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    Have you ever met truly amazing person ?

    During the course of our daily life, we come across some people who are truly amazing and not comparable with anyone for one reason or the other. When I was working with a company in Delhi the cashier was so dedicated and he would leave the cash box not locked and his cabin not locked. When I questioned him why he was so unconcerned, for that he replied he has faith in the employeees. But he never behaves normally with the people and he never reads the letters comes to him from parents and relatives. Very unusual and amazing person.
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    People who are different from others and away from the common patterns of the society are rare and termed as amazing. We do not find such people everywhere as the breed is rare. I remember one of my teachers who used to teach Mathematics was an amazing person. He never visited anyone neither invited others to his house. He talked very less except in his class while lecturing. We never saw him smiling except when he was angry and wanted to beat an erring student. Pupil were so much afraid of him that seeing him they would walk slowly and head bent downwards. The problem with him was that when someone did some mischief he used to beat him till the end of the period continuously and many times the student started to bleed also. At that time there was no complaining to the police also and parents also were afraid of him as he was known to beat even the parents if situation so demanded. I have a very deep impression of him in my mind and if I close my eyes I can visualise his stern face even today. I was a lucky student that though I was under him for 2 years but somehow was not beaten by him. His son qualified in IAS in first attempt.
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    My father had an old friend. He would come to meet my father once in a month but before coming he would send a letter mentioning date and time of meeting, although his house was just one k.m. away from our home. He was an employee in Tehsil. When he was young; and as normally young people want to earn a lot of money. So he also used to take bribe from villagers for doing their work. When he was retired he became religious minded person. In that age he repented for taking the bribe from people. He thought how to exapiate for taking this bribe as an government employee. So recalled all individual amount of bribery and collected all names of villagers and their respective villages from whom he had taken bribe. Then he went to their villages and returned their money. Many of them had died so he gave the amount to their sons and daughters. He spent several months on this procedure.
    I have never heard that an government employee had ever returned bribe after retirement.

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    When I returned to my village, I found a guy. He is from the same village. I met him during my morning walk. we used to sit at my temple and discuss various issues. When I narrated few incidents where I had problems, he said, "Annachi, you should have come to me. I could have solved the issue." When I narrated another problem that I faced, he said, "Annachi, You could have contacted me, I could have solved the issue." Third time, when I narrated another problem, he repeated the same ' Annachi,..............." Finally, I asked him, "For everything, you say that you could have contacted me. Are you so great, and why should I contact you when the problems could be solved by me." He felt shame and said, "Sorry Annachi, you are great."

    Last week, I wanted to take a Electricity service connection to my temple. I told a wireman to do the needful. That guy being a friend of the same guy informed him that I was trying to get a connection. He came to me and said," Annachi, I will get you the service connection. I know a Junior engineer from the EB. Let us go to him, he will guide you. I agreed and went to a place (about 30 km away)in my good old Padmini. The guy being a driver, wanted to drive my Padmini. He drove the vehicle well. We contacted the JE. He helped me with few formats of forms to be submitted for application. That's all. The JE was not from the concerned area. I was not aware of this. When I asked the JE for his fees, he said," Give me as you feel like." I just took out my purse. Rs. 3000 was clearly visible. I wanted to give him Rs. 1000/- thinking that he would process my application. Suddenly, thy guy who came with me said, "He is asking Rs. 3000/-. Give him." I said, I have only Rs. 3000/- with me. I need money. The guy said, "The ATM is nearby, you can withdraw cash." (The tone he spoke was different. The JE never spelt Rs.3000/-) Since it was in a public place, I did not go for a bargain. I gave him Rs. 3000/-.

    After taking the money, both my guy and the JE went to a restaurant. Through the glasses, I could see the JE handing over some cash to the guy, and the guy putting it inside his shirt's back pocket. (He took some share).

    Later when he came back and returned to our place, I told him, "The JE did not ask for Rs. 3000/-. It is you who demanded Rs. 3000/- from me. Is it the way you help me and solve my problem? He started bullshitting and said it was the JE. I said, " Many guys are eating my hard earned money. That won't help them." (I did not tell him that he took a share from the JE)

    After this event, the guy stopped meeting me during the morning walk and never speaks to me.

