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    The girl whom I met on a bus

    We are all running behind fame and status and forget about how our children can grow physically and mentally healthy. Through an experience, while travelling, I got a wonderful insight into what is more important for their healthy development.

    Recently I read a short poem about life's journey. That was quite interesting and conveyed a beautiful message and reminded me of a girl whom I met on the bus. It was a normal day for me to start and was on my way to college. It was around 8:15 am and I was waiting for the bus. Many others were also waiting and looked busy. I boarded the bus on its arrival. After a while, I found a seat and felt happy to be seated. It's hard to find a place even to stand during peak hours. I asked kids and also a couple of others to keep their heavy bags with me.

    In the messy environment, people were struggling to manage themselves. Among the crowd I noticed a thin little girl may be aged between 10 to 12 years, pushing the crowd and boarded the bus carrying her heavy school bag. I asked for her bag too. But, she replied "You already have so many bags with you and how will you hold mine? I will carry my bag comfortably." I was astonished to hear that. I didn't understand what to react. For a while, all sorts of parenting tips moved like a film. Anybody in that situation would be waiting to make themselves comfortable. But this girl was out of the box. We hear people giving suggestions on parenting and even attending workshops. Do we really need to be trained to raise our own kids? Are they not our own replica? The girl's maturity and thinking about others' situation was appreciable.

    We want good schools, good education, a good and healthy environment for our children to grow. The world of competition is leading to stress and making children mechanical. It is like they are being programmed with a prefixed routine. They are geniuses but becoming arrogant. They are intelligent but not hard working. They are excellent but do not have the right attitude. Life gives us comforts but we are not satisfied. Every parent thinks their child or children should never feel the pain that they have faced during their childhood. Raising kids is a project of almost twenty years or maybe even more!!!. In a few minutes, I learned my son should understand human values before everything he learns. Every parent is unique and works towards the betterment of their children. Giving comfort is not the only thing to be taken care of, but making children aware of difficulties also is an important part of it. They must be capable to stand strong under any circumstances as the girl stood with her heavy bag amid the crowd.

    A few minutes of passage left an effective impact on me. My journey with her was very short. But a lesson taught was memorable for life. Thinking about the A smile on her face I ended my part of the journey.

    Let the children grow without fear. Let the children be freed but with sense of responsibility.
    "Make your children learn to live and not to leave"
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    Some people would astonish us with their behavior and we would be surprised with their moves as we would not have expected such a reaction. The school girl seems to be more self confident and learned to take on every challenge of life to her stride. Good that she become more positive with her mind at the young age. The other day I was offering a small child chocolate as she looked pretty and chubby. But the child refused to accept saying that her mother advised what ever offered by strangers should not be taken. I thought it was my foolishness and never expected the child to be so mannered.
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    The action of the little girl is polite -appreciable. But I faced once was bad. I went to my office by bus from terminal, so I got seat to sit. On the way in one stop a middle aged blind man boarded in the bus from front side entrance. By seeing him I got up from my seat and asked him to sit in that seat. He suddenly,'I don't want your sympathy'.told and moved towards driver side to stand. The sight seen by others on me made me to feel ashamed.

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    That all depends on how the child was brought up. Some parents pamper their children and see that they will not have any problem. One of my distinct relatives was an example of this. He always used to see that his children will never suffer, He used to take all pains and used to see that his children are comfortable. Sometimes he used to never bother about the pains to other people because of the pampering he is doing. His kids never used to take any pressure. Even after they grew up they throw all the responsibilities to others.
    We should teach our kids and we should see that they can face some problems on their own. Then only the children can appreciate the difficulties of other persons. My appreciations to the parents of that girl. How long we can take responsibility for kids. So we should make them ready to face hardships if necessary. Otherwise, they will not have the courage to face these problems. Sometimes they become unreactive to the problems of other

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    Very nice story bringing in the feelings of confidence and faith in oneself when one is in a difficult situation. The girl had lot of self confidence and self respect and her behaviour is testimony to those traits. The author has well correlated it to the upbringing of children in our families. Actually parents have an important task of inculcating certain desirable behavioural elements in their children as that is the primary requirement when they enter the practical world around them. So teaching them the dignity of work and independence in doing their work is one of the most wanted thing and parents have to give priority to that. In addition to that there are many other things which are useful for the children for their survival as well as progress in this tough competitive world. If the children are trained well then only their actions and efforts will be fruitful. Making them independent is the first and foremost requirement.
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    It is a good thread. The author was impressed by the girl because of her being considerate as the author had enough weight, so the girl kept her bag on her back instead of giving some more burden to the author.
    This real incident reminds us:
    - That we as parents must take care of our children. We should give them more nutritious food, so that they may carry a heavy load of their bags
    - That school management should minimise the burden of books on their weak body.
    - That there should some seats be reserved for school going students.
    - I appreciate the author for helping children

    It reminds me of 'A Girl With A Basket' written by William C. Douglas it was an amazing story of a self-respect small girl who impressed the author. He met this girl on a platform. She was selling basket, fans and other hand-made items. The author purchased several things from other children but when this girl pleaded him him to buy some more from her too but he didn't require any more item as his arms and hands were full. So he gave some 15 scents to her as charity but she elegantly refused to take and returned it. Her self respect impressed the author a lot. So then he purchased from her also. He was so much impressed that he narrated this incident to PM Nehru.

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    Welcome back to ISC forum after a very long gap. You posted a very interesting real life story that you experienced during your short bus journey. There are many such parents who teach good things to their wards. And also many rogue parents who teach their wards to go in a wrong way.
    I have experienced both good and bad children on the buses and trains.

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    I would appreciate if you edit and change your thread title as ' The girl whom I met on a bus' instead of 'on a bus stop'. Because what happened was inside the bus, not at the bus stop.

    Dear Editors,
    Very pleased to see this thread being awarded with a cc of Rs. 15/-. But I request the editors to pay attention to the grammar mistakes before awarding cc and points to a thread. (The concerned editor could have edited the thread title)

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    @SUN thank you so much sir. I totally agree The correction suggested. Thanks a lot sir especially for remembering me ??

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    I not able to edit the title. Editors pls can you help me editing the title as the girl whomi met on a bus? That ismite relevant I felt.

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    More than 36 hrs lapsed. Yet no editor is in sight of this thread to carryout correction as suggested by me and as requested by the author.
    Editors, Kindly do the needful.

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    Done the needful.
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