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    Siblings are gifts to us from God

    We can make friendships with many people and we can choose our friends. We can make new relations. Even we can choose our partner in life. But we can't choose our siblings.

    Siblings are the gifts we get from God. To have a sibling with the same mentality as us is a blessing I feel. If we have a sibling who is close to us in age, we will have a good friend in him. We discuss many things with him and we will tell many personal issues also which we can't discuss with others.

    So never ignore siblings. Give them importance. Oneday we will feel that they will only come to our rescue when there is a need. Rama and his three brothers are a good example to know how one should respect his siblings. This epic tells us the importance of human relations in general and the importance of relations with siblings in particular.

    Siblings are gifts from God and always treat them properly and maintain good relations.
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    I agree with the author that siblings can't be replaced by friends or new relations. We make innumerable friends in life. They come and go. I don't remember how many friends I had In past. When we do a job somewhere gradually our colleagues become our friends but when we leave the job we forget them and they forget us too. It is quite normal for us but our relationship with our siblings can not be broken even we are separated from each other but our relationship is natural. It is by birth. We can't eliminate this relationship even we try to do so.

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    Siblings are a gift from God. A very valid thought. Other relationships and friends are by no means equal to siblings. Sibling is a relationship born through birth. It is difficult to make such an intimacy out of another relationship.

    But it is often the case that some siblings break off this birth connection, to protect only their own interests or financial gain. That is not moral.

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    Truly said by the author that siblings are the gifts of the God and the bonding is great and unbreakable. Siblings have the great understanding , great maturity thinking, and great relations. Over all the cooperation between the two siblings are important. During the childhood to the adolescent age and there after to the elder age, the bonding between the two is to be seen and believed. They would not compromise their relations and would not under mean each other even in the difficult times. In a family the siblings stand a part as the great example in terms of behavior , friendship and close relations
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    There is nothing like having a cordial and friendly relations with ones sibling and it is a life long joy if one can maintain that type of continuity. It is a relationship bestowed on us naturally and it makes sense to preserve that.
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    Siblings are our best friends and such a relationship is unbreakable though minor setback can be seen sometimes due to misunderstanding. This would not take much time in the normalisation of such a strained relationship. After all, there is a blood relationship and this close relationship enable them to diffuse the stress if it happens at any stage due to misunderstanding. We are lucky to have a siblings since there is always possibility to discuss any issue with them.

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    The author is absolutely right, siblings are helpful in meeting any lack of any other relationship with us. In our childhood, the brothers and sisters who we quarrel with every day, there comes a time that we fight with the brothers for their brothers-in-law. Some people have started feeling better about living by separating from their siblings, but the truth is that when the relationship is far away, we feel and realized its value. Nowadays, in the era of change, people are adopting the policy of single child, and any children feel alone without siblings.

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    Siblings are really a gift from god. Though we have many friends, we can comfortably share anything and everything only with our siblings. I am a person who does not share anything with anyone but I always share with my sister what ever I feel. I get very good advices and suggestions which has really helped me a lot. Also siblings advices and suggestions will be genuine and true without any selfish thoughts. Siblings might fight like cats and dogs with each other but the love and bond between them will never vanish.

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    Siblings are like life long friends and a continuous source of rejoice. They are the natural companions to us and the bond which many siblings share is beyond description. In modern times due to greed for money and materialistic attitude sometimes the bond between the siblings is broken and that is a sad thing to happen if it is so and those people will definitely miss a great thing in their lives that is the love and affection between the siblings. In Ramcharitmanas (Ramayana), the great author Tulasidas had mentioned that - 'Milahi na jagat sahodar bhrata', which means that the sibling is extremely valuable in this world and every one is not lucky enough to have that.
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    Though there are many opinions on this, I have seen couples without child spent more money for treatment but not having a child. Many people do adopt child for their property and wealth. But the treatment to couples without child in this society is, whether to male or female, in unexplained. We can satisfy ourselves, when have no siblings, by seeing the plants and trees without fruits or flowers but in real life it is not so. It is pity to see some parents scolding, beating, ill-treating their siblings for vague reasons.

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