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    AICTE gave concession of Maths and Physics subjects for joining Engineering courses

    Till now Maths and Physics subjects are considered to be the backbone for Engineering courses. Now the regulatory authority AICTE gave option of Maths and Physics subjects for studying Engineering courses. Without the fundamentals of Physics and Maths so many branches of Engineering courses have lot of drawbacks. Many subject experts got astonished with the regulatory announcement of AICTE. Already students who are studying these courses are not got job opportunities because of poor technical experience they are getting in their colleges. By giving option to these subjects, students will be further weakened in gaining required knowledge for getting jobs. Do you think this decision will benefit or demote the students in pursuing these courses?
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    The proposals to do away with maths and physics as the compulsory subjects for the admission into Engineering course is some thing gone wrong in the thinking pattern of the education ministry. Already the students with average to good knowledge in those subjects are striving to prove there mantle with great difficulty and taking the help of tutors from outside, the new rule would make the Engineering course much weaker and I fear there would not be takers for these courses in the future. Already the Engineering colleges in Telangana have gone with most seats vacant for the last year and this new rule would further force the colleges to actually shut down as they may not get even the salaries of the staff and faculty and thus the new thinking must be initiated again so that the old pattern is retained and continued.
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    This not surprising. What else can we expect other than foolish decisions? The present government is also taking decisions without thinking of consequences. The AICTE is also following. The AICTE wants to conduct bridge courses in Mathematics and physics for those who are admitted to engineering courses. Can there be any foolish decision than this. Yatha Raja, tatha institutions.
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    While talking about the importance of Physics and Mathematics in the engineering courses, it would be difficult for the students to understand the basics of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Metallurgical Engineering, Civil Engineering and so on. AICTE should see the structure of these courses prior to taking up such decisions. Though it is true that there are no takers of these courses due to its diminishing demand in the present situation. Even the students having passed out with the different streams of engineering are not getting opportunities in the industries because the management of the industries is facing financial crisis. That is another matter but the quality of the courses should be maintained with the emphasis of importance of these two subjects- Physics and Mathematics. Hope AICTE will further review its earlier decision so that these subjects are not withdrawn.

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    It is very difficult for the students to follow engineering subjects without basic knowledge in Mathematics and Physics. A lot of calculations will be there in the engineering course and for that knowledge of mathematics is vital. Similarly, basic knowledge in physics is also essential for many branches of engineering. How the AICTE has taken such a decision is not known. With this decision Biology, students can also write entrance test for engineering. The entrance test for engineering will also have many questions on mathematics and physics. How Biology students can face this test is a big question.
    Many students from Biology will not have basic knowledge of these two subjects and hence they can't get qualified in EAMCET. So many people may get a chance to get qualified. By any chance some get into the course also following the subjects will be very difficult. These students may not fare well in the final examinations also. Unnecessarily their future will get spoiled. So I think the concerned should think seriously about the consequences and better to go back to the existing eligibility cro

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    Designing is an integral part of most of the engineering branches and hence the knowledge of Mathematics and Physics is essential. The present guideline of AICTE says students who are interested to study engineering in the streams like agriculture, textile, biotechnology do not need to have Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects at their school level, but Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics remain compulsory for most of the other engineering branches. If subjects in the engineering streams like textile, agriculture or biotechnology do not emphasise much on Mathematics and Physics and those who have not studied the subjects at their school level do not face difficulties while continuing the engineering courses in those streams then I do not think it's a wrong decision. But if it is found that students have to take lessons on Mathematics and Physics to continue their engineering courses in those streams then I would say the decision is a wrong one and absolutely business-oriented.

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    This is really very surprising and ridiculous that such decisions are being taken by AICTE which was supposed to be an agency of so much repute. By doing that we devalue the importance of the two vital subjects that is Physics and Mathematics. Generally decisions are taken after deliberations and discussions and considering all the pros and cons and if it is taken arbitrarily by some hot head then there will be a roll back soon, I hope. This will become a laughing matter in the world community of academicians, engineers and scientists and why I am worried so much is that our students will not get admission in outside countries for higher education and will be deprived of international exposure. It is high time that the present AICTE management should review it and avoid the embarrassment later. Alternatively the concerned Ministry should step in and rectify the blunder.
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    This is really an unbelievable piece of information. If it is correct then we feel so sorry for the students who will be becoming the engineers in our country without basic science foundation.
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