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    'Ugadi' New year celebrations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka

    Telugu people's New Year, Ugadi will be celebrated tomorrow in AP and Telangana. Similarly, Karnataka people will celebrate their Ugadi New Year on this day only. In Maharashtra, this festival is celebrated as 'Gudipadava.' This Telugu New year is called as 'Plava'. Plava means calibre and knowledge. According to Hindu Telugu calendar, tomorrow is 'padyami' tidhi, Chaitra first month of Telugu New year. Our New year of these states is based on lunar moment. We celebrate this New year by eating Ugadi Pacchadi (Chutney) early in the morning and that is prepared with new mango pieces, crushed banana, neem flowers, tamarind juice, little salt, jaggery, little chilly powder. This chutney has six basic tastes-sweet, bitter, sour, salty, hot, vagaru. Eating this chutney has an inner meaning that we have to take equally all our success and sorrows in our life like the six tastes in the chutney.

    I wish and greet all the ISC members who are celebrating this big festival tomorrow a happy and prosperous New Year.

    About Ugadi
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    I wish all the members a happy Ugadi and Gudipadwa time and wish that the coming year will bring joy and remove sorrows from our lives. Due to the ongoing virus threat we will not be able to mix up with our friends and relatives but we can have a word with them on online apps like zoom or google meet etc and have fun in that form. Our festivals are always dotted with a number of delicious dishes and I hope we all will be preparing dishes and having a good time with our families. Yesterday, I tried telugu style ginger pickle (using jaggery, tamarind, curry leaves etc) ready to eat and I am happy to share that it came out nicely and we all enjoyed it with our meals.
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    On the auspicious occasion of Telugu new year, myself and family members join to greet the members of this great site a very happy and prosperous days ahead. we know last year by this time the nation gone into lock down mode this was the first festival which was celebrated indoors and no visit to the temples. But this time the temples are open, the people are making arrangements to celebrate the new year in a most befitting manner. But again the new virus may be keeping the tempo a low. One thing is sure after the bad period a good period need to start as per the nature. And this new year is called Plava and that means improving caliber and knowledge and that signifies bountiful progress ahead because India is already having immense caliber and know how on various aspects and we are going to beat the world with our performance for sure.
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    "Happy Ugadi" to all the members of ISC. Today is the Telugu New Year"Plava". Hope this new year brings joy and happiness to all.
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    The Telugu year that is going away is Sarvari which means darkness. Really last year was very dark to almost all of the world. The whole world suffered heavily and many lost their lives also. Health problems were many.
    The meaning of the new Telugu new year Plava is that which makes us cross. As per the name, I feel that this year will see that all of us will cross all the problems and have a fruitful and happy life. This year I hope we all will be out of problems and will have a very happy and joyful year.
    Today morning we had Ugadi pacchadi and we all visited the nearby temple. We invited my brother's family and my sister's family to have lunch with us who are also staying in Hyderabad.
    I wish a happy new year to all the members of ISC.

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    Plava Nama Telugu samstradi Subahakakshulu...
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    Greetings to all on the occasion of their respective festivals! It is also Baisakhi today and tomorrow is the Tamil New Year as well as Bihu, the Assamese Harvest festival with Ramzan on the 15th if I am not mistaken. It is wonderful to have so many beautiful festivals together.

    Enjoy the festivals in safety, at home with your family members.

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    Happy Ugadi or similar festivals to all who are celebrating. I was not aware of these festivals. Thanks for this informative thread.

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    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Happy greetings to all on the occasion of Gudipadwa and Ugadi. 14 th April is also important in the sense the same is sattu parva for Bihari people and for the Bengali People, it is a New Year's Day. Let all of us enjoy this celebrations and enjoy the festivities with the different dishes of different festivals. It would be a fine day of combination of numerous festivals on the same day.

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    There are many things falling at this time of the year and Ugadi and Gudipadwa are some of the among them. I also wish all the members a happy new year and have a nice Ugadi and Gudipadwa time.
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