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    Do you support parents beating kids

    Kids, who are just 3 or 4 years, will be just understanding the things around them. They will be learning by observing the surroundings and the elders. Sometimes, they may be doing some mischievous things,
    Elders should explain to them which is correct and which is not. We have to explain with patience two or three times also. Earlier days parents used to spend time with kids and explain them and teach them so that they behave better.
    But these days both father and mother are busy. They have no time and no patience. So some times they shout and beat the kids instead of explaining them properly. I am very much against such things. If parents start beating and shouting, children may become arrogant and may not care for the parents also.
    I like to know the opinion of the members of ISC.
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    I am totally at a loss to understand that why the new parents stoop to the level of beating the kids for their behavior and not listening to them. Children are adorable lots and they have to be shown love and affection and even the adamant child would fall in line if requested with love. But the new parents are commanding the children in high voice to which the children get frustrated and terrified and would not fall in line nor agree to their any command. For that matter I have not beaten my children any time and they behaved with me as a freind in need. That way the children should be nurtured. One thing is sure only animals need to be threatened with beating and not the human. Children are in the learning process and their every doubts need to be clarified to which the parents should be calm and composed to deal with them.
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    Children need proper care. Parents have a great responsibility to teach them good manners by practising themselves upon what they teach to their children. If parents quarrel with each other or shout at each other it gives a bad effect on the little mind.
    Children are stubborn because of the plethora of love by parents and other family members. When children begin to sass or become impudent because of being stubborn it becomes a difficult task for parents to handle the situation. Parents need to show patience. If children are grown up and do some serious mistakes or mischievous acts which may get them spoilt like stealing, abusing language, wasting time with bad friends etc when the parents get angry they should control their anger but after a few minutes when they are calm down then they should make a balance between the level of mistake and punishment and in the name of punishment scolding may be done or a
    smack on the hip with light force may be used as punishment.

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    Every parents love their children. They want that their children become excellent in every fields of life from the begging of their life. When they find that their children is not achieving according their aim, they become arrogant and start beating instead of understanding the ability and status of their children. This happens in most of the cases. But rather than beating we should allow them to learn themselves as per their choice of wish in cool mind with affection. Even always it is not possible, sometime such incident may happen but the parents should avoid such act specially by the mother. Thanks.
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    I would like to start with an old Malayalam proverb, "Onne Ollenkkil Ulakkavachu Adihu Valarthanam" which means even if you have one child, you need to beat him to provide good values. Now, this doesn't mean that one needs to wack a child every time. We, as parents do love our children and would go to any extend to give them the best. Now it is also the moral duty of every parent and their family members to inculcate good values ( towards parents, elders, relatives, friends, neighbours, society, animals, etc) so that they become good citizens of our country. Home is the first place where a child learns and then the school. There are times when a parent needs to overlook, need to make them understand, make them know their mistakes, pamper them and at times beat so that they know and understand their mistakes. We read and hear much news where a child commits suicide just for silly reasons like parents scolded them, did not allow them to watch TV or play video games, didn't give money to buy things, got fewer marks, etc. These are the result of too much pamper or no time but if a parent understands their child and teach them good values along with love, affection, beatings, etc, they will never go wild but will grow to be a better & responsible citizen of our country.
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    Spare the rod and spoil the child. This is an old saying but may not be applicable in today's world. In most of the cultured and modern families beating the children is a thing of past generations and is considered as a sin. In fact pampering has replaced the beating sessions. I remember, long back, one of my relatives was one day beating his son as he committed some mistake and we left the place as the situation grew serious, what I saw before leaving that the son started to cry and fight with the father on which the father started to beat him mercilessly and then the boy became alright in a minute and started pleading for forgiveness. After that the boy was quite normal for a number of years. One strong beating can even change an animal in a human what to say of human itself. There are varying opinions about this but in modern society no one beats the children nowadays. It is considered as a big offence.
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    Children should be explained with love as much as possible because the mental development of children depends to a great extent on the behavior of parents. Children who are mentally disturbed by their parents, rather than lovingly explain the mistake, are mentally disturbed. Such children either start completely silent, go into depression, or at times become more violent than necessary. In a busy routine, parents should not forget that children are ranked high on their priority list and for any other reason, raising children should not be wrong because they are the real support.

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    The more the pamper the child gets more demanding and that gives rise to all sorts of taunts which the new mothers may not able to handle and therefore go for beating.
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    I am dead against beating the children. One can beat them only when do the crime. It has been seen in many cases mistakes, adamancy and such activities can be controlled in children by polite talking. Yesterday we had some ritual work in our house. By the day full my brother's daughter stayed in neighbor house by playing with their child. But as we have some yearly ceremony in our house, I planned to keep the child in house itself. I politely called her yesterday evening and told her to stay in the house for getting blessings from pandits. She, to the surprise of everyone,was in the house without moving anywhere till everything over.

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    No parent would like to beat their child but sometimes beating is necessary to discipline a child. If a child does not listen when told with love and affection, if child does not listen even when requested and still continues, then beating is required so that the child will understand. With beating, child will have fear and avoid doing things that is to be avoided. I agree, too much beating will only harm the child and make them arrogant and stubborn. Similarly, too much of pampering will also spoil the kid. There should be equal proportion of pampering and being strict.

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    Nowadays we do not hear any parent beating their children. That is a thing of past. Today parents are giving costlier smartphones to their kids and encourage them to play games etc on it. There is a big shift in the society as far as that old method of beating the child and bringing him on right track is considered. Even otherwise it is of no use beating a child as that sometimes leads to psychological problems in him.
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    Many parents beat their children for even minor misdeeds. Their response to any mistake the child makes is a beating. They think they can control children by beating and threatening them. However, researchers have found that beating children in this way can affect the proper development of their brains. It can affect a child's ability to make decisions and assess situations. Researchers say that such children are more likely to have anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and other mental health problems in the future. One-third of parents in the United States who took part in the survey said they had beaten their children once that week.
    It does not mean that children never be beaten. It is important to explain things to children without giving much pain, without hurting them severely. The pain should be in the final stages. But the first thing is to be able to say and understand things without hurting the children. Parents should also be aware that hurting can stunt their growth.

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    One of my friend has the bad habit of beating the children and he says that would keep them on the tender hook always. He has teen age boy and he always beats him even for small cause and thus th boy has become more adamant and hooliganism entered his mind and he stole money from the locker and ran away for ever. Even today he was not traceable and this is the live example for all that over control of children would make them take harsh decisions in life and the parents must be careful.
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