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    How can we be an efficient nation?

    Generally in our country whether it is Govt or individuals we take actions only when things come on our head and then we start running here and there and are unable to face those challenges and mitigate those problems easily. We have been seeing this happening everywhere and when there is a shortage of something we start blaming each other and waste time in that. This general slackness and carelessness affects the growth of the nation and we do not progress in many areas while some other countries move ahead significantly. Forward planning is a must if a country wants to progress ahead in all areas. Doing things in small bits would be wastage of resources while foreseeing the future and planning projects in a futuristic ways would only be beneficial to us. There are many areas where advanced planning is required so that people do not suffer for want of food items or other regular consumption items. Delaying things would only create black marketing and hoarding by the bad elements who are always taking advantage of the laziness of the system and lack of proper planning. What are the areas where such improvements in efficiencies are required? How the Govt can improve its working? What measures in your opinion would help in developing the country as a whole? How as a good citizen we can contribute in this?
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    For the progress of a nation on all fronts the efforts are required from both sides. The Govt should provide a good governance and support and the people that is the public should cooperate with it by following the rules and regulations.
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    As an individual we can offer our share in progress of the nation. It is the responsibility of every citizen to do something good for the county. If you are a student you should study well and use your time intelligently. If you are a working-employee then you should perform your duty with best of your skills and knowledge.
    The person who does nothing is a burden on family, society and ultimately, him being a burden cause loss of more revenue for the country also. Another burden of unemployment or lacking in working is when only one person can do a work but unnecessarily two persons work instead and disguised employment.
    Unemployment is a liability on the capital until is is changed into asset. Government should provide job opportunities to all level of people. It is sad to see that large number of educated youth is unemployed.
    I see eye to eye with the author that we should be more considerate as a citizen of the country.

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    We need to change our attitude towards every aspect of life and then only we can become efficient. Only blaming the government or the citizens is of no use because the citizens only selected the people who are governing the country or the states. A lot of people are indifferent and act as if they are not a part of society. Everyone must get equal opportunity and nobody should think otherwise. Corruption has become an integral part of us and instead of finding ways to get rid of it many people indulge directly or indirectly in corrupt practices. We do not even mind electing corrupt leaders during elections. It seems nobody is discharging their duties sincerely. If everyone performs her/his duty mindfully then things will definitely change. But if a certain section acts sensibly and others behave in a careless manner we cannot expect all-round progress.

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    If the nation wants to progress the programs and schemes envisaged must be put into action but down the line of the department in the Ministry there seems to be laxity due to employees not cooperating and thus some schemes do not reach the beneficiary. Only yesterday I came across the prediction of the central govt function during the year prediction of Panchang reading that the govt may bring in good initiatives to improve the standards of the living and wants to give efficient administration the lower rank would not cooperate and this problem would face the govt in the wrong books of opposition for incompetent to do work. During the NTR regime in AP then, the state secretariat employees were not cooperating and most of his pet projects were not implemented and he had face off with the union.
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    Do what you have to do. Every person should think about his responsibilities and see that you never run away from them. This should be followed by each and every person in the country. Then only the development of the nation can be seen. Let us think that the nation is our first priority. After that, only all other issues should be considered. We should not do any activity which is against the interest of the country even though it is beneficial for us as an individual.
    Corruption should be stopped. Starting from a common up to the topmost post of the country, in any place there should not be any corruption and no black money should be involved. Then only chances for the development of the nation will enhance.

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    There is a popular saying in Telugu that Desam ante matti kadhoi, Manushuloi, that means nation does not mean the land and expanse of the area but the people it represents. That author was clearly in saying that every one has the responsibility and if that is carried out with full confidence and courage there is no question of we looking back. Fornunately India has the youth population of 40 crores and that represented very qualified persons and just imagine of all of them prove their mantle in form or the other, the country can make great stride. One thing is sure India has the talent and ability, but who will do the the first initiation is the problem with the people. And there need to be constant education about the strength and abilities. Teachers can play important role in moulding the students as the great persons of the future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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