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    Parents are imparting moral lessons to their children. But do they comply?

    When the annoyance of the regular visitor increased, the father said to his son: "When he comes today, you must say that I am not here". When the son playing in the yard, the visitor arrived and asked him, is the father there. "Dad is inside," he said. He picked him up and went to his father. He didn't care that his father's eyes were red with hatred.
    When the visitor returned, his father asked him, ready to be beaten with a stick, "Why did you not obey father?" The son said: "I obeyed my father. Didn't my father tell me to tell only the truth no matter what?"

    Values that are put into action are more effective than values that are preached. Contradictions in the words and deeds of adults can confuse the younger generation. If no good deeds as described in the textbooks and in the virtuous lessons can be seen around them, what will they imitate? Is it necessary to write textbooks and write exams to teach moral awareness and good habits? It is enough to create the new generation's conditions to see and practice them directly in the growing environment. From growers, growings get the nutrition and models they need. If those who impart virtuous lessons themselves go on the path of error, what will the successors follow? The lessons learned or those who taught them?
    Is it enough to teach lessons and not to obey?
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    Our children learn the ways from us only and in most of the cases they mimic our manners. They learn most of the things from us only. If we want that our children should learn good etiquette and nice manners then we have to present that type of mannerism and character to them. We cannot have duality of such kind that we do something else and force them to do soothing totally different.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Very true. If we do not showcase some standards of our actions how can we expect from our children. If we teach them all sort of cleverness and tricks to fool the visitors or friends or relatives then using same tricks they will fool us one day.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A nice thread posted by the authors. Yes, this is the truth, to learn values children do not only have to tell them but also have to include their karma values so that the children learn the rituals by following you and watching you. Most people bring a treasure of many values to give knowledge to others, but when it comes to implementation, many people change their values based on the demand of time. If we really want to keep the wave of values in society, then we have to be an example as a cultured person.

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    A kid learns what he watches in the family. When he becomes a child he still raises his eyes to learn some new activity from his parents and other family people. I agree with the author that we should follow before teaching it to our children. When we teach our children what they should do and what they should not do they follow us but when they see we don't do what we have taught our children to do it affects them. They begin to think that these teachings are not to be followed because his father also doesn't follow them.

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    Children learn from elders of their house and hence elders should follow a good practice so that children can learn them. A good behavior, a way the child talks everything comes from the atmosphere from the house and similarly a child speaking bad words or a bad behavior will be learnt from home only and I have seen so many examples of both this. Parents should always give good moral values to kids and follow them so that the kids follow them else moral values will remain only in the saying.

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    Telling is very easy. But practising them is very difficult. Children learn from their parents only. So parents should follow the points that are being taught to their children by them. We ask children not to see mobile-phone for a long time. But we will be always seeing our mobile phone only always. This is will confuse the minds of the children. They get puzzled. So they will also see the mobile when their parents are not seeing them.
    Once a mother took her child to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and requested Paramahasa to advise her child not to eat jaggery. The Saint was silent for a while and then requested the mother to bring her child to him after a week. After a week, she brought him and gain than the Guru advised the boy not to eat jaggery. Then the mother asked Ramakrishna, why he took a week time for this. She replied that he is also fond of eating jaggery. He said that I should not ask him not to eat while I eat the same. So I stopped eating the same during this week and hence he advised the boy and also told that he will not eat the same further.

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    The similar one has been depicted in one old Tamil cinema. A big thief caught hold by policemen and brought before judge. One hearing the punishment from the Judge, the thief request the judge to suffer the punishment with his father also. Puzzled judge asked him why. The thief told,'Sir, when I was a small boy, my father took me on his shoulders on the road, I took three bananas from the basket of a vendor who walked by our side, without the vendors knowledge as the basket was on his head and by my side. After alighting me, my father asked how I got the bananas. I explained him. But without punishing me or correcting me, he applauded. This encouraged me more and more, if my father would have corrected me, I would not have become a thief'.

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    Parents are role models to the children in many ways. A man kept his aged father in the corridor by providing him with old rugs, an Aluminum plate and tumbler. His ordered his wife to offer food and water to the old man only in that plate and tumbler, that too by keeping the old man there itself. Days went like this and one fine morning the old man died on the corridor itself. The son did all rites to the father and came to the house and found the corridor got cleaned with water and phynil. Satisfied son asked his wife about the plate and tumbler whether she threw out or not. Before her answer their son, a little boy, came there and told that he kept them carefully. By believing he would have done on the love of grand father, the son asked his son, why did he kept them. The little boy calmly replied,'Daddy, I kept them for you at your old age'.

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    For that matter, the parents and elders at the home do inculcate good habits and make the children learn moral lessons and the grandmother play the greater role in telling bedtime stories that would inspire the child very much. But how far the moral stories and the moral lessons are followed is the question asked by the author. I say it is the big no because the stories are for the time pass being chosen to keep the child busy and going and not the involvement thereof. But in those days the elders used to take lots of interest in nurturing grandchildren and they would not allow anything wrong to happen or learn.
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