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    Keep an eye on yourself to understand your inner distractions factors.

    Many times our production and working capacity are suddenly reduced, and this happens due to some deviation. These deviations can also be from external factors or internal factors. Noise or other causes in external factors and internal factors such as a distraction without any reason can also be considered a type of distraction, but it makes it a bit difficult for us to get an accurate answer to the cause of our detraction. On the other hand, sometimes it also happens that our working capacity or ability to work suddenly gets boosted.

    It is important that we keep an eye on our behavior at the time of our deviation. There are maximum opportunities for improvement in our own behavior, only we have to identify them. It is easy to understand the external factors but to understand the cause of the internal deviation, one should take special care and focus on itself when feel getting distracted.
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    Distractions will always be there as they are actually inherently present there inside us and we only give them due weight or ignore time to time. Distractions lead to indulgences which may bring some adverse results when considered from the point of view of achievements and objectives. Theoretically speaking, distractions are not required at all but we all are humans, we have relationships with other human beings, we have some sentiments, we have some hidden desires, we attract to lures and worldly things, and all these create turmoil and storm in our mind which actually distracts us from our path and alignment time to time. We have to keep a watch on these distractions and as far as possible should not allow them to rule us and bring degeneration in our work and efforts. In our culture there are methods like Yoga and Meditation to concentrate our mind and focus it to bring calm and silence inside us and then go back to our routine work with a fresh and rejuvenated mind.
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    Our performance levels will vary from time to time. Some times we will be very enthusiastic and we will be roaring to go. Sometimes we may feel like not doing anything. The mindset will be changing from time to time. This may be due to the conditions you are facing at that moment.
    We say our efficiency will be good early in the morning. That is why elders say that students should get up early and spend some time in studies. Early in the morning as soon as you get up your mind will be calm and you will not have any other thoughts. That will make you concentrate on reading. There will not be any disturbance from external factors as many people may not get up by that time.
    Like this, there may be some factors that may be influencing us. We have to analyse and understand them/

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    Though we plan the things and even initiate the work some times the distractions would be beyond our control and on close verification the concentration would be main cause. When we go to the temple for prayers and seeking divine interventions even there are also our inner distraction could be felt and the connect with the God would be lost. That is why during the Yoga exercise it is expressly asked to control our inner engineering and make the mind and soul stable so that our thoughts would not road here and there and that would gives rise to exclusive performance of par excellence.
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