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    Beware of thick skinned people!

    There are all types of people in society. Some are soft hearted and sentimental and are affected greatly and deeply by what others say and many times react to the things sharply and even go for fighting or confrontations and waste their time without getting anything out of that conflict. At the same time there are some people who are not affected apparently by anything and take things in a normal manner and are not affected by it even if it done in an offending way to them. They are not simple and gullible people but they are actually the thick skinned who note everything in their mind but do not react as they know that foolish encounters will not be of any use for them. They will keep the things in their mind deeply and in a decorated way till the time of revenge comes and opportunity to reply is there. Then they will show their true colour and in many cases harm the person who once offended them. So we should not take these thick skinned persons on their face values and offend them as they can do much harm to us if they reach the suitable position one day. Have you got any such experience or encounter in your life?
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    Some people will show their anger or unhappiness on the face and they shout, But some people never show their unhappiness or anger immediately. They will reserve it and show the same at an appropriate time. These people are really more dangerous. The people who react immediately will forget the matter once they reacted back. They will not further take any action. But the other people who reserve their anger will remember and see that people will have maximum punishment. The author is referring to them as thick-skinned. These people will have excellent skills in remembering past events and reacting to them aptly at the correct time.
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    Its always good not to vent the anger and be in the bad books of others. Getting annoyed, not conforming to others thought is the natural process of any person. But there are people who keep the grudge inside their mind and heart and vent their anger at the time when we are in good mood and totally forgotten about the past. And that take on would be so damaging for us as we would be fuming as to why we contacted that person. One thing is sure, as long as our behavior is good and going, nothing wrong can happen and people would be friendly and good to us and that will take us to next level.
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    Some persons are not only thick skinned but also very intelligent and will avoid petty fights and conflicts with others. They know when to strike and what to do at what time. These people are generally very successful as they know how to make their way to the top. They give good lessons to their enemies by totally paralysing them with their intelligent moves. We have seen such people mostly in politics.
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    Some people are think-skinned. They don't change themselves. Either such people are habitual because circumstances have made them so or they are utterly mean with their inner and outer self.
    Some thick-skinned people are taken for granted as the permanent fixture for every gathering's laughing stock. When they enter the place people banter upon them and they are so much thick-skinned that they don't mind, rather don't listen to what is being said about them and how people are enjoying while playing with them, but important thing is that nobody banters to humiliate them.
    These special creatures are the centre of all eyes in our society. Such thick-skinned people are found in small town and villages. If someone beholds such ambience where these light moments make life happy for all feel get himself enjoyed.
    But the author meant to describe mean people who keep grudge in their hearts. They don't speak on the face but when they have the right time to take revenge they destroy the lives of others. These people are dangerous for their relatives also.

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    There are two points of view on the topic. The first point that thick-skinned people do not fall prey to people whom they think they cannot overcome and wait for the correct time to show them their value and the second point is that they keep everything in their mind but do not show it in the face and handle the situation amicably. Now the actual point is that how can we come to know about the thick-skinned person until he shows the thickness or reaction or grudges. I would say that it is good to be mum and quiet if we want to keep peace and harmony but sometimes, a reciprocating action is required which will give the receiver that you are not happy and will retaliate if required. Now it is up to the person to keep it in mind and react later or on the spot but this doesn't give him the chance to utter any rubbish just because he is in a good position or has face value. Why fall into arguments unnecessarily but if required, a reaction is required otherwise many take us for granted.
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    The author has rightly said, it is very difficult to identify these thick-skinned people, such people do not easily prove themselves to anyone. It is important that when we discuss our special things or matters with a group of people whether it is known one, then we should understand which things or secrets should not be included in the discussion because some thick-skinned people can be in any meeting. These people are very intelligent but cruel and mean, they think only for their own benefits, so be aware to identify such people.

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    It is always good to speak out if we feel bad for something or vent out the anger and clear the air between the person. Even if the relationship cannot be carried forward the way it was before, it is better to speak and end things rather than waiting for a right time to take the revenge. Though we may take revenge somewhere in future, till then the thought of doing something will be ruling our minds and the hatred towards the person will also increase. With increasing hatred, our grudge increases even more and this will eventually not let us remain in peace.
    So, it is always better to vent out the anger, clear the air with the person, clear all misunderstanding and start a fresh relation or vent out the anger and end all the ties rather than waiting for the right time and holding on the grudge which will do equally bad to you also.

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