time, then you will get success relatively quickly.

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    Opportunities come in our lives sometimes but what is important is to recognise them and cash them. Sometimes they knock at our doors but we are sleeping and do not hear that jingle. Every one is not capable to take advantage of the opportunity. For achieving that one has to be active, smart, prepare to toil, and ready to fight as one will not be alone to grab those opportunities as many times competition would be there. When I was in my higher secondary, I was not having any pocket money to spend and used to see from a distance the rich students indulging in so many things in the local market. My uncle told me that there was an opportunity and if I could teach a student of class IV some mathematics then his father was willing to pay Rs 20 per month. It was a big money at that time. From present value of money it would be equal to about Rs 2000 of today and may be more. Anyway, I took up the assignment and for 3-4 months I did that till the exams of the child were over. It was a windfall for me and my brother and our friends all were looking to me for some small treat in the local market. I became the most important boy in the circle and everyone wanted to befriend with me. We have to avail the opportunity however small it is.
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