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    Does ISC really playing the role of a social media platform.

    We know that social media is a online interactive platform which focus on content sharing, communication, forum support etc. through which individuals, organisations and communities can share as per the guidelines. And every community in the society can get benefitted by their activities . Under the light of the above definition does ISC is functioning as a social media or a website. I also not aware about this but thinking a very good online media platform. Members are requested to express their understanding if any about this keeping in view what we are getting from the channel.
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    Dhruba ISC is not a social media site but we are the leading educational site of the world and most of the activities based here are of student interest , however being the Indian site, we are also allowed to discuss anything affecting India and also any issues or matter concerning the general public or the country is being discussed widely and thoroughly. Our editorial team are well informed about the topics to be discussed and there is no question of copy pasting activities nor discussing any issues appearing two times. Therefore you are assured of best time with this site and knowledge enhancement is for sure. Social media discuss those issues which are shared and forwarded by others. But here we create our own post or the thread and other members join the discussion to make it fruitful and worthy of writing.
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    Not at all. ISC is not a social media platform and an academic portal. Please go through the thread We are switching to a true Academic Portal where your doubts will be cleared. All the sections in ISC are moderated and if the contents do not adhere to the posting guidelines they are deleted/modified. ISC is playing a very important role to the student community as well as to all those who are interested in knowledge sharing and it is a platform to hone your writing skills. There are various sections and by contributing quality contents to those sections, you can earn revenues. While posting on any social media platform, the approach is quite casual but since ISC is an Academic Portal all the contents must have a certain standard with correct information.

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    It is definitely not a social media platform and discussions in the forum section are on varied topics but are moderated also and the undertone is quite different from the social media platforms. One can visualise this fact by going to the other sections (Ask Experts, Jobs, Articles, Colleges, Schools, Admissions, Information update etc) in this site where precise information and data is required for publishing one's content. People who are only limited to their activity here in forum sections may get that type of confusion in their minds.
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    In my knowledge ISC has never played a role of social media platform. At least I do not look to it from that angle. It is a place for healthy discussions and as per my perception, forum section is the entrance gate to ISC site and once you enter here you get introduced to all other sections which are the core activity of the ISC platform. Please note that forum section is only a conduit to those sections where a lot of information and data is stored for the needy people mainly students and career conscious people who are coming to ISC daily to find authentic educational information of high quality. I realised this fact on the first day when I moved from forum section to other sections for submitting my contents.
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    ISC is not a Social media site. You can't do as you like and it is a monitored site and social media is no monitoring aspect. Anyone can post anything on social media. But it is not so here. Basically, it is a platform to learn and to earn while you learn also you can earn some money. The site getting converted towards an academic portal.
    The site is always moderated by f some editors. You can't post fake news and rumours here. You have to work within the rules and regulations of the site. It is more useful for the people who want to improve their English and also their writing skills.

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    India study channel is an educational portal where many people join to learn only and some others join to learning with earning. By the forum discussion, we may know about much other information same as like as we get from a social media platform but calling it a social media platform would not be appropriate. Being a part of ISC we can enhance our knowledge, our writing skills, and many more, apart from this we also get information regarding jobs and examinations. So it would be more appropriate to call it an educational and informational portal.

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    Wikipedia, defines "Social media are interactive technologies that allow the creation or sharing/exchange of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. "

    India Study Channel is also a social website or social media but it is different from other social sites. All social sites focus different subjects .Some of them are open to all and some other confined to an specific field or area. ISC is basically a social media platform which provides comprehensive and detailed information about education, educational institute, courses etc. We are allowed here to interact each other through different sections and we can share our knowledge/information/opinion/treatise through these sections.

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