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    Our forum members outclass with their indepth knowledge

    I have come across many forums across the internet and felt that our forum is far better, far superior in terms of threads and the responses thereof, and it is indeed a great feeling to read the indepth knowledge of members who are giving the befitting replies to the posts raised here. And some threads are trending for many days that proves the profess of our members writing caliber. Though many thinks that this is student centered website, but the posts raised here of India and International importance and thus makes this website more lively and going than others.
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    This is very good to hear. If the members making good contributions means it is the greatness of the website as well as the top think tank of the site. This includes all the editors and webmasters. All members should continue their good work and see that the site will maintain its fame in the internet world.
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    It is true that ISC is a predominantly educational site but the forum section covers multiple subjects pertaining to various areas from health to politics. New members generally join in the forum section only introducing themselves and contributing. The author's observation about the relative merit of the forum posts of ISC in comparison to other similar sites really deserves applaud and it is a matter of happiness for all the ISC fraternity active or passively going through the contributions. I wish that this forum continues its niche position in the internet arena and progresses ahead with flying colours.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I appreciate the author for having knowledge about other similar sites also and he found that comparatively ISC members are more knowledgable than other sites. I partially agree with him because other sites have some highly intelligent members.

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    But the level of discussion takes place here is absent over there and no moderator.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many reasons why the quality and standard of discussion in forum section in ISC is better or comparable to many other sites. One is that the editors are monitoring and watching the discussions meticulously and doing any corrective actions whenever someone is trying to or inadvertently crosses the limits of a healthy discussion and this is one thing that is really very much important. Another thing is that most of the members are having very good online etiquette and behaviour which we expect from the mature persons and they never indulge in personal remarks and give value to the discussions and topic in hand. We all should try to improve further and strengthen our posts and responses in quality and content and then naturally more visitors will come here to learn or get points for using in their work or using or referencing elsewhere.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Though knowledge can be enhanced through the google by going through the different articles posted therein. However, in ISC channel, we do have quality inputs for all queries raised by the members. On our regular visits to the different sections, we can well visualise the depth of the knowledge of the readers. There are sometimes the discussions of any issue and the members actively participate on such discussions. Such discussions follow in a healthy manner without hurling any filthy remarks to any member thus encouraging the members to go ahead in discussions with full spirit. Let us enrich our knowledge with the visit of the different postings if we sincerely want to gain knowledge.

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    Forum discussions are very interesting, thought provoking, and cover all the contemporary matters and enrich our knowledge in various areas. I like this section as it is always vibrant with activities.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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