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    In Assam, candidates are hiding for fear of horse-trading.

    Elections in Assam ended on April 6. We have to wait till May 2 for the results to come. Even before the results came out, opposition parties in Assam started hiding candidates. Candidates have even been relocated to foreign countries. What a politics. The Bodoland People's Front (BPF), AIUDF parties hide their candidates. Congress is also preparing to hide their candidates.

    Isn't the BJP the ruling party? Can't they win Assam on their own? .To succeed do they want horse trade?
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    This is really amazing that the after effects of the results are felt in advane and the contestant candidates are being taken for undisclosed places so that horse trading wont happen. But how long the parties would safe guard the candidates and they would be taregetted when the results are announced. Probably the voters should give the one side verdict instead of giving spilt in verdict and in that case horse trading is for sure. Nevertheless the opposition are playing over reaction and once the BJP gets the majority, these same parties come calling for any favor or the post in the state.
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    Horse trading is a shameful practice but unfortunately it is there in our country since quite long and always preferred by the political parties as the first and foremost method of increasing their numbers. Horse trading is a mean and wretched act but it works well on the principles of remunerating the candidate well in advance and even assuring him of a Ministerial berth. When a party gets good number of seats on its own then the value of the horse trading candidates diminishes in value greatly and significantly and no one bothers for them and they have no choice except to sit in the opposition and sleep during the proceedings of the house. Sometimes there is a queue of the prospective candidates for this but it is up to the majority party to choose a candidate of their choice. Horse trading rates depend upon the demand and supply relationship.
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    Why opposition parties have taken their candidates who contested in recent elections to safe place where they can not be hunted by other other political party. It shows that they are confident to win their seats and second important aspect is very serious for democracy. Horse trading has become the part of our political system. If a political party has money it will ultimately form the government in any state whether or not it wins the elections and we have seen in past in several states too. There is nobody who can change this system?. I don't know what are the powers of Supreme Court or election commission in this matter.

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    There are no values and ethics these days in many fields. The ultimate goal is to get the work done only. No one will bother if somebody else suffers because of our actions also. That is the situation. This trend is very high in politics. They want to be in power always. For that whatever may be the price they have to pay, they don't bother. They have avenues to earn more than what they have spent if they are in power. This is the mindset.
    Winning on a party's ticket and then shifting to another party for getting into power has become the norm of the day. This is happening in many states and the centre also many times. Now the trend is increasing. That is why in Assam the party's high command has no confidence in their candidates who contested in the elections. They are worried as these candidates may shift their loyalties. I don't know why parties select such candidates? Why the party encourage such a candidate who has no confidence in the party he has contested. The EC should bring in a new rule that if the winning candidate wants to change his party he has to resign from his position also. If this comes into force many people will not change the party easily.

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