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    India not yet ready digitally education wise for the students

    According to a survey published in a famed news paper, 75 out of 100 students complained that they are facing huge and multi challenge in getting into the grove of digital education. That means the center and the state govt need to focus on this area as future seems to be no schools and the situation may not change and therefore digital education is the only way to get into progress of other class and even the private schools must brace to create platform for ease to digital education. Is there any student member of this site who faced challenges on this count?
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    During the pandemic process of e-learning was introduced in many schools. Although it is not new in India as several institutes have been using this system for their students but now it became a bit common

    As far as disadvantages are concerned the following points may be considered.

    - Students were not habitual of online classes, therefore many students could not adjust themselves.
    - Students find themselves comfortable in the classroom so it did not benefit them fully.
    - Mostly teachers were also not trained for online study so they could not teach students efficiently.
    - In rural areas poor network created a problem for students.
    - Students were not able to focus on the screen for several hours continuously.
    - Students learn better in a group than they do in the classroom. Individually they could not learn up to the mark.
    - Small children could not understand fully what was taught to them. If parents were not educated they could not help their children.
    - Sitting before screens continuously made them feel body pain especially in the back.

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    The teachers are not trained for online teaching. They should be given proper training so that they will get the technic of online teaching and will be effective.
    Parents should also give proper time to their children and see how serious they are when they are in a class online. They should see how they are answering their online examination. These things may make the student more attentive towards learning.
    In many poor families, the students will not have a smartphone so that they can get online teaching. This issue is very high in rural areas. Many students in villages are not able to follow classes as they have no phone.
    We have many issues which are to be addressed to make this online teaching effective. I think actions are initiated and will be better in the coming days.
    Basically, we are all accustomed to classroom teaching. So we can accustom to the new trend so fast and so easily. It will take a few more months for all to get accustomed to this method.

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    The shift from physical classes to online classes have some teething troubles and they will be a source of inconvenience for many students. Even the elders will have some difficulty with that. But the thing is that slowly people will become accustomed to it and it will become a way of life especially till the pandemic situation remains in our lives. There are so many established online agencies from where people are doing certificate courses. On the same lines the schools and colleges can make their lessons and teaching sessions. It will not take much time to achieve these goals.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    These days digital education is being very challenging, to only for students but also for parents and teachers. A two-way medium is very important for studies and this medium should not be online but in front. Whether children or older, conversation or study in any subject is more satisfying only when we are able to face to face interaction with the person in front. As far as the present situation is concerned, digital education is coming up as a big need but it can never become the best solution. The atmosphere that a student can get in class and school is not found in a room in the house by sitting in front of a laptop or mobile. Children are also having to eye-related weaknesses due to frequent contact with phones or laptops. Long sitting becomes very boring, teachers try to give children a good learning environment but even then it is a difficult experience for them too.

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