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    Who are sensitive people either female gender or male gender?

    When the word sensitiveness arises we first recall the female gender in this regard but really is the female gender is really sensitive? Because like men most of the women also cut the Goats, hens, chickens, rabbits, and other animals which are consumed to eat for their food. This is one example we can take that women are not sensitive as we thought. Do you have any other ideas in this regard? Let me share the thoughts on this.
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    This thread shows that the author is against killing animals. I don't know if most of the women also cut animals as the men do. I don't know on what basis he has concluded this result.
    I think women cook non veg also when their husband or other family members want to eat non veg. Everybody has his choice what he likes to eat and what he doesn't like. If the author does to choose at his best.

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    How can the author arrive at the conclusion just because the women would not do the animal sacrifice but ready to cook the same for the family. In a family the works gets distributed so that the big days can be celebrated without fuss and problems and therefore women are subject to cooking and the cutting part is handled by the men. Moreover the cooking part is more important to which every women would be detailing with great concern. By the way women are sensitive to many issues as they do not allow their ego to be undermined or over taken by others. They have formidable knowledge on all issues and that makes them the focus point to discuss and consulted by the husband and other members of the family. It does not mean that the house wife controls everyone. But there need to be decency and decorum.
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    It is generally believed that women are more sensitive in many respect whatever be the natural reasons for that. At the same time the sensitivity varies from individual to individual. Historically there are women who were shrewd and cruel more than men but that was in a limited extent. Then there are men also who are too soft and sombre. So it is difficult to generalise but if we go through the history of human societies and their anthropological descriptions, we find that women are supposed to be more sensitive and it is conspicuous so many times in the society where we all dwell.
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    Sensitivity of a person whether male or female depends on many factors like upbringing, family traits, society, emotional level, education, reasoning power, and many other things that we acquire during our growing up. It is also very interesting to note that sensitivity sometimes depends on the matter on which one may be not sensitive but same person may be highly sensitive on other matter. An animal lover may weep more on the death of the pet rather than death of a friend or relative. A boy born in a butcher family will see the butchering activity since his early childhood and perceive it easily as an livelihood activity. So it is difficult to generalise it though there are sayings like - 'Men are from Mars and women are from Venus' but it would differ from case to case and individual traits play a bigger role in this characterisation.
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    See you are saying women are sensitive. How can sensitive women cut the meat or chicken or fish without seeing a lot of flesh and blood and then cook with oil and even eat it? Where has the sensitivity gone?
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    Being sensitive does not depend only on cutting animals. There are many things that lead to sensitiveness. People being sensitive in one matter might not be sensitive on other matters. And just because a woman cuts animals does not mean she is not sensitive. A butcher's work is to cut the meat but they will be used to it so they might not feel anything. You will not see many people normally cutting the meat anywhere, correct me if I am wrong as I do not eat non veg nor have seen people cutting animals other than the shops.
    Woman is sensitive in her own way and men in their own way, we cannot conclude the decision of who is sensitive based on cutting the meat.

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    Both the males and females are sensitive. They have their sensitive body, sensitive mind, and sensitive feelings. The author is talking about butchering of animals by the females and concluded that females are not sensitive.

    Infact, females are more sensitive than males. Women shed more tears than men. Women have compassion. Women have patience and tolerance.

    I agree. Women cut Mutton and Chicken brought from the butcher. They cut them into required sizes and clean them to cook delicious dishes. This doesn't mean that they are not sensitive. There are few exemptions where ladies act rough and tough with non sense.

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    It all depends on the individual. We can't say that ladies are sensitive or gents are sensitive. The mentality of all the females will not be the same and at the same time, the mentality of all the males also will not be the same. Sensitiveness is a trait that comes to then individual based on his family background. We can't say that ladies are not sensitive simply because they are cutting animals for cooking. It is a general feeling that ladies are very sensitive and they can't tolerate deviations and differences very easily. Any small change from their thinking may make them very much disturbed. But I have seen many men also who react in the same way.
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    I do not think it is appropriate to judge one's sentimentality on this one basis. Killing animals is not right for any purpose, whether the person killing is a man or a woman. Who is more sensitive in women or men, we can not determine it by killing animals or not, then it is certain that they have a relationship, apart from this, gender does not play the specific role of being sensitive or not. We have seen many examples where a woman is more emotional than men but at the same time, a man is weaker with his sentiments.

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    I did not get the writers point of view when he states that "Who are sensitive people, female or male gender?" and on the other hand he states the example of cutting or butching of animals. These two are two different things and one cannot mix both just to make a post.

    When we talk about sensitivity, it is not depending on gender as we have read about cruel kings and queens or leaders. Sentitivity is more in women as they are made to love forgive, grow, care, feed and solace whereas, men are born to protect, govern, care, govern, etc. Now both the character has love but the sign is often controled by men but shown by women. Men may hide their feeling within whereas a women show it openely.

    In a family, when a person gets hurt or is angry or sad, everyone trys to comfort him/her. The type of confort may be different but they all have same feeling towards others. The mother/sister may console by her love, care and affection whereby the father/brother may comfort by their words and example but both have the same feeling towards others.

    Now coming to your point about killing or cutting of animal for cooking, it is common in non-vegetarian families to kill animals like hens, cocks, ducks, goats, fishes, etc to make meal and this doesn't give any indication that they are sensitive or insensitive. When a vegetarian member makes food by cutting leaves or vegetables, does that mean that they don't care for the mother earth as they are killing the plants that too have life? Humans are made and eat as they like. If people like to eat meat, let them eat and if they prefer to eat vegetables, let them eat. Why do we need to worry as these have beeing from the evolution of this world and now we are trying to find division in everything.

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