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    Commanding position do wane away over the course of time

    It is the fact that we cannot reign in the Commanding position for ever and do wane away over the course of time. Opposite my house, the house owner has seven pet dogs and all are ferocious and would chase and attack the passerby without fail. And the colony people who are walking from this end to that end were finding very difficult as the dogs wont allow. Having seen this tricky position one of the owner on the far end side has brought two ferocious dogs and let loose them on the road. And those two dogs have become more challenging for these seven dogs and they keep running into the home for shelter. What a turn around ? We are now having respite.
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    It is like power. A party may get into power this time. But after the next election, another party may come. Then there will be a transfer of commanding position from one to the other. The commanding position will be there. But the people who are there in that position may change.
    Tomorrow if another person brings another set of ferocious dogs, they may come into a commanding position. This change is natural and will be there anywhere and everywhere. When you are the chief earner of the family, you will be in a commanding position in the house. But once you are retired and other people are earning means you will lose your commanding position and the other person will come to that position.
    When you are in a senior position in an organisation you can command many employees ther. But once you are retired some another person may get into that position and we will lose our commanding position.

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    He who has power is in commanding position and his command will be followed without any questioning but once he has lost his power people will turn their faces. It is reality in this game of power. In our company where we are working we can notice it. When a person is holding an office he is powerful enough to command his subordinates but once he resigns or leaves or is fired, all of sudden all commanding position gets invalidated and his stature falls down. Some people are so ambitious that they can't imagine waning their power.
    The author has given the example of seven dogs that had disturbed people of the colony and then two another dogs snatched their commanding position. I think this is an example of sheer nuisance of the dogs' owner.
    Moral of this story is that these seven dogs did not have unity if they had unity against these two dogs they would have driven away them.

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    Sometimes some people reach the top positions and command on the subordinates. Even by being rich, a person can command on others. These people rule by virtue of something prosperous they have and remain in that position for long. Citizens also respect them and honour them due to their power and positions. But as said that everything that goes up comes back, the position or privilege also does not remain there for long and a time comes when these people lose their privileges and become a commoner. This changes the whole scenario and the commanding position is vacated for some able person.
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    One should always be aware of this fact that our success or position is not for ever. We are lucky if we progress and reach that level where we are in a position to command. If we understand that we can come down at any time then we will not be hurt if such a thing happens.
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    And those who are in commanding position always have the fear factor that they position is not always permanent.
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    It is true that animals like human beings till then feel more powerful till no more powerful creature comes before them. When faced with a more powerful person, at times, his weaknesses or loopholes start appearing, which pulls back humans or animals. The same thing happened in the problem mentioned by the author when the seven dogs realized their weakness when they found 2 more caudal dogs there, and the command was with those two dogs. So everyone should be prepared for this situation when commanding power can be held by others.

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    Leave alone the disconnect between the title and the content, I am actually quite amused with the example the author has chosen to explain his point. One person living in the colony letting loose his seven ferocious (?) dogs and they literally becoming a nuisance to the passers-by and another resident buying two more ferocious dogs and letting them loose on the public road to counter the seven dogs can at best be said to be a very uncivilised act on the part of both. I doubt whether we can say that the dogs are in a commanding position. It is not the power or the superior position but the scare they created among the residents that made the passers-by to be careful. I am surprised that the residents of the colony could not force the owner of the seven dogs to keep them in cages or to tie them up.

    What the author says in the title is true because the commanding power does face a downward fall as time goes by. For example, an officer holding high positions will have the commanding powers but it will wane away once he retires and similarly the commanding position of a father or mother also decreases as their children start growing up and so on.

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    The author has raised a very interesting topic how there could be defeat of seven dogs once a set of two dogs was introduced in this chain. The seven powerful dogs remaining in the powerful position so far lost their supremacy due to sudden induction of the new set. It is true that status goes on changing every time and one should be careful always to watch the new events. Steps are to taken accordingly. The set of seven dogs should have gone a step ahead to make friendships with the new arrivals making the team even more stronger and powerful and in that equation of power could have altered having a better matrix of strength.

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    In many places, people pollute the situation in the name of command. Over commanding leads to negative also in many times, My opposite house have a couple with a son and daughter. The man of the house has no time, he act so, to take care of the children. The lady in the guise of having control of the children she always commanding them for this and that. That too in the present situation, having no schools and colleges, got annoyed by the mother's command. Even complaining to father it become vein.

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