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    We think more about what we do not want.

    Many times some bad events happen in our lives and we try our best to make ourselves positive and also become successful in it. But then why is there a natural tendency of human that their thoughts process who has become worse due to bad experience, and also worried about the future.
    Some people always think of negative things that they never want in their life. If we believe in the Law of Attraction, then what we think creates our future, then it can prove dangerous to think about things that are not wanted in the future. Can a person always have positive thinking only?

    Motivating oneself to positivity can be difficult when negativity begins to dominate excessively. Member, what do you think, can we only think about what we really want in our life?
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    It depends on person to person. Those who are always worried think of something that they do not want. They remain worried because they are apprehensive. Motivating those people may work to some extent but the reason for their apprehension must be found. When somebody is worried, the issue has to be addressed to find a solution. Tricks to divert the mind may not work unless the cause of worry is addressed.

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    Actually when the things happen on its own and as planned, we would be happy and going. But suddenly either through some prompts or others instigation we tend to bother about something which is not essential to us and yet we are keeping on bothering about the same. And many a time our concern is for the others who actually does not care that thing to happen and we are constantly worried. Only for this reason we the Indians are subjected to over thinking and that gives rise to health setback and even hair falling to go bald. And we have the very bad habit of poking nose in others affair and that becomes our additional concern for the day and we keep on bothering. Only yesterday one of my relative wants to get vaccinated and I gave the right address but he never responded afterwards and that has become bother for me.
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    The author is right there are many persons who are always in the grip of negativity though they want to be positive. It is not like that some positive effects has not taken place in their lives. They might have witnessed about the grand results of their sons or may be their sons have joined in a prestigious organisation with hefty perks. However, they are little amused by it. They would not come out from the present phase as if this has been their part of lives. It is not that the same thing cannot be changed with a little practice but it requires a determined effort.

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    We can't expect that every time good and happy events should occur in our lives. We face positive and negative events in our daily lives and what matters is that we should try to be positive in all situations. Being negative does not benefit us and being positive despite negative circumstances we keep our hope alive against all odds.
    Sometimes, situation is not in our hands, e.g. now we have been listening much about another lock down that it may be clamped in coming days. Cases are coming up in small cities and towns also. People getting panic. What next we are going to face we can't say.

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    No one wants bad times and failures in one's life. So, it is natural that we think about those adverse things and due to that worry starts creeping in our minds. It is also true that just by thinking about them we cannot get rid of them if they really descend in our laps. We have to be prepared for such unexpected things in our lives because no one knows the future with full certainty and only speculation can be made. Due to our positive thinking patterns we speculate in positive territories only and never agree that bad time can come to us. The reality of life is that bad times can come to anyone at anytime in any extent and it is beyond us to check or stop that. If it has not happened so far does not mean that it would not happen in the future also. There is no need to avoid thinking about anything as everything is part of the process and if it is going to happen it will happen and we are none to have any control on it.
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    It all depends on the mentality of the individual. I know some people who forget what happened and go on moving with their works. They never take any failure or success seriously. Such people will not have any mental stress even though the result went in an unexpected way also. Such people are really blessed.
    Some people go on celebrations for their success or gain. But they never worry about the losses they had. They feel that whatever is ours it will be with us and they go positively. They also have happiness in their lives.
    But there are many people who take all the losses into their mind. They start worrying about the small issues also. They will be always thinking negatively only. Because of these negative thoughts, they will never have any happiness in their lives.
    One should develop a positive attitude and go ahead taking whatever actions they have to take. Such people will be very successful in their lives.

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    I think it is a natural trait to have worries and feel worried and there is nothing to worry about that. Why I am emphasising like that is we do not know our future and we do not know the outcome of the things or result of our pursuits so our mind will always be busy about thinking those things that if it happens like that then what will happen in that situation. Mind cannot remain in a resting situation always as it will be continuously working, conjecturing, and assessing the future situations and their pros and cons though we have still yet to perceive them.
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