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    How cooking of food in India is different from other countries?

    I think cooking of food in India is very difficult when compared to other countries. In India there are variety of cultures and varieties of dishes made in so many different ways. The ingredients used for these dishes is quite different. But mostly in foreign countries ready made bakery breads, jams, jellies, sauces, baked food items they can manage their cooking. Like us they don't spend much time daily in cooking food in kitchen. They bring readymade food and store them in refrigerators and use them daily. Is it true? Is it the reason why they are so obese as they consume mostly processed food material?
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    Indian cooking is a very elaborate and exhaustive exercise as we use a number of spices in varying proportions in different dishes and sauté and fry items before cooking to bring in them the real oriental taste of South East Asia. Many people around the world relish and enjoy the Indian food and it is very popular in some big cities there. On the other hand in many foreign countries elaborate cooking is not there as they use mostly the readymade food items and store them in the fridge and only heat them before eating. They generally sprinkle some minimum spices and salt on the eatables and consume them.
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    Cooking of foods though basically common in all places, the method differs from state to state, country to country and even from house to house. It is just because of taste and likings. A dosa is liked by many as crisp and light thickness. But some people like dosa with good thickness. Side dish for dosa in many houses only chilli powder with oil, in some houses coconut chutney, some tomato chutney, some groundnut chutney, some with only sambar.
    A chutney prepared with brinjal, by heating big size brinjals in coal fire is common in both south and north India.

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    Cooking of food in India is different from other countries and cooking of food in India is again different across various states. Though the cooking method is same, preference is given to different food in each state. South Indian sambar or rasam is mainly not cooked in north.
    In other countries, they concentrate more on processed food or easy to cook foods which are not really very healthy. And yes, this might be the reason for the obesity also. For breakfast, they prefer ready to eat cereals and ready made juices. Nutritional value or health quotient in their food is very less. When we take our Indian food, it is filled with nutrients.

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    The way of cooking and the preparations thereof would go a long way. In villages the cooking is done though the fire wood or the charcoal process and the preparedness to create a fire would need some process to which other counties are not aware of it. And the modern homes in India are cooking through the kerosene oil or the gas stove through which cooking is fast timely. And the cooking menu is also different as we prepare light food in the morning , sumptous lunch in the afternoon and light food for the dinner. This is the normal practice in any home across the country. Whereas the foriegn country people depend more on the bread and butter in the morning, the afternoon food would be of pizza and burger and evening as per their choice, So spending too much time at the kitchen may not be the habit of the foreign people.
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    Indians spare some good time for preparing the food. They love different tastes. They enjoy eating. In Indian cultural housewives spends their time in the house only and take all the pains to see that all her family members relish the food she made. She feels happy once all the members appreciate the food and eat the food happily.
    But in foreign countries. most of the two life partners will be going out for earning and nobody will have time to prepare food in the house. So they eat out and they eat ready-made food available outside. They may go for mainly bakery products. Here they don't search for taste. They concentrate on eating something so that they will not have hunger.
    But slowly in our country also we are getting the culture of getting outside food for eating. Both wife and husband will go for their jobs in cities and they will eat in their canteens or they may purchase the packed food. But they prefer making something in the house for dinner at night.

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    Cooking is an art, and Indians are expert in that art. Mr. Nalan of ancient days was an excellent cook. Mr. Nalan was a King married to Princess Damayanthi. Their marriage was a love marriage. They used the swan to convey their love messages. They got married through Swayamvara. All the Devas of Indralog envied Nalan and wanted to stop their marriage. On the marriage day, all the Devas converted their image as Nala to confuse Damayanthi. But Nala was inside the kitchen preparing the feast. Damayanthi could understand it through the aroma of the dishes emanating from the kitchen. Moreover, Damayanthi was clever enough to identify the real Nala. At the time of Suyamnvara, Nala came and stood with the Devas. Damayanthi recognized him and garlanded him. The question was how she identified Nala. She knows that the feet of the Deva's won't touch the ground. She knows that the garland of Deva's won't fade/wither/wilt. She knows that Deva's eyes won't winkle.

    We call the best feast as 'Nalabadam'. No doubt, Indians are the best cook. Indians have varieties of food items.

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    I do not know much about the cooking style of other countries, but if we talk only about India, then I think we have adopted different methods of cooking in our country. This country, full of different cultures, follows different food styles. If I talk about my family, the normal form of food is lentils rice, vegetables, and roti, which is quite common food but is very time consuming, especially making chapatis.
    The social trend in India has been such that women are known only for cooking and for carrying out the work of men, so women keep themselves busy in the kitchen most of the time and made various food items. But currently, the situation is different where the wives are also working, especially in the metros cities, so the western methods of cooking are being adopted in such families, which is increasing the dependence on preservative food which is prepared in a short time.

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    There are some fundamental differences between the Indian cooking than that of the cooking in advanced foreign countries. They use less oil, less spices, and less cooking for the items while we have an exhaustive cooking schedules using all sort of spices, oil, and long cooking times. The dishes are also significantly different. In addition they sprinkle the spices on the top of boiled for while we cook them together.
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    India is a world in itself. We have different ethnic, cultural, religious communities who have different eating habits. Their food preparation is also different from one another which results in innumerable varieties in cuisines from states to states. Punjab and Haryana have different food habits comparing to Gujrati or Marathi. U.P. and M.P. Bihar have different cooking habits than South Indians or the North Eastern States. But one thing that is common that Indian cuisines are based on spices, vegetables, chutney etc which European and Americans are deprived of. Their food habits are different from ours. So their food ingredients are also different from Indians. Generally, their food is based on meat whereas Indians like to have vegetable more than meat. It doesn't mean that take Indians don't meat, rather they mostly prefer to have vegetables. We normally like to have fresh food whereas American and Europeans lien to have fried or baked food instead.

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