    I consider him as an amazing guy who came across my life.

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    Yes, there are many people who are quite amazing in their services. I am really impressed with the behaviour of Mathematics teacher teaching us this subject in my class ten standard. He has been so much devotional to his subject that he often forgot the period has expired. He continued his teaching even after the expiry of the period making the other teacher to wait till he completed his session. There was no effect of any instruction of the principal so that he could change his attitudes.
    He would like to see all his students to score more than 90 in his subject and that is why he was taking so much pain for the improvement of his pupil. At the end of the session in the hall, he disclosed the fact that he could not fare well in his intermediate examination in Mathematics and the shortfall of marking in this subject deprived of the opportunity of admission in engineering. He would not like to see such tragedies to happen for his own pupils.

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    Different people have different thinking and nature, there are some amazing things in the nature of people, but for that, we also have a dependence on our thinking which is making that person amazing. If something is special for someone, then some other quality will be special for another person. Some people are quite theoretical and keep some of their principles paramount in every situation, these people do not let the influence of the place, people around, environment, etc. affect their principles and perhaps such people can create their own image.

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    Nobody helps others without any gains. Such people which you have mentioned in your post are often found around us making people fool. But they are not hundred percent cheater because at least they get our work done for some money on the spot or at the earliest. They are brokers or agents

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    During my high school studies, I had a teacher who used to teach us English and social studies. Those days there were no private schools and some teachers used to take tuitions for weak students and used to take monthly fees. But this teacher never took any tuition and never encouraged people to go for tuitions. He used to tell in the class that students can come to his and ask him any doubts they have in any subject. He used to say the students can visit between 7 AM and 9 AM in the mornings. He used to clear all the doubts. He never asked for any tuition fee from anybody. He used to be very strict in class. If he had any doubt that somebody was not following his lesson, he used to stop explain and ask a question to the student on a whim he had a doubt. If the student was not answering the question, he used to beat the student like anything. So students were very alert in his class. He was very good in his teaching method and used to give very good examples to explain the concepts in a very clear manner. These days we will not find any such good teachers. Really he was an amazing person.
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    I never thought the guy would be a broker or an agent. The way and the manner he used to talk to me made me to think that he was a good friend. He is a retired government servant , having three sons employed and earning well. I never expected that he would simply hike the amount and share it, and putting me at heavy loss. Such people are very dangerous and should not be trusted. They might do anything for money. When some of my friend takes me to someone, my friend should not demand. Instead, he should be helpful to reduce the sum demanded, and should be considerate towards me. So, I made friendship with a fellow who is not a trustworthy person. I learned a good lesson now. Never trust a person who has a sweet tongue. His heart might be filled with poison.

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    I can say about my senior in my office (a Head office-factory with many service branches all over India) as an admirable person. I learnt many qualities from him, he is highly qualified. He gave me a small slip of paper, when I joined under him, in which he wrote the functions of our department in simple 8 points. He trusted me for my services and his 'trust' only made me to serve with loyal and carefully as not to drag any defame to him as well to the company. He is a role model to me as a senior and he never got angry on anybody. I served under him for 24 years continuously. He indirectly gave me responsibilities during my service. A great thanks to the author for making me to remember my senior here.

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    My father was an amazing person for me and still I continue feeling like that. He is now about 92 years but had learned how to operate a smartphone, use WhataApp, YouTube, Google and he is in touch with what is happening around the world and even sending us the links for those news and information. When he was young and we were in school we were always impressed with his dexterity in doing any work. I remember when we were in our high school he bought one 3 in 1 gadget which had a radio, a record player, and a cassette payer. Those things are obsolete now but at that time people came to our house to see that. He was in a small job and had many family responsibilities like marrying three sisters, one brother, taking care of grandfather etc but he did everything coolly and pursued his hobbies also. I remember he had a tin box in which he kept mysterious items and he did not allow us to disturb that. One day he showed to us a small wire loop which was used to thread a needle. As we had interest in sewing we asked him to give that to us and he got a few more and gave to us. He bought a wool knitting machine for us and we earned some money by knitting sweaters and cardigans for the people. He was not a science student but was far ahead in technical things and used to repair many things himself. He is still amazing at an age of 92!
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