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    Is the Central Government making decisions without considering various aspects?

    Recently, many decisions of the Union Finance Minister have been reversed. Initially, the last date for linking the Aadhaar number and PAN number was announced as March 31, 2021. On the night of March 31, it was announced that it would be extended for another three months. The recent decision to cut interest rates on small savings schemes has only one day to live. This year's World Fool's Day was born with the announcement of the Finance Minister that the interest rate cuts will be reversed. Similarly, the Center has indicated that it is withdrawing from the "gross metering" recommendation, which would break the backbone of the country's solar sector. These are just some of the decisions announced and reversed recently by the central government without having any worry about the consequences.
    How do the brothers and sisters in the India Study Channel community view this?
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    India is a big country having so many states and people who will be affected by any change in the law, rules and regulations. It may so happen at times that Govt will roll back certain announcement which are either not acceptable to people at large or have some fallacy within it when examined and reviewed after their announcements. There is nothing unusual in that and we had seen such things happening in last 73 years irrespective of which regime it was or it is. The interesting thing is that whenever there is a change, hue and cry is made by not only the affected persons but some others also who have some ulterior motive in it. The main problem for any ruling party is to reduce the corruption, create jobs, control inflation, make efforts for poverty eradication etc and whatever modifications are required in the rules is for those challenges only. While doing these things some roll backs could always be there.
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    Some times it happens. Even at our personal level also we may be deciding something and after some time we may be taking bank our decision. Even in some organisation, I have seen some rules will be framed and after some time they may be modified or withdrawn. So the same thing may happen in any state or central government also. They have their own reasons for this. As we have seen these happenings recently we are thinking that this is due to the inefficiency of the central government. But may not be the case. The government might have considered these rollbacks based on some requests from other parties or from the public.
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    There is no doubt that certain decisions are taken without giving much thought. The extension of time for linking of Aadhar number with PAN is understandable as many people are not aware of it. The decision to reduce interest rates on small savings and withdrawal of the same within 24 hours indicates that the government is not giving much thought or it may be testing the reaction to such decisions. Whatever it may be they are acting too clever or foolish.
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    As a common person we take some decisions and then we take them back too. We always see what is the best for us and those who are intelligent people they never take decision in haste. They take every step after due thoughtful consideration and mutual consultation in case the matter belongs to any company or organisation.
    On national level when the government takes any decision that is taken not to be taken back because this level of decision making is not of common people. They are specialists and the best policy makers and most intelligent decision takers.

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    Normally any ruling party if it has the majority of the members they would like to take some decisions which are not routine and may affect the very function of the govt in long run. And having realized the mistake they tend to reverse the decision. The cabinet Ministers are watched for their performance and in this back drop new decisions are taken even without taking the consent of the people and thus when the opposition cries foul the decision is reversed. Even in the the case of increasing the fuel price, firstly a big hike is done and when the decent voices emanate, some price would be cut and this is called the power being enjoyed by any party at the helm. Nevertheless no govt can survive if it goes against the wishes of the people and their every wrong action would be accounted for and remembered by the people to punish later.
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    No Govt is perfect in taking decisions and it is true for the present regime also. Decisions are taken after studying the pros and cons of a decision and the administrative machinery below helps the Govt to take a good decision based on the past history and available data to support that decision. Over and above that the ruling party may also take some decision based on their political aspirations. It has happened in past and is a practice worldwide. So some decisions might not be perfect and if people make hue and cry sometimes Govt may reconsider also but sometimes if they feel that they are right and even the courts in the country support them then people have no way to get them changed.
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    When decisions are being taken, they are taken with the expectation that their results will be good and positive in the future, but sometimes some decisions are proved wrong due to correct implementation or lack of planning. India is a big country, which is not so easy to manage, in such a situation, it is natural for the leaders who are leading the country to have glee. But the right way is considered when they learn more from their wrong decisions and be more careful towards their upcoming decisions. A consistent wrong decision is a sign of negligence, not of imprudence.

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