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    How long can we sit on the plastic chair doing our works in the company?

    Most of the employees are doing the sitting job in the companies and preferably their chairs are made up of plastic and during this summer season sitting on those chair would create more heat effect and that would have effect due to constant sweating. How to get rid of this situation as the company is not going to arrange other chairs. What best can be done or added to the chair so that heat is not felt. How to avoid sitting job in the company and move or walk for a while. Nevertheless the summer is more challenging for the sitting job employees.
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    Plastic chairs are not very comfortable to sit for long hours. That too it is very difficult in summer. If the employee is not comfortable we can't expect better performance from him. Lighting should be good and the seating should be comfortable for any person to show his maximum ability.
    Even in many industries, the performance of many workers in the field will improve if we provide good seats and good ambience we can extract maximum work from them. Some research studies were conducted and found that while working if we hear light music with a low voice our mind will become more pleasant and we can concentrate more on the job. Our output will be much better quality.
    Some people think that money will make all the difference. But more than money all these facilities at the work spot will motivate a working person to give better output.

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    Generally cotton covered sponge seat chairs are a better option but few companies go for that may be due to higher cost and maintenance issues. If we do not provide good ergonomic seats to the employees then most of them will get backache and other associated ailments. Comparatively the wooden benches or stools will be much better than the ordinary plastic chairs though the elegance and ambience might go down significantly but for good health we have to sacrifice something which is of cosmetic nature only. Companies should review their policies in this regard.
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    Umesh has given a very good tip that cotton covered sponge would give the comfort but no company ever thought of it.
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    In general, if we see, there is very little comfort in sitting in the plastic chair, but if our seating is right then the long seating losses will be less. Sometimes more comfortable chairs also cause problems. It is very important that we take special care of our position while sitting, sitting with a straight back, not bending the neck too much, taking care of the position of the legs, etc. is important. If we adopt the right way of sitting, then there will be no harm from plastic or any other metal chair.

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    If the room is a.c. then obviously there no problem as such, else it is too difficult to sit for a few hours continuously.
    If the company does not provide a comfortable seat in the office then employees may bring a cushion in there. bag and make their sitting comfortable. Being uneasy while working will affect performance also.

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