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    Does body heat connected to hair falling ?

    Those days elders used to say that do not take tensions to the head and you may loose the hairs. That means if we worry too much the hair falls and also turns grey. As we get into worries and challenges, our blood pressure rise and that gives to body heat and eventually the hair falls. But in those days to replenish the hair falls the house holds used to have oil bath at least once in a week and the oil should be til oil so that the hair gets into original color and the hair falls averted. What is your tip on the subject.
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    There are many reasons for hair loss. As mentioned by the author tensions are also one of the reasons for that. But that is not the only reason for that. Many other reasons are also there.
    The following are some of the reasons.
    1. Hereditary loss. This will happen in both men as well as in women also. It comes to them from their parents and grandparents.
    2. Age: As we become aged, our hair growth will become slow and the thickness of the hair will come down. The hair loss will become more as we become old.
    3. Medication: We will be using many medicines especially allopathic medicines. They will have many side effects. Hair fall is one such side effect. People who undergo cancer treatment will lose almost all the hair they have.
    4. Health problems: if we are getting sick and continue in that condition for a long time also hair loss will be high. Women may lose hair heavily when they give birth to a child.

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    I agree with the author that tension causes hair falling and grey hair also. It happens when a person is too much worried for a long time. It weakens memory also. The person begins to forget everything. He loses his self-confidence. It affects his personality. Nowadays The young generation never uses oil. We take nutritious food to give power to our body and keep it fit likewise we need the same for our brain also. People can take dry fruits for the brain but don't take oil. I advise young boys and girls to use oil in their hair before sleep or early morning and then they should bathe.

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    I feel that hair loss is mainly due to the ageing and sometimes is related to the hereditary reasons. Other than that though it is said that stress and tensions also add to this ailment but we cannot quantify that.
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    Oil baths are still a big means to rejuvenate the bodies and regain the vigour but clinically how effective they are is to be ascertained. However, many people go for that and claim to derive the benefits. Stress and tensions are the well known detriments to our health in general and not only lead to hair fall. These are the evils from which we have to protect ourselves and people use many techniques for that including Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation etc and claim to be benefited by that. Any ailment in the body will make us age faster and the signs of that will be reflected in our appearances including the hair fall.
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    Hair fall is the result of excess thinking and remaining overstessed. The execess tension is one of the factors of the hair fall. In the old age, it is the normal process because of poor metabolism where the entire body is affected including the hair. This can be arrested with the follow up of healthy life style and taking proper nourishment. Massaging with Til oil or Mustard Oil on regular basis would help to alleviate this issue to a large extent..

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    Stress is completely unhealthy in every way. Whether it is a hair fall or a grey hair issue both are very common these days especially in youth. I have seen many children who are in school still have to face the same problems. The main cause of these problems looks impure products, shampoos with chemicals, nutritional food items, etc. As we know many vitamins and nutrients are necessary for good and healthy hair and these are not available in pure form. Apart from that, some genetic properties are also responsible for these problems. The best way to get healthy hair, if possible then try to make homemade oil and use it on the scalp, by the way, some companies provide homemade oil but these are a little bit costly than others. If possible then make Murabba( A sweet mixture of gooseberry) and have it every morning.

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