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    How to get out of the arguments ?

    Whether at the home or at the office, the arguments do take place between the management and workers, the co workers and others. The issue may be big or small but the lasting solutions should be found , otherwise the same argument would be repeated again. For some involving in the issue is the great time pass time, and many they want to get rid of the matter as soon as possible. Arguments should be on the issues of importance and that should not nagging and prolonging. What is your view on the matter and how do you solve it?
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    I don't think that staff or employees can involve in arguments with management because management commands their employees and they have to abide by their orders. When the co-workers or employees are on duty they should focus and concentrate on their work and responsibility. I don't think arguments between employees is a healthy trait of a business entity, especially, when they are on duty. If in any organisations arguments are the common activities decline of the company is imminent. However, when staff is taking lunch they are free to have debate, arguments or gossip.

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    Discussions may happen between different people because of different reasons. Discussions are always better than arguments. The discussions should have a purpose. Generally to understand the subject better and to have a full idea about the subject. If the purpose of the discussion is to understand the subject, the discussion will go in the correct direction. But if the participants in the discussion want to prove that they are correct, the discussion will become an argument. Then people who are really interested in the useful discussion will get silent and they may withdraw themselves from the argument. Otherwise, the argument will go in an unwanted direction and may lead to verbal fights.
    In the workplace, the people who are in the decision making position may force their decision and the others should accept the same. In the families generally, the family head's decision has to be accepted.

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    We have to argue on logical points and should keep our point boldly and clearly in front of the other party. At the same time there is no use of making it a prestige issue or ego point as that would not be of any use for any side.
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    The best way to get rid of it is not to argue. Argument and discussion are quite different. Anger or heated exchange is always a part of any argument but a discussion is an exchange of views where people engaged in the discussion patiently listen to each other and then take an appropriate decision. Whether the issue is an important one or not there is no need to argue. There can be a discussion on the merits and demerits but an argument over it may lead to chaos and if it goes out of control I think one can imagine what may happen.

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    In our real lives arguments happen due to different mindset and thinking. Sometimes arguments happen because we see the same things with different angles depending upon our judgement. It is interesting to note that sometimes arguments also happen because we are not concerned for the matter and subject in hand and just want to offend the other person and to achieve that simply argue in fragmented ways. This last one is not desirable as it unnecessarily showcases ones grudge against other person. Once we are inside an argument then our ego comes in between and tells us that now we should not go back and fight till end but that is also not desirable because ego is such a characteristics that it will simply instigate one to go ahead in the discussions but will not help in coming out of it. So it is an art to come out of an argument and requires experience and patience and the most important thing is to discard one's ego if one really wants to conclude a discussion with a happy and amicable end.
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    There is always some basic difference between argument and discussion. The former would indicate the superiority of the person always trying to justify his his correct stand. It may take prolonged time to finish the argument but the end result may cause annoyance to the other party. On the contrary, discussion would take place in the congenial atmosphere where both merits and demerits of an issue could be taken up and such a series of explanations would not hurt neither of the party. However, in our culture, argument is very common. Discussion hardly takes place.

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    If people knew how to get rid of arguments then I think the arguments would not crop up but as humans, any discussions that take place may end up in an argument if not controlled by a senior person. It is easy to overcome arguments in workplaces but very difficult to end and arguments at home or outside.

    Any arguments in offices or workplaces will be interfered with by the co-workers or seniors which can resolve the issue by hearing both sides. The judgement may be appropriate or one-sided but when countered by seniors, it is faded by their intervene even if the people arguing are not satisfied.

    When we have arguments at home, it is very difficult to end as some may want to prove their point or at times won't be ready to listen to the other person. If we have our elders, then it is possible to end the issue in an amicable way but otherwise, it may take a bad turn if one is not ready to forget.

    In today's world, if we learn to let go of things and try to forgive, many issues and arguments can fade and come to rest but due to ego in people, many times, a small issue gets into violence and worse which bring in a division in families, neighbours, friends, society, religion, etc.

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