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    Why the BJP government becoming unfriendly towards farmers?

    After a steep rise in the cost of diesel, the fertilizer prices shoot up by 45% to 58% per bag recently. Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-operative (IFCO) announced an increase in the price of fertilizers. After its announcement, the Indian government announced that prices of fertilizers are not increased like in the case of interest rates on small savings. But the most recent clarification indicates that the old stock will be sold for previous prices but the new stock cost more. Already the farming community facing a lot of problems and in this situation increase in diesel and fertilizers will completely demote them severely. BJP government saying that it is providing support through few thousands of rupees and now taking away three or four times of that through the increase in fertilizers prices, how it will encourage them? Already farmers are agitating for several months with regard to new anti farmer's laws brought out by this government. In many countries, governments are providing a lot of subsidies and welfare programs to encourage farming, and why is India it is like this? Do you say this is opposition parties play on an increase of fertilizers prices?
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    For that matter no government was farmer friendly in the past and they were all doing spade work as if to show the farming community that they care for them. In reality the real farmer never got the benefits and the middle man ate much. So this govt brought the new farm laws to do away with over dependence on middle man and their pricing which was giving loss to the farmers and no profits. And thus new farm laws were introduced to be farmer friendly. When the prices are increased by the IFFCO, the govt always have the leverage to give the subsidy to the farmer or increase any other benefits to compensate the fertilizer price rise.
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    Farmers are very important people for the growth of the country and it is desired that their needs should be seen with due diligence by the Got. If there is an increase in input costs like seeds, fertilisers etc then it is imperative that it should be compensated in some way. The easiest way is to increase the MSP proportionately. Govt has to understand the needs of the farmer community in a clear and precise perspective. The only problem is the middlemen and anti social elements who take advantage of the innocence of the farmers and create problems for them. These selfish elements create problem for the Govt also and in the name of farmer agitation even try to insult the national flag. They are the anti national terrorist elements doing mischiefs under the garb of farmer's agitation. Govt should ignore and punish these middlemen and directly have dialogue with the farmers for their problems.
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    Majority of farmers community is living as poor. Most of the farmer have less than two acres land. They just manage to stay alive. Only 2%-3% famers have big piece of land. They have sufficient amount for their progress. Monthly income of richest farmers is 18k only, now you can imagine what is ecinomic condition ofboir famers is. Ptice hike in fertilizers will create more problems for them. Government should consider the situation of farmers.

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    Unfortunately the farmers are not educated and the villager heads mislead the farmers and try to keep the govt benefits to their chest and thus what ever the farmer used to get the major part enjoyed by the village heads and therefore there must be strong popularizing effort from the govt about its schemes. The All India Radio do does some exercise in this regard as to benefits of the farmers through its early morning program but our farmers may not get the signals in the villages and thus denied of the information. So Amateur radio effort must be made to bring in latest information to the farmers.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The unfortunate part is that the poor farmers don't have the acess to address their problems and they don't have enough unity so that their their genuine problems are resolved. The village heads are aware of their problems but it does not reach to the proper authorities so that the issues are addressed amicably. In order to reach the concessions that they are being benifited are propagated in all India Radio but most of the poor farmers cannot avail this plateform due to their ignorance. The village heads are aware of the latest developments of the governmental programs but it is not being percolated down to the rest of farmers. The middle men are trying to create havoc in their lives with the collection of their grains for the payment of better payments but later they deceive them by offering less price. Their awareness level need to enhanced through the proper media so that they are better familiar with the welfare programs being extended by the government.

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    I want to add here that digitisation and online records of the farmer's land and other details will be very useful in distinguishing the farmers from the non farmers. Govt is trying to make these things streamlined to remove confusions and ambiguities. Today many people are taking benefits in the name of the farmer but actually they are not the holders of that piece of land. That is why there was a lot of hue and cry when Govt told that the benefits and subsidies will go to the farmers directly and not through the middlemen or the syndicates made to camouflage the exploitation of the farmers in a devilish manner. Whenever a Govt tries to give the benefit to the downtrodden and poor then these problems come as the local political goons feel that they will be losing a part of the pie without doing any work and they will stage agitation and things like that against the Govt. It is cheap politics but we had seen in past that it works nicely. This is a big challenge in a populated country in India where many poor people are away from the main stream and are misled by the so called local goonda and mischievous leaders who have nothing to do except to instigate people time to time against the Govt in the name of democracy.
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    What I have gathered is that the intention of the Govt was to help the farmers and get relief from the hands of the middlemen but the agitation has compelled Govt to think on some other terms. In any case Govt was not unfriendly to the farmers as Govt very well knows that they are the backbone of the country. It is unfortunate that some middlemen had exploited them and they were not getting the good prices for their crops.
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