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    Strange memories from our childhood time

    Many memories fade with time but some of the memories of our childhood remain in our mind even today. I remember one such instance when I was in class VII or may be VIII and used to go to my village, which was about 4 km from the town, on week ends or school holidays. My grandma lived their alone and we used to take some general provision items for her time to time. One of my uncles who was doing a job in a far away place had come to the village for a few days and during his stay I happened to go there for 2-3 days. One day in the evening he told me to bring one beetle nut for him from a shop in the village. I had never seen a shop there so I told him that there is no shop in the village. He smiled and told me to go a house where there was an old person who used to sell those items. It was a big surprise for me as I had to fetch so many things for the Grandma from the town and if there was a shop in village I could very well buy from there. Anyway I went to that house as directed by my uncle and enquired about it and one old lady told me to go to upstairs where one old person was sitting at the corner but there was no shop. He glanced towards me and asked what I wanted. I told him that my uncle had sent me for one beetle nut and gave him 10 paisa coin. The old man stood up and went to the other corner of the room where a big tin box was there and he opened it and I saw that there were so many items like match box, candle, japery, beetle nut in little quantity arranged nicely inside. So, it was a mini shop or something like shop in a box and it is still in memory. Do you remember any such strange thing from your childhood time?
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    The author shared the reality of the village life where in for small requirement of anything they need not go for town or city and they can have it. When I went to my one of the close relative in a village in Tamil Nadu, since we went at the odd hours and want to return immediately the relative wanted to prepare Upma and offer to us but unfortunately the quantity was less. She immediately taken few kilos of rice and gave it to the neighbor house who in return gave the Upma rava to her. That day I felt as to why the village people are not bothered at all and they get each and everything available within the village and they any how adjust with the life. We get pure milk, pure curd, pure butter and pure ghee. When everything is getting in purest form and they inhale the fresh oxygen from the fresh trees around, they are bound to live more.
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    Some instances which happened in our childhood will be remembered forever. I have many memories like that.
    During my school days, I used to travel very frequently to my grandfather's village. My grandfather used to treat people with ayurvedic medicines and he was a primary school head master. The villagers used to respect him and as his grandchildren, we were also getting special attention.
    We used to go to a small park in the village in the evenings and we used to spend time there. We used to play with children there and we have many good friends there. One day I lost my ring there. I am very worried and I came and reported to the house. We searched but we couldn't trace it. But the next day morning a person came to our house and told us that he found the ring in the park under a tree and his son told him that the headmaster's grandson lost the same. He gave back the same. I am so happy and I thanked them a lot for their good gesture.

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    The author's experience is quite beautiful. I do not have such a personal experience, but when my father and grandfather tell me about their childhood, I have told such incidents many times. Unlike earlier, there was not a grocery store in every street and people had to travel long distances to buy goods, in which some people used to buy all needful items in one single visit, many times when nearby people also required, they used to go to get the goods from them in an emergency, then they used to help everyone. Now it can also be considered business or humanity to facilitate people.

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