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    Do you think a refrigerator is required by a family or not?

    Usually we think a refrigerator is an essential item of a house. We store various things like fruits, vegetables, remains of cooked food materials, milk, water, etc. Especially in summer we feel the need of refrigerator to get cool water. But in the past our parents or fore parents have no refrigerators but have maintained a nice life. There are people who argue cool water is not good for our health. Fruits kept in refrigerator loose taste when we eat them cold. Do you think refrigerator is an essential item without which we can't survive? Is refrigerator an essential item for a family in this modern Era? Say yes or no with strong reasons in support of your views.
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    Why the author has asked this question whether or not we need a refrigerator in home for family?
    I find refrigerator as useful machine, especially in summer to keep medicines, fruits, vegetables and other edible stuff fresh. But I dont drink chilled water.

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    Although the refrigerator is one of the essential utility but not a mandatory item. The basic objective of a refrigerator is to develop a cold environment for food items so that their lives should be increased by slowing down the process of bacterial activities to spoil the food. As many food and medicine-related industries use cold storage for the same purpose that is to preserve the item for a longer duration. I have seen many villages where people don't use refrigerators. City life is very fast because most of the people are doing jobs and many times people skipped to eat breakfast etc. In such situations, we can use the refrigerator to preserve food or vegetable for the extra duration. There are many examples of having a refrigerator at the house but it is up to the person whether he manages his life without keeping it.

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    Like the ease of doing business we consider some essentials to be available same way ease of doing the daily works at the kitchen need to be provided to the house hold and it is the expressed duty of every husband to see that the basic necessities like the fridge, washing machine and mixer are made available to the households so that hassle free work is done without time wasting. And the refrigerator has become the essential part of our life for many uses. Now a days fetching the vegetables and fruits from the weekly market has become the practice and we are bound to store the same in the fridge for the next six days. And the other essentials like the milk, curd and even other liquid items which need to be stored for the future use fridge can be used. But never drink the cool water out of fridge as that would tell upon the health.
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    When refrigerators were not easily available in every family, even then life was going on as usual, so it is said that refrigerators are very important and will not be completely correct. If we think from an environmental perspective, the ozone layer is being severely damaged due to chloro-fluoro carbon gas coming out of the refrigerator or AC, etc. If its use is reduced, it will probably be a positive initiative for the environment. Refrigerators did not exist, food was made in families in the same quantity as required so that extra food is not wasted, but in today's time when refrigerators are easily available, food is often left in the houses and kept in the fridge. I believe that a refrigerator is an important machine, but it is not the case that there is difficulty in families without it, options are always available. As far as cold water is concerned in summer, all my family members always prefer to drink pot water.

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    I had purchased the first fridge in my life in the year 1984 after completing serving for 12 years in some organisations. Till that time we were managing without it. We were not drinking cold water. We were boiling the milk two times and consuming it and not keeping it for overnight. We were trying to consume the food and not waste and if something was remaining then we used to give it to the stray dogs etc. Our vegetable buying and buying of other perishable items was a daily affair and there was no question of storing except items like onion and potato which we can keep for longer times in open. We were roasting many household items so that they do not get stale or bad and can be used longer. There was so much extra work that we used to do because we did not have a fridge. But when we had it we found it very useful and our life style changed drastically and there was a lot of convenience and life became easy. Later we found that the fridge was too small and we went for the bigger size. Today I cannot think life without fridge.
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    In earlier days many people never had a refrigerator in their houses. Our family purchased a refrigerator when I was doing my PhD. Till such time we didn't have a refrigerator. After my marriage when I moved away from my native place for a job I did not have a refrigerator. I purchased it after I had two children. But these days we see no family without a refrigerator.
    These days it has become a necessity. You purchase vegetables sufficient for a week. Similarly fruits. We can't keep them at ambient temperature as they will get dried. Similarly, many items cooked will be stored and we will eat them again after 2 or 3 days. So to avoid wastage, strong in a refrigerator has become a must.
    Many people drink cold water by keeping water in the refrigerator. But we never use refrigerator for cooling water. We use earthen pots for this purpose. Water will get cooled in these pots and they are good for us to drink.

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    Fridge has been the essential items these days to preserve our vegetables.fruits, medicines and other cooked items. We lack time to go to market on daily basis to purchase the essential items. Hence we purchase in bulk quantities keeping the same inside the fridge to enhance its life. I have seen even my Mrs keeps the cooked foods to be utilised in the next day or the day after the next one. Some items like curd and fruit juice kept in freezer remains intact for a longer duration. Hence utility of the fridge has multiplied manifold these days.

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    Even the maid servants are having a fridge or the refrigerator in their homes. thanks to the donation of the same by the house owners. Now a days the exchange value of old fridge to the new one is less or negligible and instead of spending on transport of old fridge, the same was given to the maid servant for free and thus the fridge has become the part and parcel of hutment also. The two husband wife labors are earning 1000 rupees daily and they are also expecting decent living with gadgets.
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    Being a housewife I cannot think life without fridge. It is one of the most useful items in our household. I can manage without a washing machine, AC, car, and other such things but not without fridge. It is a necessity for us. In the summer season we have to keep the things in the fridge to use later in the evening and if we do not have a fridge then we will have to prepare things multiple of times within the same day. Fridge helps us in many ways and it has become an integral part of our life. I feel that many people must be agreeing with me in this matter and understand its utility.
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