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    Story:An innocent Goat!

    Once there is a butcher in a village who used to sell goat meat so he used to feed Goats whenever the people required meat he is used to killing the Goat kids and sell the meat.

    Mother Goat has a lot of affection for the butcher because the butcher used to feed the Goat and kids but whenever the butcher wants meat he used to give sedation to the mother goat and take the kids of the mother goat and kill and sell the meat or cook for the meat in the house.

    The mother Goat not known why her kids are missing she used to believe the butcher one day again for cooking the meat in the house he(butcher) gave a sedative injection to the mother goat and took away the kid and killed and cook the meat for a festival.

    As the Mother goat searching for her kid but she never finds that and she used to come nearby the butcher and used to cry as the butcher pretends and consoles the mother goat as the butcher's son sat nearby the butcher eating the meat where the innocent goat unable to know that.

    One day a snake enters the butcher house and about to bite the Butcher son who is watching a cartoon on Television didn't recognize the snake is nearby him as the Mother goat saw the snake who is almost nearby the butcher son the mother goat starts shouting.. but nobody listens to it and everyone ignores it.

    The mother goat with all her energy cut the tied rope and ran to the nearby snake and with her leg, she kicked the snake suddenly all of the family members saw that and the snake ran away from there.

    Now the butcher realized how cruel he has done to the goat and still able to came to rescue his son's life thereafter the butcher stops the selling of meat and also stops killing goats...

    Moral of the Story: Stop uncivilized act on Animals in a civilized society...
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    A good story. The animals are more faithful than human beings. No animal does harm to the person who has taken care of it. We all know that dogs are the most reliable and faithful animal. In this story, the animal never knows that its master is only killing its kids. The goat is having a lot of confidence in its master. That is why it helped him by saving is sn. Human beings should learn from such animals and should not harm anybody and help the people who are in difficulties. Thanks to the author for presenting a good story.
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    Animals are innocent and do not understand the human timidness. We kill them for food but they are loyal to us. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who consume all sort of non vegetarian food and it is a regular part of their routine food and it is not possible to stop them to take it as they are habitual of it and it is in fact a way of life for them. How to save these innocent animals from getting butchered is a challenge.
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    The story is very special and congratulations to the author.
    But the story can only be seen as a story. In reality, it is also because there are carnivores that many animals for meat are cared for by humans. Running goat and other animal farms is for the profit from selling such animals after growing. Otherwise, these animals have multiplied and become a problem for humans. During a visit to Ahmedabad years ago, I saw huge bulls grazing on the road and even buses stopped and the travelers touched them as a God. Nearby, two bullocks were seen striking each other, and cyclists were seen running away, leaving their bicycles behind, and bicycles and motorcycles were being damaged by the bullocks. I now remember my friend saying at the time that this was the after-effects of the ban on butchering cows in that state.
    When it comes to dogs, stray dogs are hundreds of times more numerous than dogs kept at home. They breed and become a threat to people. That's why I pointed that, the story can be seen only as a story and that shouldn't be seen as reality.

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    The story is good for children. The moral of the story is that we should not show cruelty to the animals. Those who kill or do their business or consume their meat are not civilised. I respect the author's views though but who is civilised and who is not civilised don't depend on these activities.
    I am sure that the author doesn't know that India and Brazil are the largest beef exporters in the world.
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    A very emotional and lesson-giving story has been introduced by the author. It is true that where an animal can be loyal to a person and have affection for them, then why should a person be so happy in his selfishness that he has no meaning in the life of animals. A person makes himself so helpless towards his business and his desires, that the humanity within him begins to fade. Emotions have no value, they are valuable, so we should appreciate the feelings of animals like humans, only then it is possible to keep the foundation of a civilized society.

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    The author should know that in animal kingdom, the love between the mother and kids doesn't last long. The animals forget their kids after few days. The love, affection and care is only for few days. Once the kids grow and when they conceive the next, their love is lost. Hence the frequency of goat delivering a kid is very short.

    Though the moral of the story is good, it is not applicable to the butcher, the goat and the kids.

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    The story surely has the moral for us and not for the butcher. Once I had casually asked my Muslim friend as to why the goats are sacrificed more and on festivals the sacrifice would be in lakhs. For that he gave a very good reply. That the goats populate very fast and they grow in numbers fast. If we retain them, then they would over take the human population and thus they are sacrificed and eaten. There is a meaning in it what he said. So the butcher thinking sober for the goat is the time being as his job is to sacrifice the animals and that is his business. But for the goat, it shoud have realized that everything is not good at that home as the little goats go missing for no reason and that should have made the mind to search for them. Anyway these are the stories to read and understand and nothing more than that.
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    Animal lovers and vegetarian people will like this story but the fact of the matter is that animals are slaughtered for eating purposes worldwide and it is not today but is an age old tradition or rather say activity. In some countries there is no distinction like vegetarian and non vegetarian. If you ask them their category they will be looking towards you with surprise.
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    First of all, everybody should know the animal's maximum age or life expectancy will not be the same as the age of human beings so there is no point or no question the animals will outnumber the human population.

    1)The goats reach their maximum age or life expectancy at the age of five to seven years. In exceptional cases, they continue to be serviceable even up to 12 years and in rare cases up to 14 years.

    2). If there is a disease for an animal or a bird and you eat the chicken or meat of that animal or bird (bird flu) you will not only get those diseases and you will spread those diseases to other members.

    3)The Hygenic values of a meat shop or a chicken shop across India are not at all good. The probability that you will get sick by eating unhygienic meat and chicken is very high.

    So it is not only a story it is an emotional lesson for all nonvegetarian eaters to turn as vegetarians...

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    Your story can be told in another way. The goat could be willingly giving its life for the man. Now the story will become a lesson to become non-vegetarian. Just saying, no offense meant.

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    The story is giving us message that we should not be cruel to the animals. They are faithful to their masters having the impression that they are safe under their custodies. However, our ill intentions are not known to them. The butchers may advance some plea in favour of slaughtering reminding us of overpopulation in case they are not regularly slaughtered. They are there to take care of this aspect. In the present circumstances, there are ways to control the population with the biological means. Some health hazards are associated with their consumption such as infection, chances of indigestion, elevation of cholesterol on regular its regular consumption etc. Excess of consumption of animal protein leads to cancer as being seen in the foreign countries.

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