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    The problem of hormone imbalance is increasing in youth.

    Nowadays people, especially those who are not very old in their age, are also having problems of hormonal imbalance. Balancing hormones is very important for health as they affect physical activity. When they reach their prescribed quantity in the blood, they positively affect the growth and development of the body. The root cause of hormonal imbalance is an unbalanced lifestyle, so it is important to control it. If a person adopts the right eating lifestyle, he can protect himself from many hormonal diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, etc. But is the diet and lifestyle only helpful in this or are there other elements that need to be taken care of? Because in this case, the experiences of health-conscious people will be very effective to prevent the problem of increasing hormonal imbalance.
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    There are many reasons for the hormonal imbalances. First is the hereditary factors as the physiology of a person is mapped through the genes, DNA and RNA signatures and there is a tendency in the body to acquire some hereditary traits without the fault of that particular person. The next is of course the life style where in place of balanced healthy food we prefer the tasty junk food and suffer the many consequences including the hormonal imbalances. Another reason is the post ailment disorders which affect the functioning of the various parts of the body and the different glands and regions which produce certain hormones start working in erratic ways. Out of the above three reasons the second reason is within our reach as we can improve our lifestyle and avoid junk foods etc and try to bring the hormonal balances back in our body to restore the health to normalcy.
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    Hormonal Imbalances among the youths are being seen now a days in large numbers and this is the result of bad style of leading their lives. This includes less sleep, irregular pattern of taking foods, thyroid disorders and excess stress which play havoc in the regulation of normal functioning of hormones. Where as we need to take balanced food that too in time, we skip the same or sometimes we take junk foods.
    The best way to restore normalcy in respect of hormonal balance is to follow natural rules such as taking healthy diets, avoidance of stress and abundant sleeping in the night.

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    Hormones are messengers in our body. Basically, they are chemicals. They travel through our blood and convey messages to tissues and organs. They take part and help the body in controlling many processes including reproduction. So a small change in the balance of these hormones, there will be an effect on your body.
    If curry is made very well but an excess of salt is added the whole curry will be of no use. In the same way, a little excess or less quantity of a particular hormone will make the whole body suffer.
    Using unnecessary medication, injury, pituitary tumours. improper eating, stress and lifestyle are some of the reasons for this hormone imbalance. Patients who undergo chemotherapy for curing cancer will also face this imbalance. This hormone imbalance in ladies will cause improper periods and other problems.

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    The problem of hormonal imbalance is growing among teenager and other youth and the reason for these imbalances can be too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. And hormonal balance is very essential for the body and hormonal imbalances can cause serious diseases like dysmenorrhoea, irregular periods, sudden weight gain, acne, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, fatigue, depression.
    The main reasons which create these problems for young generations are imbalanced diet and lifestyle. Parents have to keep an eye on their small children and adolescents what they eat or drink and what time they take their food. They must also see who are their friends. And what is the lifestyle of their friends?

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    I am a diabetic patient and regularly taking medicine but I have been told by my doctor that the way I look active and energetic never portrays that I am confronting the disease. The reason being I am the strict follower of food intake in time and probably that great habit is saving me from adverse effect of on my health. Invariably I have seen that youth are not having their regular food and they chance upon eating fast food which has no energy but only satisfaction for the time being. And the week end parties are taking the toll on their lives as they compromise sleep and rest and there by bad health management,
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