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    Corona has given us more strength to sustain happenings

    When ever the deaths occur among the relatives and close friends , we used to get horrified and rush to the place and help in some way or the other and console the families. Now the deaths during this period is not even getting us the cry for the loss of life, we are totally shunning go the place and excusing us citing various reasons. And there is no obituary meetings nor any visit thereafter. What a change we are going through and that has become new normal in these days. What is your view on the changed situation in these days?
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    Our own life is more important to us. After us, only the question of others will come. Corona has brought a lot of change in the attitude of the people. People are not going to meet anybody. At the same nobody is ready to receive somebody. This is the prevailing situation. All enquiries are through phone also, Condolences are also conveyed through phone only.
    We may see some change once the majority of the people gets vaccinated. Till such time I think nobody will think of going to the crowd or groups. In between some people started moving. But now the second wave is threatening everybody. Many people started wearing masks again. The doctors are suggesting people take all precautions even after getting vaccinated.

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    There is no doubt that in this way the grief of the deaths at the time of Corona is indeed the highest because a person who is going from the world is not able to get his family members even in his last farewell, at this time people are not able to go to their loved ones and they are not able to help them in this difficult time. In society, a saying has always been followed by the people that whether or not one should support someone in happiness, but the time of such sorrow must be supported. But due to the time and conditions, this society is unable to involve itself in the misery of the people. At this time, sad families are also understanding the fragility of this matter and are accepting the consolation through the phone, etc. without any disturbance.

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    Earlier, there were so many posts on corona that we finally avoided to write on that but this one has a deeper meaning and I think it deserves some more discussion. In times of natural disasters and calamities the rituals and formalities take a back seat. A few days back there was a news item that due to non availability of wood for the burning of dead bodies, people were forced to burn them in the same pyre. This is the situation and circumstance that we have to accept everything which earlier we never accepted and made a big hue and cry if things were not done as per the rituals and social procedures. We all are human beings and our sentiments are attached to the people who are near and dear to us and are dying one by one and we also feel fearful that we are in that queue only and if the pandemic is not contained we will have the same fate sooner or later. There are many psychological effects of these things and the soft hearted will not only get hurt but would go for extreme measures by ending their life before such situation is encountered. We are going through a very difficult phase and this is the time to cooperate with the authority, doctors, nurses, helpers etc who are at the front and are safeguarding us. Take care, observe basic safety, cooperate, and stay safe. With strict discipline and concern for others we will win.
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    This is another thread about effects of coronavirus how badly it has affected us and our relationship with other people. After the news of second surge of coronavirus people are worried what they will do if another lockdown is clamped in their city, what will happen to their livelihood and source of income, especially, in this situation when mostly, people are deprived of jobs and they are doing kind of menial jobs. I see most people are not afraid of coronavirus, rather, they are scared of lockdown. It all depends on how someone takes this issue.
    Coronavirus brings serious problems to all people and how much problem each of us faces depends on what surroundings we live in. In this situation all people should realise their duty and responsibilities. They should become more matured citizens instead of remaining as self entered people. Mutual cooperation, spirit of succour to each other should be developed.

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    In the changing circumstances the corona expereince also becomes new for us and thus sharing takes place.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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